Monster Hunter Alpha

Monster Hunter Alpha in the break out best selling Monster Hunter series Earl Harbinger head of Monster Hunter International faces down an old nemesis a very nasty former KGB werewolf who is working to create a new

  • Title: Monster Hunter Alpha
  • Author: Larry Correia
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: ebook
  • 3 in the break out, best selling Monster Hunter series Earl Harbinger, head of Monster Hunter International, faces down an old nemesis a very nasty former KGB werewolf who is working to create a new, unstoppable breed Dirty Harry meets Twilight 3 in the break out series and a follow up to Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta.Earl Harbinger may b 3 in the break out, best selling Monster Hunter series Earl Harbinger, head of Monster Hunter International, faces down an old nemesis a very nasty former KGB werewolf who is working to create a new, unstoppable breed Dirty Harry meets Twilight 3 in the break out series and a follow up to Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta.Earl Harbinger may be the leader of Monster Hunter International, but he s also got a secret Nearly a century ago, Earl was cursed to be werewolf When Earl receives word that one of his oldest foes, a legendarily vicious werewolf that worked for the KGB, has mysteriously appeared in the remote woods of Michigan, he decides to take care of some unfinished business But another force is working to bring about the creation of a whole new species of werewolf When darkness falls, the final hunt begins, and the only thing standing in their way is a handful of locals, a lot of firepower, and Earl Harbinger s stubborn refusal to roll over and play dead.Here s a sample of Larry Correia s prose punch from series opener, Monster Hunter International I didn t wake up that morning and decide that I was going to kill my boss with my bare hands It was much complicated than that.

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    1. Welcome to the WerepocalypseLovecraftian-style.5 easy, no-doubt-about-it stars for this smart, well-crafted and FUNbelievably entertaining popcorn-fest of gun-metal, monsters and the baddest minotaur coat-wearing, creature-killing, Alpha werewolf to ever come down the pike. This is a high-quality, well-written page-turner that is a blast to read and yet will not leave you feeling the pangs of having indulged in too much brain candy. This is a guilt-free pleasure. I'm going to digress a bit befor [...]

    2. I've procrastinated on this review because, frankly, I disliked the book. It alternatively bored and annoyed me, but at the time I read it, a number of my friends were Correia fans, and I didn't want to rain down on their parade. Boring, trite; lifted from any number of action movies, it was a snoozer.Plus, Correia is kind of a hater. I hate to give his blog traffic, but the latest post was mocking both the efforts to raise awareness about the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls, and the men working o [...]

    3. This book was a bit of a departure for the series. The first two books are written in first person, and they follow the same main character, Owen. This book leaves that character behind and changes to third person perspective. I can see why it had to be that way. This story didn't have anything to do with Owen. It was all about Earl. That said, the shift was pretty jarring for me. Losing the main character I'd been following for two books was difficult. And the loss of the first-person perspecti [...]

    4. Oh, my gosh! This installment of the series is amazing! Honestly, this is a MUST read series if you love fantasy and paranormal together. There's romance, but it's light. The MHI's ongoing battle against evil monsters is the meat and bones of these books and, even though I'm a hardcore romance fan, I wouldn't want it any other way! We get up close and personal with many of the characters who don't 'feel' like characters in a book at all. They are so real, so human (even the ones that aren't), so [...]

    5. A Howling Good Adventure - 5 Stars Random Ramblings When reading a series of novels, I believe the third novel is the most important in the series. A pattern is often recognizable after the third repetition. Often times, the second novel repeats the plot elements that made the first one successful. If the third novel repeats those elements, a pattern has been created and I begin to lose interest. If the author creates new storylines, characters and plot elements in the third novel, my interest i [...]

    6. This is the third in the "Monster Hunter International series" and frankly's great. Well, if you're a card carrying member of the high-brow, elite, avant-garde, literary snob society then maybe not. You my friends are far too good for this and all the other "stuff" read by all we action loving readers of brain candy.You poor things, I feel for you. That said, this book will appeal to so many people. Urban fantasy readers, action readers, horror readers's all here. The book is a thrill ride that [...]

    7. I am really not sure what my problem is with the book. As much fun as the first two were, this one bores me to tears - despite its action. Owen is not here, neither are Monster Hunters except for Earl Harbinger which is a big change - the story is told from his POV. I probably is fed up with author's libertarian views and he might overstep what I consider acceptable preaching in this book. Also, somebody please tell the author the Cold War is over; even the US government switched from communists [...]

