Julia, Daughter of Rome

Julia Daughter of Rome This is the compelling tale of Julia only child of the Roman leader Octavian who inherited his power from the slain Julius Caesar When Julia s father discovers her adulterous affair with Marc Anthon

  • Title: Julia, Daughter of Rome
  • Author: Elizabeth Elson Joyce Elson Moore
  • ISBN: 9781466049925
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • This is the compelling tale of Julia, only child of the Roman leader Octavian, who inherited his power from the slain Julius Caesar When Julia s father discovers her adulterous affair with Marc Anthony s son, the lovers are forced to make desperate choices that scandalize the Roman elite and change the course of history in the Republic.

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    1. Julia, Daughter of Rome is the story of a lesser-known character in Roman history. Daughter of Caesar Augustus—the upstanding reformer and unifier of the Republic of Rome—Julia is a spirited and indomitable woman who would not be cowed even by Octavian himself. As the only natural child of the Roman leader, she is married off in several attempts to get an irreproachable heir and secure the succession of her father’s bloodline. Though she acquiesces and plays the dutiful wife, as she has be [...]

    2. I'm so torn between giving this three starts or four. Overall it's a great story of Rome. I however felt that even though the plot twists were there, there was no REAL climax. Julia really does get the $hi# end of things and she is an easy character to sympathise with, I really do like her. I just kept waiting for something. I guess. The research into the writing was well done; Roman life wasn't easy for women, let alone women of "power" who seem to always to have the least amount. Agustus feels [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book but it took me a while to get there.The beginning, I thought, was a bit confusing, with a whole host of characters introduced quickly. I had some difficulty differentiating them.Those problems resolved quickly, however, and we are quickly taken along for the ride of all of Julia's marriages and her fated romance with Iullus, which does not result in marriage.I was unfamiliar with Julia's history, and it was, in many ways, a sad history. But Ms. Elson manages to turn this arou [...]

    4. I'm only about 45% of my way through this book but I am loving it! I am surprised I have put the book down long enough to write this review! Between the way Julia has unraveled in her character to how Agrippa meets every one of my imagined character points, I just love this book so far! Finished this months ago, literally MONTHS and forgot to mark it as finished. But I have to say this book still resonates with me. So good!

    5. This is a quick read, but a really good one at that. We’ve often heard about Octavian, the first Emperor of Rome, and all the stories that go along with his quest to the throne. However, a lot of us fail to realize that he had a daughter named Julia. And even fewer know her story. This tale follows her life as a strategic pawn for her father’s personal gain.

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