One thought on “When a Dog Plays Cupid”

  1. "When A Dog Plays Cupid" by Carol Hutchens is a good read.The story centers around Kit McFarlan who is operating her grandmother's dog grooming business after she passes away. Kit is an aspiring author and feels guilty for not giving her grandmother more attention. One day, a strange man walks in with Samson, the cranky dog owned by the elderly lady who loaned her grandmother the money to open the dog grooming business. Drew informs Kit that his Aunt is in the hospital and she has to take care o [...]

  2. This book was cute but sometimes I felt it was a bit drawn out and predictable. There were many typos which was very odd. It was short enough to read in one sitting. Not my favorite but not the worst.

  3. This book was really cute. I liked the characters BUT there were so many typos that I felt as though I were reading a draft and not a finished story

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