Black Magic

Black Magic An original Alpha Pack novella featuring the sexy sorcerer and panther shifter Kalen Black Recruited by the Alpha Pack Kalen Black is still very much a lone wolf But when a paranormal creature threat

  • Title: Black Magic
  • Author: J.D. Tyler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An original Alpha Pack novella featuring the sexy sorcerer and panther shifter Kalen Black Recruited by the Alpha Pack, Kalen Black is still very much a lone wolf But when a paranormal creature threatens the life of Dr Mackenzie Grant, Kalen must use all of his abilities to rescue her This brush with death excites a passion between them, and after a night of intenseAn original Alpha Pack novella featuring the sexy sorcerer and panther shifter Kalen Black Recruited by the Alpha Pack, Kalen Black is still very much a lone wolf But when a paranormal creature threatens the life of Dr Mackenzie Grant, Kalen must use all of his abilities to rescue her This brush with death excites a passion between them, and after a night of intense pleasure, Kalen leaves Mac with a mysterious gift that just might save her life again

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    1. I'm usually not a fan of novellas, I only read them if they're a necessary piece of the story arc in longer series (such as this one). Everything seems cut short, impassive or happening too fast, given their length. Not much space to develop plots and characters. So all things considered, Black Magic was okay - it was good to finally see more of Kalen's character and his powers - he intrigued me from the first book. I love a hero who can play and kick ass with magic! I'm looking forward to his a [...]

    2. This review was posted at Under The CoversThis has been such a surprising series for me. I really like it! There's shifters, there's magic, and a whole lot of alpha males!!! I can honestly say I was eagerly anticipating this short story because it features the goth-like new recruit of the Alpha Pack, Kalen Black. Why the anticipation you may ask, if this is roughly 60 pages? First, the description Ms. Tyler gave us in book one of Kalen is that he looks like a mix between Adam Lambert and Cris An [...]

    3. 4stars! Too damn short! I need more!Mac and Kaelen get to know each other but not as much as I'd like. I have a feeling, we'll see more them later!

    4. Carla's Review:Kalen Black in the youngest and newest member of the Alpha Pack. He is a Sorcerer, Necromancer and black panther shifter making him extremely powerful and dangerous. Kalen also has a horrid past, some of which we learn about in this book. He hates to be touched and he also believes himself not to be a good person. It thinks he is not capable of being loved or loving someone in return.Dr. Mackenzie Grant works for the Alpha Pack. She's been attracted to Kalen but since she's older [...]

    5. Readers are first introduced to Kalen Black mid-way through Primal Law. He is a mysterious loner that the Alpha Pack is sent out to investigate. The Alpha Pack finds this goth raising the dead in a cemetery, to ask the recently departed about the circumstances of his death. Kalen is a vastly interesting character.Once again readers are given just enough of this sexy mystery man to leave us salivating for his book. He leaves the compound because he senses a malevolent danger lurking. He believes [...]

    6. I enjoyed Book 1 in this series, I must admit to being a little disappointed when I saw this novella was about Kalen.Now don't take it the wrong way, let me finish! I was extremely intrigued by Kalen in the first book - I love a tortured bad boy with a mysterious past, throw in the ability to shape shift into a panther and I am sold! Right there and then I'm in love. But then I saw that Kalen was getting a Novella. A NOVELLA!!! Surely there must be more to his story and subsequent HEA than thatT [...]

    7. 4.5 Stars Really This novella picks up shortly after Primal Law and focuses on newcomer Kalen Black and Dr. Mackenzie Grant and it is such a tease. Kalen's "storm" and the return of a dreaded enemy puts Kalen & Mac in close quarters and ratchets up the danger level for this and the next installment I loved that Mac was a "cougar" among the wolves and thought the insecurity of Kalen in junior alpha mode was kinda cute. This short left me panting for Kalen & Mac's full length read but this [...]

    8. Ok, totally intrigued by Kalen. This is going to make me want to rush through Aric's story so I can read his. Very good for a novella.

    9. This is one of those books that takes place between the main series. I have read the books that come after so I already knew the gist of what happened in this book. But its nice to get a quick read in and it still had all the action and romance of the other books, just more condensed, which I like sometimes.

