Finding Alpha

Finding Alpha Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M werewolves HEA Don s new pack alpha is insane and they are all in danger as long as he holds the power which is why his pack brings

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  • Title: Finding Alpha
  • Author: Sunny Day
  • ISBN: 9781619264588
  • Page: 197
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, werewolves, HEA Don s new pack alpha is insane, and they are all in danger as long as he holds the power, which is why his pack brings in another alpha to fight Zane Don wouldn t have a problem with that, except that Rhys is his mate.Rhys had been poisoned to lose the fight for the alpha position in his b Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, werewolves, HEA Don s new pack alpha is insane, and they are all in danger as long as he holds the power, which is why his pack brings in another alpha to fight Zane Don wouldn t have a problem with that, except that Rhys is his mate.Rhys had been poisoned to lose the fight for the alpha position in his birth pack and is unwilling to trust anyone, especially not the pack who wants him to kill their alpha Even if he is attracted to Don, it doesn t mean the other man is someone he should trust He still hasn t come to a decision whether to risk another alpha challenge or not when Zane does one thing he won t forgive He kidnaps Don Now Rhys is left with no choice.

    One thought on “Finding Alpha”

    1. 3.5 rounded up - it's a series!I like a series - you get familiarity and consistent characters both of which are positives. (I'm purposely ignoring the drawbacks - the ongoing sagas that need resolution and my OCD need to persist past points of enjoyment). This is a pretty well written story with a clear plotline and actually (considering it's Siren-Inc) not bad editing. The world building was clear and easy to follow and all of the secondary characters were equally interesting. The series name [...]

    2. As I am used to from this author, this book again featured very clumsy phrasing and was not hugely original, but fairly enjoyable nonetheless.This first volume is setting up a series, which in this case means there are more than two viewpoints. Sadly, this does not really suit the extremely brief length. However, for the light story this is, it sort of works out.The names amuse me, since they’re an assortment of the most mundane names imaginable. While not everyone needs to have exotic or ethn [...]

    3. The start confused me. Too many characters all introduced at once. I hate flash backs, especially when there is no reason for them. Mcs meet at 37% and the story already feels extremely rushed. And too many fantasy scenes. I got bored quick with all the images his mind "conjured" Oh good a shower fantasy/masturbating scene. Pointless. And what guy "hisses through his teeth" while masturbating? Hope this moves onto a plot soon. This book is written weird. It just doesn't flow naturally at all. Ea [...]

    4. This is a story I can see myself reading over and over. There is no major angst and both characters are very likable. Like Raphael's Mating the alpha is the smaller of the two. A very pleasant light read.

    5. I enjoyed this shot book. Loved Rhys and Don and thought the plot was good. Will continue on with this series.A follow up comment (view spoiler)[I was really expecting that in book two we would at least get information on what happened at Rhys' old pack when his poisoning at the alpha challenge was brought to light and am really disappointed that the story line was dropped. Ben and Riley (and perhaps the alpha) need to pay for their crime. (hide spoiler)]

    6. I loved this book, it was just what I was looking for today.It had a good plot, good characters, good tension, good sex and good ending. It wasnt overly cliché and even had a few funny quirks that made the story different. I know that Siren books dont really put alot of effort into editing the book so I would like to congratulation Sunny Day for putting so much effort into releasing a book that she/he can be proud of :)

    7. Very poor relationship development even for a fated mates shifter novel. Not much shifting and wolf behavior. Very little dialogue between MCs - there was actually more dialogue amongst the too many other characters. Don lost an opportunity to really comfort and heal Rhys - he wasn't very nurturing - almost clinical. Rhys didn't come across like an alpha. The conversations were written in a stilted and unnatural way. The big build up alpha challenge was so short it was anti-climatic.

    8. I like this story but I'm a little bit disappointed. Main characters have great potential but author didn't used it. It's like everything: characters, plots, wolfs, bad Alfa and his sick behavior, poisoning,problems with best friends cheating are just touched on the surface, not developed fully. I was reading and thinking the whole time: OK, buy why???? I like the way author writes so I'm hoping there is some more explanation in next part.

    9. This book is not very long. I don't like spending 5 bucks on book, not if I'm going to be done with it within a couple of hours. Lucky the story was likeable. The length is the only complaint I have about the book. I'll end up reading the next book in the series when it's released, but at least now I know that the books are pretty short.

    10. Nedの話が読みたい。Omegaといとこの話も読みたいなあ。アルファでボトムというのは新ジャンルでよかった。アルファなのにボトムだから、人間としかつきあわないとか、健気でラブ。パックの連中にとって問題だったのはその点もあるのかなあと思ったりも。あまりの裏切られ方に、もうちょっと人間不信になってもよさそうだけど、割とスムーズに人生変更を受け入れ [...]

    11. This story was really enjoyable. I liked the characters and this main mated pair. It was a nice change of developing relationship between Don and Rhys. I really hope to read about other wolves, too because I'm sure their plotted stories will be as good as this.

    12. I really like this book and the cover is just gorgeous.I'm looking forward for the sequels, I can't wait for Murray and Jason's stories.

    13. This was quite enjoyable! Definitely going to read the next in this series. The set up for it was intriguing.

    14. Was fun to read the book but I did not like the main character Rhys. In my mind you can not be strong Alfa material and at the same time be submissive to your mate.

    15. A shifter story with a difference. Only one of the MCs immediately recognised his mate. There is enough interest to continue the series.

    16. Hmmmmmfelt like I was starting in the middle of an on going storyead of book one! Must go do a little research before moving on!!!

    17. I am looking forward to more of this series, maybe Ned's story next. Its always nice to find a new shifter series, especially one that's not too ridiculous or corny.

    18. I liked this. Rhys and Don. Cute. I would've liked more contractions used. Very stiff writing that kind of drew me out of the story a lot.

    19. It started off a little confusing but it caught its stride and it was pretty good. I liked Rhys as the alpha character a lot.

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