Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life

Here Comes Trouble Stories from My Life Michael Moore Oscar winning filmmaker bestselling author and the nation s official provocateur laureate is back this time taking on an entirely new role that of his own meta Forrest Gump Smashing

  • Title: Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life
  • Author: Michael Moore
  • ISBN: 9781455513079
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael Moore Oscar winning filmmaker, bestselling author, and the nation s official provocateur laureate is back, this time taking on an entirely new role, that of his own meta Forrest Gump Smashing the autobiographical mold, Moore presents twenty four far ranging, irreverent, and stranger than fiction vignettes from his own early life One moment he s an eleven year oldMichael Moore Oscar winning filmmaker, bestselling author, and the nation s official provocateur laureate is back, this time taking on an entirely new role, that of his own meta Forrest Gump Smashing the autobiographical mold, Moore presents twenty four far ranging, irreverent, and stranger than fiction vignettes from his own early life One moment he s an eleven year old boy lost in the U.S Senate and found by Bobby Kennedy and in the next, he s inside the Bitburg cemetery with a dazed and confused Ronald Reagan Fast forwarding to 2003, he stuns the world from the Oscar stage by uttering the words We live in fictitious times with a fictitious president in place of the usual I d like to thank the Academy And none of that even comes close to the night the friendly priest at the seminary decides to show him how to perform his own exorcism Capturing the zeitgeist of the past fifty years, yet deeply personal and unflinchingly honest, HERE COMES TROUBLE takes readers on an unforgettable, take no prisoners ride through the life and times of Michael Moore Alternately funny, eye opening, and moving, it s the book he has been writing and living his entire life.

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    1. I know it may not come as a surprise to some of you, but I like Michael Moore. I have always liked him, ever since I saw an eye-opening little indie film in the late-80s called "Roger & Me", a humorous but subtly scathing documentary in which Moore, an amateur filmmaker, attempts to get a simple little interview with Roger Smith, the then-CEO of GM, in order to talk to him about the closure of a factory in Moore's hometown of Flint, Michigan that resulted in the loss of several thousand jobs [...]

    2. There are two main schools of thought on Michael Moore: (1) he’s a self-righteous asshole who’ll do almost anything to garner attention for his books and movies; (2) he’s a man of great compassion, a fearless enemy of cruelty and injustice. I’m in the latter camp. Moore has gone to great lengths to expose hypocrisy in politics, war and commerce, often sacrificing personal safety in the process. Here Comes Trouble (the perfect title for his autobiography) reveals that his crusade to stamp [...]

    3. Michael Moore was wrong. When Glenn Beck mused at length on TV about whether or not to murder him, finally asking himself WWJD,? when Bill O’Reilly considered the topic as well, and when Bill Kemmer posed this directly to Moore, live, on TV, at the 2004 Democratic convention, “I’ve heard people say they wish Michael Moore were dead,.” Michael should have understood they were just expressing their opinion. Not setting off loons in TV ville The picture of Michael Moore as a toddler, on the [...]

    4. I've seen his documentaries and was impressed. Now that I've read his memoir, I am extremely impressed with Michael Moore as an individual. This man was a game-changer beginning with adolescence. I heartily recommend "Here Comes Trouble" to everyone. Hard to put down. He's an American hero despite what the neo-conservatives who've never seen his films might tell you. We need more like him.

    5. Note: This review is by my husband Jim.I never would have chosen to read this book had it not been selected by one of the book clubs to which I belong. Nevertheless, I am quite happy to have read it. Subtitled "Stories from My Life," all of its chapters (except the first one) relate to events that took place before Moore’s movie, Roger and Me, was released and Moore, now an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker, author, and well-known contrarian, became famous. Moore begins with his birth and ba [...]

    6. I purchased this book after reading an excerpt published in The Guardian. I was shocked to discover how much Moore's life has been affected by his activism work -- or, to put it more bluntly, just how many people are eager to stop him from using his voice to raise awareness about rising inequality and the devastating effects that is having on American society.This is also a fascinating and fun-to-read biography. If you think that Michael Moore, the activist, was "born" when he decided to make hi [...]

    7. This book is so popular here in Sacramento that I had to wait several months to get it from the library, and there are still 25 people behind me waiting.It's got a devastating opening chapter, a recount of the infamous Moore Oscar award (2003) acceptance speech. Even if you don't like MM, the hate and death threats he and his family received afterwards will shock you. The family history chapter is interesting, but the genealogical explanations are a bit overdone, even for me, a genealogy idiot. [...]

