How Do You Burp in Space?: And Other Tips Every Space Tourist Needs to Know

How Do You Burp in Space And Other Tips Every Space Tourist Needs to Know Want to blast into orbit Walk on the moon Snag a personal photo of a shooting star Well your time is coming And when it does you re going to need How Do You Burp in Space This guide is filled with th

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  • Title: How Do You Burp in Space?: And Other Tips Every Space Tourist Needs to Know
  • Author: Susan E. Goodman Michael Slack
  • ISBN: 9781599900681
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Want to blast into orbit Walk on the moon Snag a personal photo of a shooting star Well your time is coming And when it does, you re going to need How Do You Burp in Space This guide is filled with the kind of information you d need to plan any vacation including what to pack hint no bubble bath or juggling balls what to expect from your accomodations a sleepingWant to blast into orbit Walk on the moon Snag a personal photo of a shooting star Well your time is coming And when it does, you re going to need How Do You Burp in Space This guide is filled with the kind of information you d need to plan any vacation including what to pack hint no bubble bath or juggling balls what to expect from your accomodations a sleeping bag attached to the wall , and what to do for fun leapfrog on the moon Grounded in the history of space travel and the planned future of space tourism, this guide book will leave young adventurers daydreaming about future intergalactic space vacations Get ready to rock your rocketship

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    1. Text Structure Combination (Question and Answer, Description, Problem and Solution)Text Features Index, glossary, timeline, pictures, headings, table of contents, games, special textTwin TextKelly, M. (2015). Astrotwins: Project blastoff. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.RationaleI selected Astrotwins and How Do You Burp in Space? as twin texts because both books are about space travel. More specifically, both present various problems and solutions presented with space flight and space travel. [...]

    2. All of this reminiscing and traveling down memory lane has to do with the book I just finished reading, How Do You Burp in Space?: And Other Tips Every Space Tourist Needs to Know by Susan E. Goodman. Now I know that space travel has been occurring my entire lifetime and for many years prior to my birth. I also know there are currently people bidding to be one of the first tourists in space. What I didn't expect was a book of tips to be written at this point for those space tourists. I really th [...]

    3. SummaryDid you know if you cry in space, the tears just stay in your eyes because of the reduced gravity? Or did you realize that each member of a space flight is allowed only 2 pounds of personal supplies because the fuel costs approximately $10,000 per pound!! In this relatively short "travel guide", the reader gets a taste of what might be experienced if one were to travel into space. Starting from take-off, the author describes what the travelers might see, feel and do in space. It contains [...]

    4. How Do You Burp in Space?: And Other Tips Every Space Tourist Needs to Know by Susan E. Goodman with illustrations by Michael Slack is a fun and informative book about what it is really like to be an astronaut, and the possibility of experiencing it first hand in the future. The book is set up like a travel guide for someone taking a trip into space, and answers important questions, like what to pack, where you might sleep, what you might do for fun, and of course what would happen if you burped [...]

    5. People take vacations all over the world, and someday soon you may be able to take a vacation to outer space! If you're lucky enough to take a trip orbiting earth or landing on the moon, here are some things you should know. Eating in space can be tricky with everything floating around, so you'll have to get used to eating from a tray that's strapped to your legs, with magnetic silverware and sticky food in pouches. If you like playing with your food, you can play M&Ms baseball or drink oran [...]

    6. This reboot of the familiar 'what is it like in space' book distinguishes itself by adding material about the new commercial space flight programs, which makes the 'tourist' point of view more viable. The bulk of the book covers already-known territory, recounting in guide-book format how things like eating, going to the bathroom, and sleeping work for astronauts. Without the material on the new commercial flights, this would be mostly a recycling of information from shuttle- and Apollo-era book [...]

    7. How Do You Burp in Space? And Other Tips Every Space Tourist Needs to Know is a humorous and accurate nonfiction book that explores the past, present, and future of space travel. It can be classified in the genres of nonfiction, space travel, and science as it focuses on the real experiences of astronauts who have been in space. This book will appeal to students in the intermediate grade levels of 3rd through 6th grade because it is funny, has great illustrations and photographs, and is full of [...]

    8. I can't believe how optimistic this book is for space travel but at the same time inspiring. I can't imagine a kid reading this book and not wanting to grow up and be an astronaut! It made me even consider a career change. To me the best part of this book was the fact that it didn't say "if" we have commercialized space travel, but "when" we have it. The author is so convincing it is going to happen, this book of honestly useless information for someone stuck on earth all of a sudden becomes vit [...]

    9. Thoroughly enjoyable nonfiction book about the details of living in space with virtually no gravity to determine right side up and upside down. What do you eat? How do you go to the bathroom? How do you bathe, sleep, exercise, go outside? Can you really drink balls of juice you catch with chopsticks? And what's there to do up there, anyway?Easily read material covering all sorts of things you've wondered about but had no idea where to find answers to your questions. The book is printed on multic [...]

