Bones: The Complete Apocalypse Saga

Bones The Complete Apocalypse Saga When mankind is visited by Three Great Apocalypses the only thing standing in their way is a feckless but loyal easily distracted yet occasionally ferocious German shepherd named Bones a one time c

  • Title: Bones: The Complete Apocalypse Saga
  • Author: Mark Wheaton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When mankind is visited by Three Great Apocalypses, the only thing standing in their way is a feckless but loyal, easily distracted yet occasionally ferocious German shepherd named Bones, a one time cadaver dog with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police This is his amazing story In Bones, our hero must battle a plague of dangerous parasites that brings the dead back to life wWhen mankind is visited by Three Great Apocalypses, the only thing standing in their way is a feckless but loyal, easily distracted yet occasionally ferocious German shepherd named Bones, a one time cadaver dog with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police This is his amazing story In Bones, our hero must battle a plague of dangerous parasites that brings the dead back to life with the goal of destroying the planet Shepherd finds Bones delivered to earthquake devastated Los Angeles to hunt for survivors only to run afoul of armies of rage driven rats and birds emerging from the rubble And when mankind reaches its final hour and a pocket of surviving Indians are all that s left of humanity, it falls on Bones to save the species before civilization is wiped out forever in Alpha.Three Apocalyptic novellas of nature run amok, three interwoven stories that feature a German shepherd at the center of the things, three stories with so much action you might just explode reading them Includes prequel short story, Mongrel.Praise for Wheaton s Four Nails in the Coffin Remarkably character drivenWheaton convincingly showcases his talents as a writer of horror prose, taking his time to craft characters who are thoroughly fleshed out and engaging without holding off too long on the suspenseoves here to be a quite gifted storyteller undeniably worthy of an interested reader s time and attention Michael Compton, Fangoria Genuinely twisted and engrossingy just leave you shaken for days Jessa Sobczuk, Rue Morgue referring to Sunday Billy Sunday This is muscular, original fiction that marks the debut of an exciting new voice in the speculative dark fantasy genre Michael Rowe, editor of the Queer Fear anthology series and co author of Triptych of Terror His tales are visceral, intellectual, and often grisly, but Wheaton never forgets that touch of humanity and wry humor which allow true horror to cut that much deeper to the bone Ken Plume, author, There s a Zombie In My Treehouse Wheaton s writing is haunting Days, weeks, even months later, you will find your mind returning to his worlds Stephen King is no longer my only addiction Todd Farmer, screenwriter, Drive Angry Mark Wheaton is a magician He misdirects you with accessibility while performing tricks of genius Don t try to figure out how he does it just enjoy the show Four Nails in the Coffin is a shotgun blast to the brain In a good way Gary Dauberman, screenwriter, Swamp Devil

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    1. I tried to complete the complete omnibus of Bones adventures but could only find an email copy of this one which is parts 6-8, and focuses on Bones part in three apocalypse events. The book takes the form of three novellas, which all focus on a different apocalypse event that Bones is involved in.1) A marine biologist discovers new species to bring back to his lab, unaware that his sterile lab equipment has been used by several people who failed to clean up after themselves. This reaction betwee [...]

    2. When you read a lot of post-apocalyptic books, you are always on the lookout for that book that brings a little something different to the end of the world. Bones does exactly that. Bones is the main character and point of view for this triple post-apocalyptic book…d oh yeah, he is also a police cadaver dog. That’s right, the end of the world is from man’s best friend’s point of view! I have to give props to Mark Wheaton for coming up with this concept in the first place…Who comes up w [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this book. It gives a different perspective than most books, while still maintaining a realistic sense. The character building is perfect. Everyone comes and goes, but it feels like you've known them for a very long time. The book is not short on action either. Just when you feel like things couldn't become more intense, the situation escalates exponentially. I may be a bit biased. Bones is a veteran police German Shepherd. I had a German Shepherd that was a police dog as well [...]

    4. This trilogy contains 3 stories about Bones, a police cadaver dog and how he makes his way through 3 apocalypse like happenings. While maybe not the best book(s) I ever read I never lost interest and you will want to stick it out to see what happens to Bones in the end. The 'trilogy' contains a prequel called "Mongrel" which is a story of Bones when he was younger and on the police force. I enjoyed it too and would read any others if they come along.

    5. This was one of those, "OMG, I need some sleep but I can't put this book down" books. If you're a dog lover, zombie hater, a hopeful Los Angeles earthquake survivor or just like a good 99.99% pandemic, these books are for you. But mostly if you're a dog lover

    6. I’m a huge fan of apocalyptic and dystopian stories so I knew right away I wanted to read this book. I also like it when there is an animal featured and Bones, the cadaver dog, has a starring role.He isn’t your ordinary search and rescue dog. His first owner saw something feral in Bones and trained him accordingly. And this comes in handy for many of the survivors he encounters on his journeys.There are three stories with a new threat to humanity in each one. From zombies that morph into som [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this book. There were 9 stories in this with each one focusing on a different case in Bones live. Bones is a police dog, trained to sniff out dead bodies but he is just so much more than that. His police handler who trained him from a puppy, officer Lionel Oudin, we find out in tale no. 5 gave him additional training. In the first tale Bitch we find out just how much of an independent dog Bones is. He decides that a little dog named Bitch needs help in taking out a group of dr [...]

