Creature della notte

Creature della notte Dru Anderson da sempre una ragazza strana La sua vita un continuo trasferirsi di citt in citt insieme al padre cacciatore di creature notturne fantasmi poltergeist lupi mannari una vita pericolosa

  • Title: Creature della notte
  • Author: Lili St. Crow
  • ISBN: 9788854118744
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dru Anderson da sempre una ragazza strana La sua vita un continuo trasferirsi di citt in citt insieme al padre, cacciatore di creature notturne fantasmi, poltergeist, lupi mannari una vita pericolosa, ma l unica che conosce Finch un giorno, in un paesino ghiacciato del Dakota, le accade qualcosa di terribile suo padre rientra a casa, ma qualcuno lo ha traDru Anderson da sempre una ragazza strana La sua vita un continuo trasferirsi di citt in citt insieme al padre, cacciatore di creature notturne fantasmi, poltergeist, lupi mannari una vita pericolosa, ma l unica che conosce Finch un giorno, in un paesino ghiacciato del Dakota, le accade qualcosa di terribile suo padre rientra a casa, ma qualcuno lo ha trasformato in zombi Da questo momento Dru si trova nel bel mezzo di un gioco mortale, dove ogni mossa potrebbe essere l ultima Terrorizzata e in trappola, dovr fare appello a tutte le sue risorse per rimanere viva le creature notturne hanno deciso di tornare a cacciare, e l hanno scelta come loro pasto, perch in lei si nasconde un segreto che nemmeno Dru conosce In questa fuga da un mondo popolato da figure inquietanti, Dru avr due compagni di viaggio Graves, solitario ma molto protettivo, e Chris, che conosce bene chi le sta dando la caccia e forse potr aiutarla a salvarsi La piccola Anderson avr qualche chance di sopravvivere Riuscir a scoprire quanto speciale e quali sono i suoi poteri nascosti Con una scrittura tagliente, una buona dose d ironia, atmosfere invernali, desolate e spettrali, Lili St Crow costruisce un romanzo mozzafiato, con un eroina dal sapore mitologico, che pu combattere, ha poteri soprannaturali e pu spezzare anche pi di un cuore

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    1. So I have this habit that drives my family nuts. My husband just accepts it now and even does it himself because he's just so used to it. I ALWAYS put the subtitles on when I'm watching a movie. It's not because I have a hearing problem or anything. But sometimes important words are muffled, or they're odd words that I understand if I see written but wouldn't understand if they've only been spoken. Sometimes the background noise is too loud to hear what people are saying or maybe I'm just really [...]

    2. Cover:Book:First chaptersAfter a few pagesAt the middle of the bookSecond part of the book1 hour after finishing the bookMain Characters:DruChristopheGravesOVERALL:

    3. Dru Anderson's life is deeply entangled with the paranormal. She's got a bit of the 'touch' from her father's side of the family, which amounts to a sixth sense for supernatural creatures and a little bit of something extra from her mom's side of the family as well. She uses these gifts as her father's helper in hunting and killing supernatural creatures that prey on humans. Dru is also pushing a midlife crisis even though she is technically written as a teenage girl. She called every human bein [...]

    4. Strange Angels really grabbed me because it sounded like Supernatural (the show) - a girl and her father out to hunt evil beings of the night. Unfortunately, what resulted instead was nothing like Supernatural but more aligned with the Buffy vibe, only with a whole lot of other creatures of the night. While there's no doubt that this book is written quite well, I quite a few gripes with the book that prevented me from enjoying it too much. 1. A bunch of teenagers who keep calling each other 'kid [...]

    5. Let me give you the low-down:This book begins in Lawrence, Kansas. The night is peaceful, until the protagonist's mother enters her baby son's nursery, and sees a dark figure standing over the crib. Her husband rushes to her aid when she screams, but he is too late. His wife is on the ceiling, burning in a ball of flame. He grabs the baby, gives him to the young protagonist, and says, "Run!"The young protagonist rushes from the house, their baby sibling in their arms. They look back at the burni [...]

    6. SummaryIn Strange Angels, Dru Anderson has what her grandmother called “the touch.” (Comes in handy when you’re traveling from town to town with your dad, hunting ghosts, suckers, wulfen, and the occasional zombie.)Then her dad turns up dead—but still walking—and Dru knows she’s next. Even worse, she’s got two guys hungry for her affections, and they’re not about to let the fiercely independent Dru go it alone. Will Dru discover just how special she really is before coming face-t [...]

    7. This is the first book I've read about vampires. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did enjoy reading it perhaps because it is not solely about the steroetypical sort of vampires or called in this book as "suckers". The concept of half vampire and half human and other classifications of vampires sort of intrigued me.

