Obsess o Um milagre da medicina proporciona estrela de televis o Cat Delaney mais do que um novo cora o Com a sua segunda oportunidade de vida Cat troca Hollywood por San Antonio onde apresenta um programa d

  • Title: Obsessão
  • Author: Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9789898228734
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Um milagre da medicina proporciona estrela de televis o Cat Delaney mais do que um novo cora o Com a sua segunda oportunidade de vida, Cat troca Hollywood por San Antonio, onde apresenta um programa de televis o em prol de crian as com necessidades especiais nesta cidade que conhece Alex Pierce, um antigo pol cia que optou por escrever romances policiais o primeirUm milagre da medicina proporciona estrela de televis o Cat Delaney mais do que um novo cora o Com a sua segunda oportunidade de vida, Cat troca Hollywood por San Antonio, onde apresenta um programa de televis o em prol de crian as com necessidades especiais nesta cidade que conhece Alex Pierce, um antigo pol cia que optou por escrever romances policiais o primeiro homem a v la como uma mulher depois da sua cirurgia Mas o novo mundo de Cat torna se assustador quando acidentes fatais come am a ceifar a vida de outras pessoas que receberam transplantes do cora o e algu m come a a seguir todos os seus movimentos Cat n o tarda a aperceber se de que Alex talvez ou talvez n o seja o seu aliado mais importante e que o seu novo cora o lhe custa um pre o terr vel uma teia de segredos e algu m determinado a acabar com a sua vida.Com o seu novo mundo a tornar se cada vez mais assustador e um perseguidor misterioso a seguir cada um dos seus movimentos, Cat apanhada num labirinto sombrio de trai o e segredos e talvez veja demasiado tarde a m scara que esconde o rosto de um assassino.

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    1. I picked up my first Sandra Brown book early in October. It was Envy and I absolutely loved it. Charade is my 8th book and I guess it is safe to say she is now one of my favorite authors. She is so creative with her characters which lends to a captivating story.In Charade we meet Cat Delaney. She has been given a second chance at life and wanting something more tangible, something that allows her to give back; she leaves her acting career behind and makes a move to San Antonio to lead a project [...]

    2. I must say since I read my first Sandra Brown book not so long ago, I have been hooked. She is a fantastic author. I am rarely disappointed. A medical miracle gave TV personality Cat Delaney more than a new heart. It gave her a second chance at life. After leaving Hollywood to host a San Antonio TV show spotlighting children with special needs, Cat fights to gain respect as a newscaster. She meets Alex Pierce, an ex-cop turned crime writer, who regards her as a woman, not as a heart patient.As w [...]

    3. Good but not my favorite of Sandra Brown. The beginning was slow and took me a while to get into the story because it was the setup for the main story to come, and that was fine. I was glued to the "pages" but I found myself upping the speed of the narration to get to reveals. It seems this Sandra Brown was slow in releasing them. The last few chapters were a whirlwind of info and discoveries, one which I guessed and then set aside only to have it come true in the end. I have to say it colored t [...]

    4. "The soul would search endlessly and in vain for its home, while the still beating heart continued to mock the sanctity of death."Well, Ms. Brown never fails to entertain me and keep me on my toes. This was a really great read with a thrilling mystery, danger and romance. I was still figuring it out till practically the very end. Cat Delaney famed soap opera star gets a new lease on life thanks to a heart transplant. With her new heart, she also has a change of heart about her life and up and le [...]

    5. Es el primer libro que leo de esta autora y con seguridad volveré a leer otro. Aunque el argumento no es original del todo, Sandra Brown a logrado enfocarlo desde un punto de vista muy interesante: ¿qué pasaría si alguien matara a aquellas personas que tal día recibieron un corazón nuevo? La manera en que la autora te sumerge en la historia es fascinante: te muestra los últimos minutos de vida que tuvieron los donantes de dichos corazones, y después juega con el lector para ver si es cap [...]

    6. 2.5-starsI really love the premise of this book, and the pace is excellent. But I feel Cat character sometimes seems forced, irritated and exaggerated. Her backstory and a lot of difficulties she has gone through aren’t layered in a way that help me connect to the character. The romance between Alex and Cat goes from sizzle to fizzle. The plotline is crowded with many secondary characters that none of them stand out. Suspense, mystery, and romance all fall flat in Charade, imo.

