Cosmic Bandidos

Cosmic Bandidos Se vero quello che dice Luis Sep lveda pensando a Salgari che un romanzo non tale se non succede qualcosa in ogni pagina Cosmic Bandidos va oltre perch qui succede qualcosa in ogni riga Ed sempre q

  • Title: Cosmic Bandidos
  • Author: A.C. Weisbecker Marco Vicentini
  • ISBN: 9788882371418
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Se vero quello che dice Luis Sep lveda pensando a Salgari, che un romanzo non tale se non succede qualcosa in ogni pagina, Cosmic Bandidos va oltre, perch qui succede qualcosa in ogni riga Ed sempre qualcosa di pi incredibile e di pi fantastico di quanto non lasciasse pensare la riga precedente, raccontato con quella serena ingenuit del male a cui Quentin TarantSe vero quello che dice Luis Sep lveda pensando a Salgari, che un romanzo non tale se non succede qualcosa in ogni pagina, Cosmic Bandidos va oltre, perch qui succede qualcosa in ogni riga Ed sempre qualcosa di pi incredibile e di pi fantastico di quanto non lasciasse pensare la riga precedente, raccontato con quella serena ingenuit del male a cui Quentin Tarantino ci ha iniziati Carlo Lucarelli Si pu spiegare la meccanica quantistica a una massa di pistoleros ubriachi e armati fino ai denti nel cuore della giungla colombiana S , si pu , se chi la spiega un bandito pi pazzo e pi ubriaco di loro.Un desperado americano, ricercato dalle polizie di mezzo mondo, trova rifugio nella Sierra Nevada di Santa Marta, con l unica compagnia del cane High Pockets, del serpente Legs che litiga con High Pockets il mercoled e ama avvolgersi lungo la canna di un M16 quando calda e di un libro di meccanica quantistica Si immerge nella lettura finch non comincia ad adattare il principio di indeterminazione di Heisenberg alla realt quotidiana dei banditi e dei fuorilegge Decide allora di intraprendere la missione di diffondere la buona novella dei quanti per il continente latinoamericano, in un viaggio che ha come meta finale l incontro con un ignaro professore di Fisica all universit di Berkeley, in California.Alcolici e teorie quantistiche, risse e dialoghi sul senso delle cose nelle notti della Sierra Nevada di Santa Marta, e un manipolo di bandidos in marcia che comportandosi come entit subatomiche passeranno il confine.

    One thought on “Cosmic Bandidos”

    1. Good book most of the way through, but ends pretty weak. An odd mixture of De Bernieres, HS Thompson, and Pynchon, n'est pas? What did I learn from this book?1. Always carry a grenade in my chest pocket.2. Keep an airplane on stand-by.3. Don't allow friends to have firearms.4. Never go up against a sicilian when death is on the line.Okay #4 I learned elsewhere but it is still an important lesson.

    2. Classics are sometimes labeled so purely for their age, cult classics are labeled so for their cult factor, but seldom to denote any particular level of quality. Think about it, scroll down your mental rolodex, most cult classics are essentially crap, but, you know, neat. They have a very specific appeal, special interest, limited market as it were. Self referential, wink wink nudge nudge sort of clever and/or funny at times, a conversation maker, sure, but definitely an acquired taste. And so C [...]

    3. Cosmic Banditos operates on two narrative levels. The first is a mercifully brief, neo-H. S. Thompson picaresque. It's light on story, and is burdened by an apparent eschewal of outlining or planning. That is, however, only the novel's most superficial layer, as the plot's mock-gonzo gambol through felony and underworld is belied by its deeply theoretical thesis.It is, despite its length, a robust post-modern creation myth, where the anti-heroic Mr. Quark - Weisbecker's would-be prophet - seeks [...]

    4. This book came highly recommended but I found it, at most, mildly entertaining. I don't knowybe I've just read too many books about white men using drugs, sex, philosophy and racial irreverence to stumble towards enlightenment. Plus -- sorry to be so sensitive -- I was not particularly amused by the Black character's runaway slave dialect or the prolific use of derogatory names for gays and Mexicans. Perhaps the slurs wouldn't have bothered me so much if the author had anything new or interestin [...]

    5. Kuantum fiziğine merak salmış bir Bandito için hayata "felsefe" arayışı.Olup biteni kozmik ve atomlar dünyasına göre yorumlayarak şaşırmaca oynamak ve oynatmak çabası.Her şey olup bittikten sonra şaşıranın yazar mı, okur mu olduğu ikilemini yaşatan bir kitap.