    10. Have you ever dreamed of visiting the moon or traveling in outer space? You might not need to be an astronaut to make these dreams come true. Commercial space flights are happening and might be more accessible in the future. If you were to vacation on the moon you will need to read this book to learn all about how things will be different there than at your regular holiday destination. Simple things like eating and using the bathroom are unique in an outer space environment. And you definitely n [...]

    11. I'm a nonfiction aficionado so I am always looking for great nonfiction books for my students. This one's on this year's Illinois Bluestem list. It's good, not great, but, as with last year's The Truth about Poop, I think kids will gravitate towards it, no pun intended. It's written as a tour guide for future space "tourists," and includes a wealth of factoids and quotes from a number of astronauts about their experiences. Kids will enjoy the gross-out factor, which includes explanations on how [...]

    12. This non-fiction book is all about planning your trip into space, because everyone knows we will be able to vacation there someday. Right? The book tells you what not to pack (money, postcards, etc.), because you are not on a normal vacation! Readers even learn tips on how to eat in space and keep clean in space. It is a very neat book. Kids will love it because of the amusing pictures and quirky comments that are highlighted throughout the book. Kids might not know it, but they are learning abo [...]

    13. A humorous, yet factual 'guide-book' for recreational space travel. Kids will get a glimpse into the future, as author Goodman tells us what we can expect once tourist sites and accommodations are available on the Moon, Mars, and other-worldly places. The cartoon-ish characters superimposed on real-life astronauts is creepy and inappropriate. Includes a glossary, space timeline, bibliography, quotation sources, and index.

    14. This is an informative, kid-friendly introduction to the everyday realities of space travel that is organized intelligently and has a very good visual layout. It's filled with lots of hope for the future of space exploration (and, by extension, humanity itself) too - confidently saying things like "We will establish bases on the moon" without qualification or hedging. Recommended for any older kids (grades 3+) who like outer space.

    15. Really enjoyed this book. It is like a travel guide to visiting space and has all kinds of fun facts about what you need to know to have a good experience. It was fun to think about what I would take to space with me. Astronauts can only take 2 lbs. of personal items. Luckily they provide the toothpaste! Some things I might think of taking don't make sense because of the lack of gravity. This book is really well done with great illustrations and fun content. Very fast read.

    16. A fun little read; you don't even realize that you're learning as you read because it's quite charming to read. However, I found it a bit gimmicky for my taste. Still, I learned a lot and it was very fast. The concept of space tourism is a fun thing to imagine, makes it feel almost like you're reading sci-fi but it is actually all facts with very little speculation. Still, the speculation that was there annoyed me.

    17. This has been a booktalking staple for one of my children's librarians, so I wanted to pick it up for myself. It's a fun read about space travel designed as a guidebook for would-be space tourists (which our kids may be someday!). Through this format, the author shares factoids about space and astronauts. This would be a great book for kids interested in space and looking for a fun factual read.

    18. Catchy title, colorful layout and interesting facts make this space traveler's guide a must read for anyone considering future space travel. Goodman's enthusiasm jumps off the pages and is bound to excite readers. Non-fiction readers will enjoy the book but more importantly this book could serve as a great introductory to those who typically do not self-select the genre.

    19. With information about prepping for space travel, what it's like on a shuttle, and astronauts feeling upon returning to earth, I though this was a very engaging book. I didn't intend to read all the way through, but it kept me engaged. It might be a bit long for reluctant readers, but they could just read sections of particular interest to them.

    20. This book includes all of those things that kids want to know about - how do you go to the bathroom in space, what food do astronauts eat, and what happens when you burp in space. The book is written as a travel guide and tells you what you would need to go into space, how it feels to go in space, and what all you might see. A really entertaining and informative book.

    21. This is an interesting and fun non-fiction book about space travel, set up as a kind of guidebook for space travel. It is humorous, but loaded with all kind of unusual facts. Illustrations are colorful, and I must say I learned quite a lot about space travel.

    22. A nonfiction travel guide on space travel filled with kid-appealing trivia and practical traveling advice. Brightly colored with plenty of photographs; although the white printing on blue speckled background was hard to read. Overall, it will answer the question of what it is like in space.

    23. 4.5 stars. Talk about a title that screams boy appeal! Lots of cool facts about space travel and the future possibility of space tourism, like a travel guide for kids. Well researched, full back matter.

    24. Excellent non fiction look into the future of space travel and tourism. Goodman includes enough facts to satisfy even the most curious science reader. Slack's quirky illustrations will attract reluctant readers.

    25. I really liked this for both the format and the information presented - it is highly engaging and readable and full of fascinating info!

    26. I think a lot of kids are going to love this book, which is written as a "guidebook for your intergalactic adventure". It is interesting and easy to read and it has cute pictures too.

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