    7. 2.5 starsThe couple in this story could have been more interesting than it actually was, I guess, but beggars can't be choosers. The writing style with regard to characterisation has not aged well, but the energy of the plot (as it is the case in most Sandra Brown books) does make the reader turn the pages without putting the book down. I guessed the identity of the killer almost from the word 'go' but could not identify the person until towards the end (if you read this book you'll know why gue [...]

    8. Esta no es la primera novela que leo de la autora y después de Imagen en el espejo tenía las expectativas altas, que por cierto, ha cumplido.Es más una novela de suspense que de romance, al menos así lo veo yo. Me ha recordado a esas películas que echan por las tardes los fines de semana, pero lo digo como algo positivo. Hay que reconocer que es una lectura totalmente adictiva, de esas que tienes ganas de retomar en cada momento libro.Se toca el tema de los trasplantes, del que no se mucho, [...]

    9. A estrela de televisão Cat Delaney precisa de um transplante de coração e um milagre da medicina permite-lhe conseguir uma nova vida. Agarrando esta oportunidade, Cat decide apresentar um programa de televisão para crianças especiais que se intitula "As crianças de Cat".Mas Cat começa a receber recortes de jornais com "acidentes" fatais de pessoas que, tal como ela, receberam um transplante de coração e mais ainda Cat apercebe-se de que morrem todas na mesma data no dia do aniversário [...]

    10. cha·rade [shuh-reyd; especially British shuh-rahd] nounA blatant pretense or deception, especially something so full of pretense as to be a travesty. October 10, 1990 was a very special day for Cat Delaney. The time had finally come when she was going to be given a new heart. Out with the old, in with the newThis older romantic suspense story was loaded with twists and turns. Originally published in 1995, it was re-released for a second time in 2010. This latest issue is the copy I read, though [...]

    11. Mais um livro da Sandra Brown que nos deixa o tempo todo em suspense, sempre a querer saber o que vai acontecer a seguir. Confesso que de todos os intervenientes na trama, não tinha imaginado nada que seria este o culpado, algo que eu gosto bastante no livro. O que me irritou um pouco é que a protagonista é boazinha demais, bolas ninguém é assim, que irritante. Mas gostei do livro, o balanço final é muito positivo

    12. The one thing about some of the sandra brown books I have read is that you don't get the everything tied in a bow at 85%, not you get every last drop of the story up until the very last page. You are still questioning everything and everyone up until 98% and wondering who in your list of suspects is the real killer. Can't say again how much I love this woman's writing, but the proof is in the pudding

    13. no es de los mejores libros que he leido de esta autora, pero ha estado muy entretenido y me ha sorprendido bastante7.5/10

    14. Cat Delaney, uma actriz famosa decide trocar os holofotes de Hollywood para se mudar para o Texas, abraçando uma nova carreira como apresentadora do programa "As Crianças de Cat", cujo propósito é dar a conhecer casos problemáticos de crianças para adopção, proporcionando-lhes famílias através da divulgação.Para trás, Cat deixa Dean o seu ex-cardiologista e namorado, cuja relação branda e desapaixonada em nada contribui para a felicidade da actriz.Contratada por Bill Webster, uma [...]

    15. Reseña de CHARADA.Charada es una novela de suspense escrita por Sandra Brown en 1994. Cuenta con 527 páginas.Se cuenta la historia de Cat, una famosa actriz gravemente enferma afectada por un severo problema de corazón. Afortunadamente, consigue un trasplante a tiempo y se recupera completamente de su dolencia.Pero un día comienza a recibir cartas amenazadoras y se da cuenta de que otros trasplantados de corazón como ella han sido asesinados. De pronto, toma conciencia de que su vida corre [...]

    16. Soap opera star Cat Delaney receives a new heart, getting a new life while on the same day several others lost theirs. She's never wanted to know anything about her donor, content to move forward with her life unencumbered. Cat leaves her show and moves to St. Antonio, Texas to explore her new passion, finding permanent homes for kids in foster care. All goes well until she learns that other heart recipients who received their transplants on the same day are mysteriously dying from accidents. Ar [...]