    8. Ideally, I'd give this book 4.5 stars instead. The 'First Apocalypse' is what initially drew me in and in the end did not disappoint. Bones is a cadaver dog dealing with the zombie apocalypse and the fact that these corpses he's used to finding are suddenly getting up and trying to eat him. It's a superbly unique idea, and then add on the fact that these aren't your average zombies and they have a very interesting origin story. Just awesome. The next two apocalypses were slightly less interestin [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book so much. I expected zombie-like apocalyptic story, and so it was, but it's quite unique in that the story focuses on a Shepherd dog named Bones, who helps and leads people to survive the disaster. He is so clever, brave and friendly that every dog-lover would love him.I also liked the crazy idea that the zombie-like creatures would "mutate". The intermediate "stages" were very weird and horrific, even funny, although I felt the final stage was less thrilling.The only d [...]

    10. An entertaining series of horror/disaster vignettes with a very talented (if not always very bright) cadaver dog at the center. The protagonist Bones is often more of a throughline into the stories of other characters, but Wheaton excels at giving you a derpy dog's POV when Bones gets to shine. The author's three-pronged vision of the apocalypse is fascinating as his cold cynicism mingles with thoroughly researched trivia of all sorts. Bones' final moments are real tearjerkers for dog-lovers, bu [...]

    11. Gory, grisly and stomach-turning as well as tragic and, above all, inventive. Excellent post-apocalyptic book, A+ descriptions of very different characters´ reactions to inhumane circumstances. Will surprise one in a BIG way already after the first pages, with an unexpected plot wist, and get even crackier as the story rolls on. Definitely more of a horror than a zombie book, and most surely not "classic" zombie lit. I´d say that the begining of the apocalyptic story (zombies!) is maybe the we [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. As an animal lover, and an owner of a German Shepherd, I definitely connected with Bones. There were many times that even though I knew there were further stories with Bones in them in the book, I was genuinely worried for Bones' safety. **The editing in the third novella and the final short story get a little rough, so perhaps the author might go back and do another pass on them sometime. It didn't hugely impact my enjoyment of the stories, but it did jar me now and [...]

    13. I thought I had reviewed this book collection when I finished it a couple months back, but there it was on my to Read list, when it should have been finished. At this point, all I will say is that the main character is a dog, and you observe the end of the world (Zombie Apocalypse) through his eyes in a number of stories that intertwine together. The end of the book was quite poigniant and made me tear up a bit, which does not happen in a book for me typically. If you have owned a dog, then you [...]

    14. A cadaver dog with the Pittsburg Police Dept, a German Shepherd by the name of "Bones" is at the center of three Apocalyptic interwoven novellas and a prequel short story. All are fast reads full of action as this brave dog saves those he is able to. These are stories of a hero dog in a world gone mad. I understand there are other novels out there about the dog character named Bones and I plan to read every one. A dog lover must read.

    15. Three novellas then a very short novelita at the end. Quick reads of various apocalyptic settings, some connected. Insight into the mind of a police-trained dog, its skills, interaction with its handler and also bad guys. Contains episodes of violent gore, some stories had quite a lot of characters to follow. Not quite page-turning. More entertaining if you read one novella, then let it sit for a while before moving onto the next. Otherwise, you might get dog tired.

    16. I really enjoyed reading an apocalypse story with the main character being a dog. Wheaton did a good job developing the stories and I liked how he took the now much used (but still loved) plot of zombies and turned it into something of his own. There were a few spots where typos popped out at me, but they were minor and I was able to still enjoy the story.

    17. It was a good read and I did really enjoy that most of the story was form the view of the dog which offered a different outlook on something that could have been run of the mill. I did feel that some parts where a little unsurprising though and I did wise it was a little longer to give the characters more time to developed.

    18. Very good bookAn apocalyptic store with a dog as the main character. The idea when I read it was well executed. All the stories tie together and I loved it. I would recommend this to others. If you like end of world stories and like dogs th ok s is for you. Well written good character development.

    19. Fantastic book, really pushes the zombie genre and introduces us to a fascinating perspective--that of a canine struggling to survive along with his human brethren. A big thumbs up for dog fans and zombie fans alike. Great writing and a fantastic premise!

    20. A post apocalyptic story, mostly seen through the eyes of an amazing German Shepherd police dog. A brilliant perspective on an "end of the world" zombie and animals gone wild narrative. A great read.

    21. An excellent dog story!What a unique and multifaceted story! The main character being a dog, surviving an apocalypse. Even though it was a rather gruesome story, it had me crying at the end.

    22. Great read!Great read!This a good dog story combined with a disaster, lots of action! I liked this story so much I'm going to have to read his other books. Hope he writes more abou Bones, or even another dog survivor!!

    23. While this new take on an apocalypse survivor is a really fresh and interesting take on the genre, it all needed a fire editor to fix some sentence structures and condense the material. Therefore, the plot was good, but the writing could have been better.

    24. Dog as main character. Zombie-things. Earthquakes. Apocalypse. And more.What's not to like? This was fun and gross and sad and really good!

    25. This book taught me that it is possible to really enjoy a book and still give it 3 stars. I enjoyed Bones very much, but I'm not really sure why

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