    8. TBR Reduce Challenge #3- 2011 (Lora)Hmmm, not bad. Not bad at all.Not the best book I've read in the past few years, but it was enough to keep me interested. One of my friends here asked me if it reminded me of Supernatural (the show) and it really did. The mom getting killed, the absentee dad hunting things that go bump in the night and a kid that grows up knowing there is a whole other world out there.But it felt kinda weird because Graves has been living on his own since he was 12 or somethin [...]

    9. I wanted this to be something other than it was. What I really wanted was Supernatural the show but with a teen girl. Dru grew up hunting the big bad thing in the dark. Her dad allowed her to be put into those situations but in a half-hearted way. Care, one way or the other (I'd prefer the scary way). The revenge angle was watered down. Dru's motives were boring old inherited. Dru summed up: I'm gonna do what I wanna so buzzzz off. It could have been girl versus un-nature. Struggle with more tha [...]

    10. To surmise my thoughts on this book, this series has serious potential. It was sort of like a mix between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight and City of Bones. While the book itself was a slow start to hopefully something even better, by the end of the book I was heavily anticipating the next novel, Betrayals.The book is about Dru, whose father is a hunter of sorts - except he hunts otherworldly beings in the Real World. Dru is pretty confident about her living situation until a zombie infilt [...]

    11. Phew. It’s over. It’s finally over!God, this book was SO boring. It was really slow paced andreallytrite. I had a hard time keeping my eyelids open.In addition to being such a drag, it also had a very dull setting and a thin plot. As if that wasn’t enough, our heroine was a no-nonsense, extremely serious person whose idea of fun was blowing up stuff and both the male sidekicks were annoying the hell out of me.The writing was fairly good but the character description was not. There wasn’t [...]

    12. I liked this one, fast paced, action packed, paranormal page turner, er urban fantasy.The story was interesting. Dad and daughter engaged in a battle with all things that go bump in the night. This was something new for me. Not sure I understood why her Dad would put himself in harms way, when he is her only living family member, but I guess that just adds to the story. Initially Dru annoyed me, I don't know exactly what it was but by the end of the story she'd grown on me. Graves on the other h [...]

    13. “Better to be strong than pretty and useless.”This was pretty good! Going into this book, I expected nothing more than a disappointment, so it was a great surprise that Strange Angels turned out as a promising first book of paranormal series. Here's hoping the sequels gets way better.Of course this book had some faults, since it deserved around two stars from me, but overall after finishing this book in two days, I have to say, even with the imperfections, I pretty much enjoyed it while read [...]

    14. One of the more enjoyable YA paranormals I've read lately. The heroine has been trained for this her whole life, but holy shit she is a normal teenager (besides being knowledgeable of the paranormal world and stuff, ya know?). Her dad is killed, and so what if she's had training and they've been on the move for years? She's a kid, she's frightened out of her mind, emotional, and unsure of what to do next. Her friend Graves is a good sidekick. He's got flaws, but he's not a complete asshole, nor [...]

    15. Recently I have quit so many UF novels that I was beginning to think that perhaps I don’t really like the genre after all. Then Strange Angels came along. This book didn’t blow me away or bring anything new to the UF or YA genres. But it was an incredibly fast paced, enjoyable read. Lilith Saintcrow has obviously been influenced by many current authors, but you are able to see their effect on her without any blatant stealing on her part (I’m looking at you Cassandra Clare!) And I’ve got [...]

    16. Why do people who didn't watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer just assume that people who did were all about the werewolves and other monsters? That is not why Buffy has such a big fan base. of us liked the human elements, the real-ness of the show, the characters.So when someone told me I would like this book b/c I liked Buffy, well, humpf. Ughd characters, stupid plot, and WHYYYY do people feel the need to re-spell words in their own mythology? Werewulf? please. This book was so annyoingd the lead c [...]

    17. Okay so I read the first couple of chapters when I was first started reading Vampire Academy because it was on the last pages as a promo. I read them and I remember I didn’t want to keep reading. So I decided never to be interested in that book. Now there was two particular blogs that I follow and that shall remain nameless that Raved about this book. They said it was almost as good as vampire academy and it has to be read because it’s so good. SO I thought maybe I misjudged the book. So whe [...]

    18. Holy Twilight regurgitation, Batman. Even with the hot yummy smelling vampy boy and wolfish best friend, it didn't get going until almost mid book. I often find Crow's writing annoyingly moody, but dang it if her action scenes aren't killer = ). I'm going to hang in there and hope now that the foundations laid bk 2 will impress.

    19. Really 3.5 stars. (Can't wait for half ratings!)I thought Ilona Andrews Kate Daniel's series dropped you in the middle of world with the assumption you would figure it out from all her little clues and tidbits as you went along. But St. Crow wins that race with this book. From the beginning to the end you are kept in the dark as to the true realities of Dru's world - what's real, what's myth, what's truth, what's lies. Normally with a first book in the series a comment would have to be made abou [...]

