Sesame Street/Going Places (Golden Super Shape Book)

Sesame Street Going Places Golden Super Shape Book The Sesame Street inhabitants introduce many forms of transportation such as airplane ambulance train and bicycle

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The Sesame Street inhabitants introduce many forms of transportation, such as airplane, ambulance, train, and bicycle.

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  1. Each page features a sesame street character operating a vehicle and a two sentence description of the action on the page. It's not a story per se, as much as an introduction to different types of vehicles and where you'll likely find them. The art is solid and occasionally you'll find a little detail for the grown-ups as well. Solid for a very young audience and beginning readers.

  2. It has been fun to introduce (via the website) our son to Sesame Street. This book is a great addition, teaching about various modes of transportation.

  3. This book is about transportation. Each page presents a different Muppet and a vehicle. The images are typical 1980's-style. There is nothing compelling here for me.

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