    10. 2.5 stars = pretty good for those who are already Alpha Pack fans - The sorcerer who can shift into a black panther, Kalen, senses that "something wicked this way comes" and heads out to protect Mackensie who is enjoying a Girl's Night Out. Mac is the Alpha Pack doctor and the woman he wants but doesn't feel he deserves - the woman who is just as attracted to Kalen. Kalen's magic comes in handy when the threat that has been setting off his spidey senses turns up, but with more trouble ahead, a n [...]

    11. I give it a 3.5Let me say first off that I had a hard time deciding on a final rating number for this one. I really struggled with it for a variety of reasons. It's not that it doesn't fit well within the Alpha Pack story line or that Kalen's personality or sorcerer/necromancer's power has suddenly changed. I think it's because the story's so short's definitely not novella length at just 50 written pages. There just isn't time to fully develop what's going on with either him, Mackenzie or their [...]

    12. This shorter novella featuring a character who grabbed my attention from the moment he appeared in the series was a real treat. It's more of a teaser really introducing a later pair of main characters and setting things up for what is to come for them in the series.Kalen Black- sorcerer, necromancer and panther shifter- has a bad feeling about something coming his way, but the immediate threat seems to be centered around the woman, Dr. Mackenzie Grant, who he has an interest in. Mac is way out o [...]

    13. RATING: 1 HeartJ.D. Tyler’s novella, Black Magic, in the Alpha Pack series is the perfect example of something that has great potential but is sadly something unnecessary. While, the idea of magic, shifters and a good looking hero is nothing short of appealing, 50 pages is not enough to be truly effective. This short story is an introduction to Mackenzie and Kalen’s characters, who we meet in the first book, Primal Law. Kalen is vastly intriguing, from his shapeshifting into a panther to his [...]

    14. What a great installment in the Alpha Pack series that fits between the first book and second book of the series. My only wish is that this Kalen Black's was a complete book not just a novella but never fear his story is on the way. I love Kalen what a hot, beautiful mess he is. I know that you are not supposed to want to change and/or fix a man but he just screams for you to want to try. This story involves Kalen Black -shifter,necromancer, sorcerer and all around bad boy and Dr. Mackenzie Gran [...]

    15. My Rating: ★★★Book Description:A terrible storm is coming, and Alpha Pack's newest man will face not only a battle within himself, but a war on the horizon that could end them allSorcerer/Necromancer/black panther shifter Kalen Black and Dr. Mackenzie Grant battle a lethal enemy and come together in an explosion of passion. One night will set in motion dire consequences not only for the couple, but for the entire Pack.My Thoughts:I am rating this as three stars because of its brevity and n [...]

    16. My short Review:Yes, I am completely reading this whole series backwardsLOL, but looking at the ratings on this novella, I think that it's working for me, because I have a real love for these characters already from what I saw in book #2, Savage Awakening. As a result, I really loved this taste of the romance between Mac & Kalend that's all it is.just a taste. This is a novella that covers the events of a single night between the two, but that single night is going to have long-lasting rep [...]

    17. This series is getting better! “Black Magic” is only a novella in the Alpha Pack series but it’s a very nice read that introduce us to the story of Kalen and Mac. He is the younger member of the Alpha Pack team and a very strong Sorcerer, Necromancer and panther shifter. Also, he has a horrible past and in this novella we can see some details. She is a doctor in this team and some years older than him. But she wants him and she can see that he wants her too. This novella is about one night [...]

    18. I was intrigued by Kalen Black, the sorcerer/necromancer panther shifter, when he was introduced in Primal Law. From the moment he walked into that graveyard, raised the dead and freaked the Alpha Pack out I wanted more of him. I was so excited when I read that J.D. Tyler was not only writing a novella for Kalen but a novel as well. I like Mackenzie and thought I would probably enjoy them as a couple but I was not expecting Black Magic to steam up their relationship so much. After getting a glim [...]

    19. เป็นเรื่องสั้นที่ออกขายเป็นอีบุ๊คเท่านั้น ซึ่งโดยตัวของมันเองไม่ใช่หนังสือที่อ่านจบครบถ้วนได้ความ คนอ่านต้องตามไปอ่านเรื่อง Black Moon ต่อเพื่อให้ได้เรื่องราวของความสัมพันธ์ของ [...]