    8. Hands down the best Monster Hunter International book. The best complement I can give the book is that it was one of those books that I just couldn't put down. I stayed up well past my bedtime to finish it. In terms of the other MHI titles, I liked the focus on Earl Harbinger rather than Owen. I thought he was a more interesting character. The story also felt more 'real' to me than the other MHI books. Really awesome book. Lots of fun. Highly recommend.Downgraded to four stars after some reflect [...]

    9. Just finished it and I'm still hyped. As with the other Monster Hunter International series installments, this story is action packed with lots of humor and well-drawn characters. I don't like to read anything about these books before I read them so I went in not knowing about the POV switch. I got used to it quickly and, while I did miss the old gang, the new characters were engaging enough to keep the story alive and flowing. I do hope we see more of MHI in the next book, though -- along with [...]

    10. If you have ever read a MHI book and found yourself thinking, "Thanks for specifying the exact grain count of every type of ammunition used by every character in the entire book, but what I'd really more detail about is that Earl Harbinger guy." than this is the book for you.

    11. I am ambivalent with this entry in the Monster Hunter Nation. I have grown to care for the main cast of characters and when I heard that Alpha would only follow Harbinger I was put off. But, as a big fan of Correia's action packed writing style I bit down that sour lump of dread and began reading. I almost instantly picked up on the subtle differences in the narratives; I don't mean that this is told in the third person. Alpha has a much darker tone to it, which I suppose is only natural given t [...]

    12. This was definitely the most brutal entry in the series, with some of the most visceral and vicious content. I suppose that's to be expected, given that it's primarily about werewolves and werewolves, unlike Lovecraftian extra-dimensional god-crustaceans or shadow-controlling dark priests, are savage, visceral beings. I appreciated that change; it somehow increased the intimacy of the narrative, which is good because it also had the most confusing format in the series. The first two novels were [...]

    13. Not quite as good as the first two, but delightfully ups the ante and we get too learn more about Harbinger and the bigger fight that is to come. More even shadowier and infuriating government groups, more jerk government agents, more not killing the chick who is openly aiding and abetting evil (that's annoying. She's evil and trying to kill innocent people. Just pop a cap in her. G-nome would have done it!), more powerful monsters, both good and bad. Good, but kind of missing something. I hope [...]

    14. Well damn. That was a close one. For about the first third (maybe even the entire first half) of this book I was worried. I wasn't really getting into it, it wasn't having even close to the same effect on me as the first two in the series had. I mean don't get me wrong I still liked it. But I Loved the first two. Hell, if this were the first in the series I probably would have Loved it from the get go as well, and then I would have exploded with glee upon reading the others. But it's not the fir [...]

    15. This book is another one that's every bit as much fun as the first one.It's an Earl Harbinger story, and we get to peer into some of the mysteries that surround him. He flys solo on this, well, at least without an MHI team at his back, of course the world is at risk too. It's one howling good read. Earl is not Owen Pitt, and that's a wonderful thing too. Just remember "Everyone knows that Unicorns don't exist." for how I feel about this one, see my review for Monter Hunter International #1. Even [...]

    16. First of all: Best us of industrial snow-clearing equipment in a book. Ever.Excellent backstory for one of Larry's finest characters, Earl Harbinger. And Larry's characters are all very fine. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the man has an eye for character. His people (and monsters) are all very real. His dialogue is breezy and fun, as well. And he does a bang up job of creating worlds, mythology, magic systems.So why not five stars?TOO DAMN MUCH ACTION. I had to keep putting the boo [...]

    17. Nothing wrong with the writing. I think I just prefer the storylines with Owen, even though I respect Earl's strong moral character.

    18. This is the third book in the MHI series and it was an excellent one. This book is all about Earl Harbinger and what a ride it is. I listened to it on audiobook and the audiobook was incredibly well done (just like all of the previous books). This is one I highly recommend listening to if you enjoy audiobooks.Earl gets a call that there’s some bad werewolf stuff going down in Copper Lake, MI. When he arrives in the town there is an all out city-wide brawl between him, his Nemesis, and an uber- [...]

