Frost Arch

Frost Arch In a future where ignorance has destroyed the world that we know humans are slaves and Mages advanced beings with abilities beyond everyday reach rule the land Avalon is one such Mage Barely eighteen

  • Title: Frost Arch
  • Author: Kate Bloomfield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a future where ignorance has destroyed the world that we know, humans are slaves and Mages advanced beings with abilities beyond everyday reach rule the land.Avalon is one such Mage Barely eighteen years of age, she wields the gift of fire yet she is unable to control it She leaves her family in the dead of night and heads to the city of Frost Arch, her future seeIn a future where ignorance has destroyed the world that we know, humans are slaves and Mages advanced beings with abilities beyond everyday reach rule the land.Avalon is one such Mage Barely eighteen years of age, she wields the gift of fire yet she is unable to control it She leaves her family in the dead of night and heads to the city of Frost Arch, her future seemingly grim.Will Avalon be able to overcome the trials that befall her Will she be able to save the ones she loves and stay strong within herself Time will tell.

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    1. 1 Oct. '12As you can see by how long it took me to read this, I had to trudge through in order to finish this book. I think it was fairly obvious from the get-go where things were leading. Our protagonist is a Fire Mage, and she runs off to a town/city named Frost Arch, which is perpetually snowing and ruled by the mysterious Elvira Frost.Frost. Snow. Get it? And our heroine is a Fire Mage? Yeah. I could write this book in my head.The most evident issue I have to take up with, in terms of techni [...]

    2. Lemme tell ya a lil’ bit about myself.You guys know me.You know that I rarely quit a book. I have fucking Twisted on my list and still read the entirety of that travesty.But you know what? I just couldn’t do it with this guy. It may have to do with self-published novels (I suffered a DNF with somethin’ called The Chosen), but I really don’t think that’s the case since I want to give self-publishing the benefit of the doubt.But Frost Arch read to me like a friend who was trying to get m [...]

    3. This review first appeared on my review blog, The Book Drunkard.Summary:Frost Arch, by Kate Bloomfield, is the story of Avalon "Ava" Redding, a Fire Mage who lives in a world where Humans are slaves, Mages are in charge, and how you live depends on how much power you have. Avalon, whose power is midlevel, moves to the city of Frost Arch, a place where curiosity and telling the truth can make your life very difficult. She works as a maid for the Forsythe household. While there, she becomes friend [...]

    4. This book is an X-Men ripoff. Seriously. I realize that's an unfair way to start a review, but I'm only 30 something percent through this and I can't put aside the similarities anymore. And I'm not really even sure that the author is a Marvel person, but I think my list of highlights and snarky notes is actually longer than the novel itself at this point. And I apologize in advance for all the gratuitous comic book and movie references.The book is a post-apocalyptic novel that reads like Magneto [...]

    5. Note: I received this book from the author for an honest review.I was terribly wrong; I do not always enjoy fire mages, especially ones named Avalon Redding. By her own design Ava’s bad luck runs amuck. Not only does she come off stupid but the book reads like she is overly obsessed with physical beauty. I did not really find any redeeming qualities about her character. Her whole thought process was slow making the story draw out when the reader was already able to get to the point over fifty [...]

    6. Let me start by saying that I wanted to love this book. The cover is beautiful and the premise appeared to be interesting. However, due to the many grammatical errors, it was a difficult read. I find it hard to enjoy a book that contains so many sentence fragments and repeated word choices. The character development is at times confusing. Avalon Redding is an immature character, with random thoughts and behavior. When she meets someone, she is only interested in their physical appearance. When s [...]

    7. Eh, I like the premise of the book and it's a cute story (you'll love Hawthorne, Jack, and Raeven) but there are some problems with how the story is told.There's a lot of choppy parts to this story where it blends from scene to the next with no transition.The main character is self involved to a point of annoyance.The villains aren't fleshed out.You'll question how one girl can garnish so much loyalty from people she just assumes will help her.My biggest pet peeve: the author uses the word QUITE [...]