    6. This is one of my all-time favorite books. Back in my contrabandisto days it lead me into "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters" and I almost became a physicist - but didn't want to do the math.

    7. This is quite simply a under-read masterpiece. Boasting equal measures of Hunter s. Thompson full blown Gonzo, and Stephen R Hawking dialects on quantum mechanics and chaos theory. While quantum mechanics may not usually qualify as light reading, throw in about a hundred gallons of tequila, a south-of-the-boarder band of drug running banditos and you get the wildest ride and perhaps the best exploration of just how strange and chaotic the quantum realm of sub-atomic particles really is!For many [...]

    8. Adventure that would be a great movie someday, but it may take several parts or volumes to cover all this content, depending on things and stuff. A very exiting read if you are in your 20s after having had some exposure to some faction of a bohemian lifestyle. Also, it helps if your girlfriend recommends it to you because she read it after her older brother recommended it to her, especially if she's learned enough from her older brothers' mistakes to avoid them herself, yet still finds them roma [...]

    9. This is a yarn. It's over the top, but if this story had pretended to be anything more than a philosophical suppository giving spirit and form to a rudimentary course in quantum theory, if it had tried to take itself seriously, it would have been mediocre at best. Sure, I smiled, even laughed a few times, and yeah, I kept turning pages to see where he was going with the madness, but it was the point at which he arrived at the point before he set out for the point that was never really there that [...]

    10. I bought and read this book when it came out in 86 and I loved it!! I got married in 88 and told my wife she had to read it but I couldn't find my copy, then about 2 months later I saw a copy for sale at TG&Y (remember them?) any way it was on the bargain rack for a buck! I of course bought it and reread it then the wife read it (she loved it) and we put it up then a few years later I decided I wanted to read it again and I couldn't find it. My wife said she would just buy another copy on th [...]

    11. I don't know what to say about this book.Quantum physics and gun runningI mean come on. A friend of mine passed me this book in the late 90's and it blew my freaking mind. As the internet became a thing we found out just how rare the book was. He had stolen his copy from the library (the way I am sure a large number of people ended up owning this book before the re release).Once it came out again a few years later I was quick to buy a copy of my own and found even more to love the second time. A [...]

    12. Funny, gonzo, insane, totally ridiculous, completely implausible, laugh-out-loudThe wild claims of the author, especially with regard to what's based in reality and what isn't, really add to the dizzying pace and insanity of this cult classic.The author makes a point about theoretical physics under the guise of drug-addled partying and hijinks. Cosmic Banditos is, if you really think about it, a much more accessible (and much less impressed with itself) Dancing Woo Li Masters in its exploration [...]

    13. weisbecker's book reads like fear & loathing in las vegas as written by douglas adams: a serious inquiry into quantum physics (and many of its branches, each with their own hand in the novel's meager plot) made palatable through the outlaw story and absurdist humor that acts as its engine. it's light on story, but it's loveable and somehow incredibly honest in its interests and its depictions and illustrations of those interests. ultimately the conclusion our narrator (and weisbecker come to [...]

    14. so i read this in like 2 days (as it turns out, if i get the right position at work, i can read for like 5 hours a day provided i dont mind interuptions). as a straight contrabandista tale, it lags in overall plot arc when compared to "smokescreen" which in my oppinion is the penultimate smugglers tale. but this differs from smokescreen for a few reasons. this one is a work of fiction (making it by definition, less believable) and two it has a subplot line dealing with subatiomic physics. which [...]

    15. I described this book to a friend as Hunter S. Thompson plus Quantum Physics and I stand by that. This was a really surprising book from the cover: I expected it to be some strange sci-fi romp with a Wild West theme, like Douglas Adams's version of the Alamo. Instead, it's the story of a drug runner lying low in Colombia who comes across a text on quantum mechanics that changes his worldview. It's funny, doesn't take itself too seriously, interesting, and full of puns and comedy. I immediately l [...]

    16. "Eğer bir Atomaltı Parçacığı ya da eşcinseli uyarırsanız, hareketleri daha telaşlı ve daha gelişigüzel olur."şöylede bir saçmalık yazıyor o yüzden 3 yıldızı haketti: "Bohr’un, Lorenz’in ve Planck’ın öğretileri çok geçmeden Freud’un, Jung’un ve Fromm’un saçmalıklarının yerini alacak. Bunda hiç şüphe yok." "Kendi türünden biriyle oturup anıları hatırlamaya bayılmayan bir Contrabandista hiç tanımadım. Tuhaf bir şeyler yapmanın nedeni de bazen [...]

