The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighth Annual Collection

The Year s Best Science Fiction Eighth Annual Collection Annually assembling the best science fiction of the year this series continues to live up to its name with the most original innovative and wonderful short fiction published in A thorough summ

  • Title: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighth Annual Collection
  • Author: Gardner Dozois James Patrick Kelly Robert Frazier Molly Gloss John Kessel Michael Moorcock Dafydd ab Hugh Ted Chiang
  • ISBN: 9780312060084
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Annually assembling the best science fiction of the year, this series continues to live up to its name with the most original, innovative, and wonderful short fiction published in 1990 A thorough summary of the year in science fiction and a long list of recommended reading round out this volume, rendering it the one book for every reader.

    One thought on “The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighth Annual Collection”

    1. Includes one of my favorite stories of all times, Molly Gloss's "Personal Silence," and is worth hunting down for at least that story.

    2. Mr. boy, the opening story was extremely original and entertaining. Most of the rest I found exceedingly depressing and either totally trite or completely puzzling.

    3. I pick up these collections whenever I come across them; I liked this one better than most of the others I've perused. I could finish most of the stories and even liked a few of them.

    4. Story #1, Mr Boy, is all I have read so far. I loved it, but I'm still not sure what to think of it. It is some sort of twisted coming of age novel mixed with a heavy dose of satire and cyberpunk. I'm not sure what the overall point of it is yet, but I'm sure there is a deeper meaning because of all the metaphor and symbolism. It explores a person who has been stunted annually for the last 13 years to remain 12, so now he is technically 25. Everybody in this future world is highly modified, or a [...]

    5. every single one of these collections is essential reading for true fans of science fiction short stories each lengthy volume has a stellar array of all mini-genres and areas of powerfully influential science fiction: hard science, speculative, steampunk, alien invasions, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, space opera, fantasy, aliens, monsters, horror-ish, space travel, time travel, eco-science, evolutionary, pre-historic, parallel universes, extraterrestrials in each successive volume in the series [...]

    6. A good, not great collection of sci-fi short stories from the early 90's. Nice variety of topics and writing styles. By far my favorite two were 'The Shobies Story' - Ursula LeGuin and 'The Hemingway Hoax' - Joe Haldeman. Both were truly mind-bending and worth reading the whole thing just for them. The majority of rest of the stories were pretty good too, very few duds.

    7. If you read one sci-fi book a year, this is the one. Always stories of high caliber with a few tossed in that will keep you thinking weeks later, not to mention the collection is a primer for what science and technology everyone will be talking about five to ten years from now.

    8. Probably only read nine or ten of the 25 stories before I had to return it to the library. Another 2 to 4 might have been worth giving a chance. I liked OK each of those that I read but probably thoroughly enjoyed only one or two of them.

    9. Like any collection of stories, you've got the good and the bad. But the good stories in this collection were great. Highly recommended. I already have another of these in line to read soon.

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