    8. This is a book that needs some serious editing! Between the whining heroine, the glaring references to the X-men (even if the author isn't aware of them) and the editing that obviously wasn't done, I gave up on this book.The premise had promise, a lot of promise, but the execution left me shuddering.

    9. Notes:- Author provided a copy of the book for an honest review.- I also read the prequel short story (before reading this book) which briefly introduces the tension between Jack and Camryn, and the history of Mages and Humans.Character Development: 8/10Avalon's initial predicament is very believable. The setup was believable, and it was presented appropriately. Jack's role in the manor is appropriate, considering his back story, and the fact that Camryn and Jack work together is also believable [...]

    10. Be sure to check out my blog, atMichelle’s Paranormal Vault of Booksfor more reviews and extras. You will find an expert of Frost Arch at my review there.This book totally hooked me in, hook, line and sinker, right from the start. Its such an interesting story, and not at all what I expected. It was a totally original idea to me. The whole idea of magic people, called Mages, like our main character, Avalon, is a Fire Mage, she can control fire, produce it, everything. There are many different [...]

    11. I really loved this book, I thought it was well written, had engaging characters and an interesting storyline that just seemed to floworylineIt was an engaging story and I liked the fact that humans were not the superior species and that mages were. The idea of low level mage's working for the rich or high level mage's was a brilliant idea and the fact that there is a mage for practically every job.There was a few slow bit's but mostly the story flowed nicely with all the characters working toge [...]

    12. I'm a teacher in a middle school, where we work our butts off trying to teach our kids to write well and use good grammar. I therefore found it very distracting that this book, which I purchased on my Kindle, was full of punctuation mistakes, misused synonyms and other grammatical errors. If you spent all this time writing your story, why wouldn't you read it thoroughly to correct such mistakes? Lest you think I'm an incredibly picky English teacher, I actually teach math and still found the mis [...]

    13. Avalon Redding is a Fire Mage with little control over her power, which makes her dangerous in the eyes of manycluding herself. To keep her family, especially her very human sister, safe from harm, Avalon runs away to the city of Frost Arch. Here she makes friends, something she has never had before, and enemies. I enjoyed parts of this book, but really got tired of all the many, various trials that Avalon encountered. Parts of the book were slow but then others were interesting. This book did n [...]

    14. I borrowed this from the Kindle free Lending Library. It started out okay. There are a great many typos in the book. I found sympathizing with Avalon very difficult. After a while the plot reminded me of a Syfy made for TV movie. Here is what I DID like (I why I did not stop reading): The premise is a good one. I would have liked this story from a human POV, not Avalon's but okay. The world building was not too shabby, although I would like to know why every village is called an "arch". Raeven i [...]

    15. Nope, sorry. Can't do it. When absolutely none of the dialogue is correctly punctuated and there are way too many homophones - such as 'queue' used in the place of 'cue' - I simply don't have the patience. Typos are one thing: not having a grasp of the written English language is another.I will try again when my standards are not quite so high.

    16. DNF.I have so many questions and there is a lot of confusion going on with this book. I think it has a great idea, but still, NOPE. I wanted to like it so much, plus, the cover totally bought me! But I don't think I could handle this one

    17. In a postapocalyptic future, Mages - those who have developed supernatural powers - rule and regular humans without such gifts are enslaved. Avalon is a fire mage who has trouble controlling her powers. Afraid she will inadvertently hurt someone, especially her little sister who hasn't deveoped powers of her own for an unknown reason, she runs away in the middle of the night, hitching a ride from an acquaintance on the way to the city of Frost Arch to make a delivery. Finding that the cargo is a [...]

    18. Title: Frost ArchAuthor: Kate BloomfieldFormat: ebookGenre: YA Science Fiction, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, DystopiaI gave Frost Arch three stars. The story was interesting but not much on the romance side. It has a few errors but none that I can recall at the moment therefore not too bad since I can’t remember any. People with different abilities that manipulate fire, cold, some who can fly and some that heal, there are even some that can communicate with animals. There is also a siren that can mak [...]

    19. The Frost Arch (Fire Mage Trilogy) is book with science fiction and fantasy mixed together. It was a great book and I found it hard to put down. Can you image human slaves in a science fiction book? This is nothing like the slavery that took place in America. I have to hand it to this author for putting a little bit of history into such a fantastic book.It is interesting to think about what it would be like to have an obsession for the human way of life as Master did, even after it has been dest [...]