    19. DNF.I loved the first two MHI books. I'm not really much of an urban fantasy fan. But Larry Correia blends the genre with a touch of high fantasy giving the genre a new spin. But this oneah. Something was missing for me. I found it to be a very generic urban fantasy that at times reminded me of paranormal romance. Not that there was romancebut the general vibe was in there. Like a paranormal romance sans romance. Makes sense. Just go with it.When I saw that fu.g (you get the idea) Earl Harbinger [...]

    20. Though I enjoyed the previous entries into this series I did not enjoy this one much at all.There were two core reasons for this.Making the story Harbinger centric.This story tries to use the character Harbinger as the "strong cool protagonist" and it just did not work for me. The attempt at "Cowboy swagger" came across, at best, as "grouchy grandpa hillbilly". The love story.It seemed completely unnatural and shoehorned in there. The female side of it did not come across as at all believable. T [...]

    21. Fun popcorn romp. Bit of a departure from the regular formula as we follow Earl Harbinger in a 3rd Person narrative. Personally, I liked the change of pace. It's good to break away from the formula every now and then.Correia delivers great action and has woven a solid world here. I like how he goes into werewolves and into their origin, as well as Earl's long back story.The only part that really bugged me was that anyone that's not MHI is just loathsome and incompetent. We meet a competitor grou [...]

    22. In this third installment of the Monster Hunters International series, author Larry Correia takes a break from Owen Pitt's first person narrative and follows to MHI leader Earl Harbinger. Frankly, the switch to a third person narrative made for a more interesting story. The tale was also much more straight-foward. Instead of big battle, Bigger Battle, BIGGEST BATTLE, the story just covers one really big battle. I really liked Earl's perspective and his journal entries that reveal his past. All i [...]

    23. I kinda expected to have more of Owen since this novel was the third in the series, but after some initial misgivings I got into the story quite nicely. Great action sequences, good personal histories, and great developments. I cheated a little before giving this review by already getting through half of the next book in the series, so I know that it is still a direct line of plot. Earl is pretty damn neat, and as always, these novels are great mind candy.

    24. One of the things I really enjoy about long series is that--especially when you're reading a beginning author--you really get a chance to see the author's growth at work right before your eyes. This is definitely how I have long felt about Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, for example. Storm Front was his first published novel (ever) and in a lot of ways it shows. For a first-time writer, the first book feels like, "Can I do this?!" Then along came his second, Fool Moon, where the question was "Can I [...]

    25. Absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed this very much, but I am reserving the fith star for when it becomes mindblowing.

    26. Best One YetI was a little disappointed in the writing in the first book, but Mr. Correia's style has greatly improved over the last two books. Looking forward to diving into the fourth book.

    27. As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of Larry Correia’s writing. His blending of action with the supernatural combined with his instinctual story telling acumen is always a delight to read. But I was a little concerned about Monster Hunter Alpha. Why? Because so many reviewers had written that they were disappointed in the story because their favorite characters were no-shows. Bummer. No Owen Z. Pitt? No Julie Shackleford? No Agent Franks? No Grant Jefferson? Phooey. Then I read it. What [...]

    28. “Welcome to the exciting world of professional monster hunting. Usually not quite so… messy. Well, it’s always messy, but we’ve reached a whole ‘nother level on this one."I’ve been heartily enjoying Larry Correia’s MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL series so far. It’s been non-stop freaky monsters, evil villains, rigid government agents, flying fists, biting teeth, scratching claws, falling bodies, fiery explosions, gaping portals to hell, and lots and lots of gun porn. Now we’re ba [...]

    29. Each chapter opened with a glimpse of Earl’s past; from the time he was turned to a werewolf to the time he served the US government to earn his PUFF exemption (this is important!).The present brings Earl to Michigan to face an old enemy. And being one heck of an alpha werewolf, you know that Earl will win this fight, right? Right? Unfortunately, that is not the only play at hand as another monster is manipulating events and bringing havoc to an otherwise sleepy town. Earl certainly have his h [...]

    30. MHA is the third of a series of Monster Hunter books by Larry Correia, and it is a great and fun read. I've "known" Larry from gun boards for years, and got to read his and Mike Kupari's online story of Nightcrawler (soon to be published by Baen as Dead Six this fall)and have enjoyed the previous two books: Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta as well. This one gives one of his touchstone characters a whole book to himself, and it is awesome. If you enjoy action, fantasy, and [...]

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