    20. Strange Angels inhabits the same world as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and Wicked Lovely (and a host of others). Dru (short for ?? - we never learn exactly) is special, seeing and hearing things in the Real World that the rest of us cannot see or hear. She and her father move a lot - so often that Dru doesn't always unpack when they get to a new home. The only school class we see includes a very nasty teacher (and Dru's telling the teacher off is one of those "I wish I'd said that to my witch-teac [...]

    21. Bullet Review:A decent book with strong characters that unfortunately gets bogged down for nearly 2/3rds of the book with Dru flailing around, not sure of what to do. Although this is good, I don't see myself checking out the rest of the series because A) there are virtually no other women (and certainly no positive female role models) in this book, B) females, once again, are cut out of being supernaturals unless they are REALLY REALLY special (the next book, Dru is the ONLY FEMALE at the schoo [...]

    22. Quick (-ish) story: This book first came to my attention soon after it was released. I was at Borders trying to decide between three books, Strange Angels among those selections. I read the first few pages of each book in an attempt to narrow things down. Based on the prologue and the first few pages of the first chapter, Strange Angels was removed from consideration. Why had I been so quick to eliminate this book from the running? Although the prologue pulled me in from the first sentence it wa [...]

    23. For me, Strange Angels didn't really work. It sounds really good, it has a good plot, strong characters and all, but then nothing.I didn't feel any real connections at all in Strange Angels. The relationships between the characters didn't feel real enough. Even some of the character traits didn't match up to the character. For example, Dru is supposedly an artist who's really good at drawing. Um, what? It's mentioned a couple times that Dru sketches and can draw really well, but it felt disjoint [...]

    24. Dru Anderson has the touch, her family is all dead, and she's caught in the middle of something she doesn't understand. Her life, never normal to begin with, has now turned upside down, and the only rock in her world is a half-Asian Goth Boy she met a few days ago. This is the opening premise for Lilith Saintcrow (writing as Lili St. Crow)'s young adult series, Strange Angels.Dru Anderson is not as annoying as most YA heroines these days. She has a personality, she doesn't fade into the backgrou [...]

    25. It's been awhile since I read this book, but I hated it so much that I have to review it.This book was a major disappoinment. I wanted to read the book so bad because the plot sounded similar to my favorite tv show Supernatural, a show the originally started out centered around two hunter brothers that had lost their mother to a demon but later evolved to include angels and demons. The show is fantastic, unlike this book. The annoying thing is, the book has MAJOR potential to be amazing and if o [...]

    26. Dru Anderson and her father move from place to place ever since Dru’s grandmother died. Dru’s father is a hunter. He goes out at night and kills supernatural beings such as poltergeists, werewulfs and vampires, or as Dru likes to call them, suckers. He has been doing this since Dru’s mother passed away when she was a little girl. Dru is not really sure what happened to her mother because her father and grandmother kept her in the dark about her mother. Sometimes Dru is her father’s backu [...]

    27. I keep going back and forth on whether I liked this book or not. There were many things I did like, but just as many that I didn'tKES:* Graves - A very cool character. I almost wish HE was the main character* The Mystery - What the hell is going on? :)* Christophe - Another cool character. * Dru - As the main character, she is pretty cool. Very realistically written most of the time she goes through the shock and depression of having bad stuff happen to her and (somewhat) suffers the consequence [...]

    28. Strange Angels is a fun start to a series that will appeal to any fan of Cassandra Clare or Scott Westerfeld . . . or the movie Underworld, which it more closely resembles. St. Crow delivers a tightly-written, fast-paced, novel full of paranormal action that exceeds the expectations set by the blurb on the back. I went in expecting the usual vampire/shifter/girl love triangle. And I got something so much better.Despite the vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc. that inhabit St. Crow's world, at the [...]

    29. I almost didn't finish this book. But I pulled myself through. I read this book two years ago, so my memory is a little sketchy. This review won't be long. I won’t bother. Dru is strong female heroine who travels on the road with her dad hunting ghosts, suckers and zombies. It seemed very promising. But simply it wasn't for me. I felt no urge to know what would happen next because nothing that was overwhelmingly surprising did happen. It didn’t bring anything grippingly new to the YA paranor [...]

    30. Strange Angels was a book that was hard for me to get interested in. The issue with the story is that some things are so over described that alot of times I just wanted to rip my hair out!! Then to the other extreme it felt as if I had missed something and I was flipping back to see why I was outta the loop. I guess for some it could be enjoyable I however am not really interested to read another one. I will be updating this review soon!!

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