    8. I like Michael Moore. I know, I know: uber-lefty, makes progoganda films, tells partial truths, etc. But damn it, the man is funny. And he's insightful. I saw his first movie, Roger&Me, while I was in college, and I was deeply affected. I've seen every one of his movies, and each time I walk away both provoked and informed. Michael Moore is like watching FOX News, or MSNBC: you have to know what you are getting into from the beginning, and if you do, you can get something out of your experie [...]

    9. I had no idea how fascinating, intelligent, politically engaged and courageous Michael Moore is. This book is a collection of stories from his early life and the man is a very gifted storyteller. He made national TV news at 17 for speaking against the Elks' racially-restricted membership -- at an Elks-sponsored competition. His high school girlfriend's idea of student council was to plan dances, while his was to find out why the school only had two black teachers. His reaction to being beaten wi [...]

    10. Despite being a book of mostly childhood and family memories (ranging from birth all the way to the release of his first film, Roger and Me), this book still packs a political punch. As a lefty in my 30's, I learned a lot about the struggles of the previous generation, including some of the events from before my time that got us in the situation we're in now. And as a longtime Michael Moore fan that thought I knew all there was to know about him, this book still had a lot of surprises in store f [...]

    11. This is a great book! The opening chapter is the best, centring on his Oscar -winning anti-war speech and the outrageous ramifications that had on his life and personal safety, but all the stories are really intriguing and well-written. I didn't realise that Michael Moore has done so many interesting and commendable things, like become the youngest elected office-bearer in the U.S (when he ran for the education board in his region so he could take action against dodgy school principals) and sett [...]

    12. A line from one of my favorite Dixie Chicks songs is "You don't like the sound of the truth coming from my mouth" and when I think of Michael Moore, I think of this line. I relate to Michael Moore's brutal honesty. And how like me, he tends to put his foot in his mouth which gets him into trouble even when he has the best of intentions. I enjoyed the short stories in this book. I laughed, I cried, I was surprised. I know how much I enjoyed a book when I am sad to have it end. This is a must read [...]

    13. I opened this book to take a quick glance then return it to the library. All of a sudden I've finished 550 pages of fascinating storytelling by a man in his early 50's who has happened to be at the right place, right time while history was taking place--Our history. It's worth a look!

    14. I’ve been a fan of Michael Moore for a long time. I’ve waited impatiently for his documentaries to finally make it to theaters in Alabama after their release, then dragged family members or friends to see the shows when they finally hit the local cinema. These people were always glad I had afterwards, but getting them there was sometimes a chore. Why go see a documentary when you can see a real movie? My daughter gifted me a set of his films several years ago, so I’ve had the chance to sha [...]

    15. I’ve seen many of Michael Moore’s documentaries, but I realized when starting to read his auto-biography “Here Comes Trouble” that I knew very little about the man himself, other than a vague knowledge of his political stances. Well, there was that one time at the Toronto International Film Festival when I was attending the Borat Premiere (The Book Guy is also a movie guy). The projector broke down just as the film was a few minutes in. Larry Charles and Sascha Baron Cohen took to the st [...]

    16. I've never seen a Michael Moore film or read anything he wrote. I was fascinated! A page-turner from beginning to end. Hard to believe he has so many talents in so many areas. The part about John Lennon floored me. :)

    17. Michael Moore is a Gem – One of a Kind!My introduction to Michael Moore was his second of now four works of nonfiction, Stupid White Men. He impressed me as a very brave and progressive man. He names names, holding nothing back in exposing the real truth about real bad guys. Since then I’ve seen all his movies except the first, Roger & Me; which he at the last minute tried to change the name to Bad Day in Buick City. I’ll have to see it! I had started to follow him on Twitter, MySpace [...]

    18. You'd always suspected some Americans were a bit on the mad side. Reading this, you'll still be surprised at just how mad some of them actually are. Read this little gem from Glenn Beck (quoted in the opening chapter), and you might well conclude that Stephen King let Beck off lightly when he described him as 'Satan's mentally challenged younger brother':"I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it No, I th [...]

    19. Twenty years ago if Michael Moore would have started a church I would have become a charter member. Everything about his tv show and documentaries resonated with me. I liked his shlumpy outfits and baseball hats. I liked his dogged pursuit of truth and conversational tone. I saw him speak at the university of MN 10 yrs ago and was energized by his outspoken contempt for the political corruption disabling our society.Then he lost me or I guess we lost him. His memoir opens with a recount of how s [...]