    20. It's happened. Technology destroyed our planet. Earth is now fire and ice. Humans are forced to live underground for 500 years. Some humans have a rare genetic code that allows them to survive in the radiation. Through the years, they evolve even more and have special powers. The humans with special powers are now called Mages. Humans have become ignorant beings, slaves of the Mages. Avalon Redding is a Fire Mage. There is only one problem. She can't control her powers and so she ends up hurting [...]

    21. So I see some negative reviews and to be honest a person I watch reviews on rated it a 1. Further, they called it an x-men rip off. To be honest, I love X-men, I grew up even reading their comics I was like SIGN ME UP. Even a watered down version of X-men has to be great! Well, let me say it has nothing to do with x-men, nor is it anything like it. The book is amazing.So the plotSomething happened years previous were not really told what but there was some sort of catastrophe and a huge genetic [...]

    22. A copy was provided by the author for a honest review. Frost Arch was an excellent read. It has minor flaws but kept me interested, nonetheless. Avalon Redding powers are wild and uncontrollable and fears that she will harm her sister, so runs away from home. Avalon has escaped to Frost Arch. At the same time, she finds an unusual creature in a cargo. It's a fox with wings. She can't hide it forever though. It's rapidly growing. Our protagonist, Avalon Redding, is the one thing i am not sure abo [...]

    23. Frost Arch is a rare book that takes you into a futuristic place that could be us in the future. The world is destroyed and humans are slaves. Mages are advanced beings with strong abilities that rule the world. Humans have to do whatever they are told or risk being killed. What kind of life is this for humans?In Frost Arch we meet Avalon who is a Mages. She has the gift of fire. See each Mages wield one of the elements and they have to learn to control it and wield it at will and some are bette [...]

    24. The prologue gives an excellent overview of the setting and culture where Avalon lives. This is a world over 1,000 years after the collapse of our world, a popular setting. There was a huge war between the magic power-weilding Mages, and the technical Humans. The Mages won, and all Humans were treated as nothing more than work beasts, without rights or feeling or language. ---- It was feared that Avalon's little sister had been born a human, and their family went to great lengths to hide her.The [...]

    25. Well things get a little crazy for a Avalon, after she abruptly runs away from home. Rescues a furry friend. She looks to Frost Arch to find refuge and a new beginning. Avalon befriends quickly and turns up with more friends than she would have expected. Landing a job within moments of getting through the gates. Things seem to be taking a turn for the best. That is until a snowball effect of critical events takes place landing her worse off than she started. Fast friend John is her comfort and s [...]

    26. While the general idea of this story is good (all people are mages of varying degrees, and humans are sold as slaves) the execution is extremely poor. I was so distracted by basic word mistakes (queue for cue, etc) and odd errors within the same paragraph and pages. For example: the heroine hitches a ride with a messenger before dawn, she sleeps through til evening (she says this!) then in the same paragraph it's morning as they arrive in the town of Frost Arch. Throughout the story similar blun [...]

    27. I liked the plot, I liked the characters. Normally that would mean a four- or five-star rating from me. However, I really think someone should have proofread this before putting it up in the kindle store. It was polluted with grammar and spelling errors.The phrasing that struck me hardest was the mention of a "chicken coup". This piqued my interest. Were these chickens in battle? Which piece of poultry had performed the aforementioned heroic deed? Or did she mean "chicken coup d'etat"?If she fel [...]

    28. It was realistic and I could picture it. i really liked the book (and the edgy cool cover), but Ava totally need a good love story- a light one is just fine. anyways im looking forward to the sequel! 4 1/2 stars

    29. While this was an interesting book I was distracted by the many grammatical errors. The plot was excessively simplistic and had no depth. I was sadly reminded of Bella and have to wonder if she and Avalon are related.

    30. I enjoyed this book. It had an interesting premise and I'm enjoying the relationship between Jack and Avalon as it grows. I will definitely watch to see where this goes in the next book.

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