    20. hmmmwhat to sayt bad for a novellaI wanted more though and I didn't like that it ended on a sour note and not a happy endingat suckedI am hoping that the new "Black Moon" which tells Kalen and Mac's story fully will finish what this one started. I am not sure why this novella was really even published to be honest. I mean I enjoyed reading it and the sex scene was good, as were the action scenes, but it just seems unnecessary, especially since a full novel dealing with these two characters is co [...]

    21. So, I should probably write a nice pretty review, & maybe I will at some point. For now though Let me just say that this novella was a huge tease and I absolutely loved it. I am a 100% whipped Kalen girl (my LA ladies call me Kalen's Kitty and I'll take it!) and reading more about him was heaven. JD gave just enough to serve as a ridiculous tease and leave the reader wanting SO much more, but it was amazingly written & a wonderful treat.As far as prequels go, it was fabulous and set up t [...]

    22. This is book 1.5 in the series. Placed between Jax (1) and Aric's (2) storiesThis is a short story that should at least be read prior to Kalen and Mac's (number 3 in the series) book out in December 2012 entitled Black Moon!It was short at 3 chapters and less than 50 pages, but it was good! I'm glad I read it since it clearly sets certain things up. It definitely highlights the roadblocks ahead for what will undoubtedly be an interesting pairing in this series. (Heads up, I just read the blurb f [...]

    23. "Black Magic" by J.D. Tyler. Book 1.5 (a novella) in the Alpha Pack Series.You definitely should read this to know the back story of Kalen Black and Mackenzie Grant (the main characters in Book 3 "Black Moon" in the Alpha Pack series.It explains why Mac ends up with Kalen's pendant and what attack happened and why they are in the situation they are in, in their full length novel. When I started reading "Black Moon", I wasn't like "WHAT? When did that happen?" when I started reading it.It's a rea [...]

    24. Another hot read by JD Tyler! Black Magic shows us a little more about the Alpha Pack's world. When the team's new member, the sorcerer/necromancer Kalen Black and Dr. Mackenzie Grant, venture away from the compound we get both a glimpse into the dangers surrounding the Alpha Pack and the attraction between these two characters. My favorite description of Kalen is from Primal Law, "He looks like the love child of Chris Angel and Adam Lambert." Now doesn't that give you a great image of this dark [...]

    25. Very short novella that sets up books to come in the series. I have to say I was highly disappointed by it. While it had a good plot, and was very well written I was left feeling like I wasted money buying 20 pages of book that felt like a prologue to a novel instead of a short story. I'm off to read the next book in the series, hoping it goes back to the stellar work of the 1st novel, and not the lackluster feeling I had when I finished this one. FYI the lead character Kalen reminds me a lot of [...]

    26. Really liked this story/intro into Kaden's and Mackenzie's relationship glad i waited to start this series though until i had book 3 in my hands because i would not have wanted to finish this with out having book three to move right onto!**the only reason i didn't rate this any higher was because it was sooooo shortound 50 pgs long was just a few chapter set-up to their relationship, can hardly be called a story, but i'm glad i read it before starting their book which is what i'm going to do RIG [...]

    27. I like this series. The only part of this story I didn't like was the shortness and cliffhanger ending. $2.99 was a little high priced for about 50 pages of story as well. This would have been much better if it had been added to the end of the first book or used as the beginning of Kalen and Mac's book. I like to read books in the order they're written and this novella has me wanting to skip the other books to finish this story.

    28. I loved this!!Why was it so short?? Kalen is a great character and i felt i got to know him a lot more in this book. I loved the romance between him and Mac and i liked how he put himself at risk to keep her safe.What more can i say really?? Just this book was way too much of a tease, just when i feel it starting to get good it finishes. The End and poof done until December, cant wait till it come out properly!!!

    29. Insight to the happenings with Kalen Black, the younger Gothic like new member of the Alpha Pack team and a very strong Sorcerer, Necromancer and black panther shifter. He has a horrible past and in this novella we can see some details. Mackenzie Grant is a doctor in this team and some years older than him. Like this short series to fill in the blanks of Kalen Black and Mackenzie.

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