    20. This was a fascinating read because I wasn't Michael Moore fan when I began. I wasn't NOT a fan - I've enjoyed his movies and have been thankful that someone was out there crusading tirelessly for causes I support, but I wasn't an active fan. That may change now, less because of his movies and more for who he is and the courage he's had throughout his life to speak against injustice when everyone else is silent, when speaking out will draw scorn or worse. I picked the book up after hearing an in [...]

    21. Here comes Trouble: Stories from my Life, by Michael Moore, Narrated by Michael Moore, Produced by Hachette Audio, Downloaded from Audible.I’ve been a fan of Moore’s since “Roger and me” so I enjoyed this book very much-many laugh-out-loud moments! This book is Moore's most personal to date. A sort of anti-memoir, Moore breaks the autobiographical mode while he hilariously presents 20 far-ranging, irreverant vignettes from his own life. These vignettes range from being stuck on the Senat [...]

    22. This book, along with Bill Maher's New, New Rules, makes me wonder if people understand sardonic humor. John Mortimer's Rumpole the Baily or Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice get sarcasm. It is the art of making fun of others and ourselves by creating caricutures of one's opponent and oneself. Moore, like Maher before him, can gloriously debunk and outwit most Republican pundits, but does he have to sound just as offensivly self righteous? It isn't entertainment, it isn't making a point, it just [...]

    23. Superb, one of the best books I've read this year. Activist, Oscar winning filmmaker and author Michael Moore looks back on his extraordinary life, up to the release of his first film. Growing up in Flint, Michigan, Moore has the uncanny good fortune to be in the path of history many times. For example on a family trip to D.C. as an 11-year-old, he gets lost in the U.S. Senate and is found by Robert F. Kennedy. Young Moore also makes things happen and tries to right the wrongs he sees. At 17, he [...]

    24. I listened to this as an audiobook, which I feel is worth mentioning because Moore himself narrates and does a great job. I think that helped make the book even better since he's telling stories from his own life. I have watched most of his movies and generally agree with his politics, though I think he can be sensationalist and self-aggrandizing to the point of annoying at times. Having listened to ths book, I feel I have a deeper understanding of Moore, and the times he grew up in. Asa child o [...]

    25. In this delightful, inspiring series of autobiographical essays, Michael Moore proves himself to be one of our country's best assets. He's a terrific writer, reminiscent of Russell Baker in Growing Up, who uses unapologetic sentimentality to convey to post-Fox generations what it was like back in the day, before our culture lost its capacity to feel and express empathy.Moore, who influenced national life in ways I had not known, has been stirring the pot since at least high school. Readers like [...]

    26. Michael Moore comes across as an honest guy, but this partial autobiography gives us only a few glimpses into his life and experiences, leaving much unsaid. He tells us about himself in short chapters about different times of his life: we learn a little bit about him as a child, a teenager, a budding politician, an underground journalist, and eventually a documentary film maker. Each story features a moral lesson learned, showing us how he developed his values and convictions. He's not afraid to [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book even though the opening chapter was hard to read, even hard to believe. It described the harrassment and danger that threatened Moore and his family after his open critcism at the 2003 Oscars of President Bush and the War in Iraq. This was the year Moore's film, Bowling for Columbine, won an Oscar for best documentary. The following stories of his life are funny, poignant, and fascinating -- from his neighborhood pals and their games in the swamp and woods behind their homes [...]

    28. As more and more cities go bankrupt, it is good to read "Here Comes Trouble" to remind us what the middle class used to be, to acknowledge the crusaders who fought for a decent wage, and to start a fire in the heart of modern-day activists. Being from Flint myself, I can understand where Michael Moore is coming from in matters of geography, sociology, and morality. My only problem is with the title. I thought this would be a book about how Moore was a muckraker, even in the sandbox. While he doe [...]

    29. Michael Moore's latest is his best book, by far. Not so much a biography as a collections of biographical anecdotes, "Here Comes Trouble" follows Moore's life from birth to the point at which his career really broke out with "Roger and Me", relating the events which turned him into the political troublemaker he is today. Some of the stories contained herein are funny, some are poignant, some are tragic. If you get through the book without a tear or two, you're a lot more thickly-skinned than I. [...]

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