    17. My brother in law recommended this book, and I had high hopes for it. At first I was enchanted by the meta-fiction, but halfway through the book I began to feel that it was old, cliche, and it wasn't even about quantum physics. The whole book just relied on references to quantum physics to lend an air of intellectual respectability to the inanity of the plot. I felt like the hijinks of the plot were supposed to make up for the flaws in the construction of the novel Basically, I got bored by the [...]

    18. The description starts: "Soon to be a major motion picture starring John Cusack!" I see no evidence that that's going to happen.I'm trying to clear a backlog of books on my TBR list and this one has been there for years. No regrets about not having got to it sooner, although it does have its "laugh out loud" moments. The best way to describe it is that it's kind of a "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" of the 1980s. It has a strong Hunter Thompson vibe to it. It could have been called Gonzo Bandit [...]

    19. Sevgili arkadaşlar, eğer kitap zevkimiz sizinkiyle uyuşmuyorsa bu kitabı hemen okumalısınız. Çünkü o kadar absürd ki sonuna doğru her sayfadan bir cümle okuduğumu itiraf etmeliyim. Vakit ve nakit kaybı olmaktan başka bir şey değil. Zaten önsözünde yazar, kitabı isterseniz iade edip başka bişey alın, diyor. Bunu gerçekten düşünmedim değil. Bana hiçbir şey katmadı. Hüzünlendirmedi. Güldürmedi. Bomboş bir kitap. Nesini abarttıklarını anlamadım. Kuantumla da [...]

    20. The back-story of the author's disappearance and the book's cult following made book that much more interesting to read. Nothing i can really relate to, but very well written and humorous and and enjoyably quick read. I quite enjoyed it. Not the best book and not the book for everyone, but i can certainly see how it gained the cult following it has. I would definitely read it again on a lark or pass it off to friends i think would appreciate its outrageousness.

    21. Mantengo le quattro stelle, e' un'opera molto divertente e piu' profonda di quanto non appaia a prima vista. Le rocambolesche avventure del protagonista e dei suoi amici Bandidos sono davvero esilaranti. Il dialogo del protagonista con il lettore (attraverso il metodo del cd. "metaromanzo") offre ironici e interessanti spunti di riflessione. I difetti? Un po' sbilanciato in alcuni passaggi, per questo non gli ho dato cinque stelle. Lo consiglio!

    22. I read this as a weird teenager and found it to be the funniest book I ever remember reading. The craziness of the story - a drug-runner in hiding who goes on a journey of knowledge to understand the meaning of the universe through quantum physics, just nuts.Stupidly I lent the book to a friend and never saw it again. I would definitely re-read

    23. Bırakın kuantum fiziğini Newton fiziğini dahi ancak ÖSS seviyesinde bilen biri olan bendeniz dahi keyif aldı bu kitaptan. Bir de göndermeleri anlasaydım Yeraltı edebiyatı yönündense bir hayli tatmin ediciydi. Velhasıl kötü bir fizikçi ve ortalamanın altında bir yeraltı okuru olan beni bile memnun ettiğine göre bu ikisine birden merak duyanların kesinlikle kaçırmaması gerek.

    24. If someone loans you this book, steal it and leave the country. I searched for this for years and now have an autographed copy. One of The Best. Ever.

    25. I first read this upon its original release in 1986, and loved the way it fit into my up-in-the-air life at the time. Funny, absurd, Hunter Thompson-meets-Douglas Adams irreverence. I re-read it recently and loved the way it brightened my more staid life with flashes of youth and craziness. It seems to come with its own Gonzo soundtrack as my brain spins along with the "tale" (such as it is). This seems to be the Trip For All Seasons, at least to me.

    26. I've read this book multiple times over the years. Each and every time it's an enjoyable read.The characters are hilarious and the whole absurd premise is absolutely captivating. Trying to describe the plot of the book is almost impossible, but reading it for yourself is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.The characters alone are worth the price of the book.

    27. My favourite book of all time. First read a photocopy in 1991 and have gone on to buy many copies for friends. I am currently doing some research on the book and the author and looking for any comments, thoughts and observations readers may have so please get in touch

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