    17. My sister owned a copy of this book for forever it seemed. And while I love reading suspense novels I never got around to read this one before we had to read it for our book club a few years ago. I probably don't have to say more than this - It wasn't the last book of Sandra Brown that I read since. She got me hooked by the way she was weaving characters and words.The author had me falling into the world of Charade since the first page - I emerged only at the last line of the book. Needless to s [...]

    18. I won Charade through the First Reads Giveaway on 12/15/2010 and received it on 12/27/2010!I love all of the Sandra Brown books that I have been able to get my hands on, so if you are a Brown fan, you will love this book along with all of the others. She really didn't disappoint at all. The story never had any slow or draggy parts and of course it was very well written.My only issue with Charade is that for once with a Sandra Brown book, I had picked out who the villan was by about a quarter of [...]

    19. This is the first book by Sandra Brown I've read. It's been on my shelves of books to read for years, but I've delayed reading one of hers because I know myself well enough to know that if I liked it I'd need to read every one! It was very good so I guess I will spend the next couple of years catching up with her mountain of books!!

    20. I found this book in a box of stuff from middle/high school and thought I'd give it a reread. Wow the cutting edge of organ transplants, people named Judy and some wild sex scenes. Probably awesome if you're in 8th grade- not so great as an adult.

    21. Another great read by Sandra Brown. Very intriguing storyline about Cat Delaney. Cat was an orphan and due to illness gets a heart transplant. Transplant recipients that received a heart transplant on the same day as Cat start dying on the anniversary date of Cat's transplant. Can Cat or anyone figure out who is doing the killings before Cat ends up being the next victim? You'll think you know who the killer is several times before it is revealved in the last few pages of the book. A page turner [...]

    22. Compelling enough to finish, but not my favorite Sandra Brown. Too many coincidences and even with a plethora of suspects, I guessed who it was by the middle of the book. Also, Cat did way too many dumb things, though she got out of them all right. I suppose she had nine lives, like her namesake, har har. Sorry. Enjoyed the ruminations on the life of a novelist!

    23. Este foi o primeiro livro que li da autora e só posso dizer que superou as minhas melhores expectativas. Este é um romance policial, mas é também muito mais do que isso. É uma história comovente de dor, de perda, de esperança e do milagre que é a vida.Ao ver-se entre a vida e a morte Cat Delaney, uma estrela da televisão, toma a consciência que a vida lhe deu uma segunda oportunidade. Cabe-lhe a ela usar essa segunda oportunidade para ajudar os outros: crianças traumatizadas que, como [...]

    24. Peguei várias vezes neste livro antes de o começar a ler a sério, o facto dos primeiros capítulos serem todos sobre o mesmo dia (10 de Outubro de 1990) era confuso para mim. Não conseguia entrar na história e decidi fazer uma pausa de uma semana. Quando peguei nele novamente não consegui largá-lo e li cerca de 300 páginas num dia, não consegui deitar-me sem o acabar. A sede de saber quem era o assassino estava a deixar-me em ânsias e li sem conseguir parar.Extremamente bem conseguido, [...]

    25. We'll preface this one and say that there's not much that beats a really great Sandra Brown novel. She includes all of my favorite things: a Southern setting, a tortured but sarcastic hero, a mouthy heroine, a sparkling sexual connection, and a plot that twists itself one way and then the other leaving you breathless until the end. She's the queen when it works. It sings. This one fell flat. The whole organ transplant thing had the bare bones to be interesting. THe first couple of chapters had m [...]

    26. At 11 discs, this was about the longest book on CD that I have listened to, but it held my interest all the way through. The characters are solid, and the story moves right along.Cat Delaney is a soap opera star, an orphan who had not been healthy since she was 8 years old. After receiving a heart transplant, her focus on life changes and she moves to San Antonio, where she has a specialty TV shows "Kat's Kids" which tries to get foster kids adopted. But the story tells us that on the anniversar [...]

    27. Such an excellent book! I can't put down this book until I finished it. The story is well written. The suspense is just killing me that it kept me on edge. I like how the book can make me guessing who is the culprit. Brown gave clues here and there that make my brain working to find the culprit. The three stories background for the heart transplant make me guessing, 'what become of them now?'. So much to speculate and mull over that I never get bored in the middle of the story.It's quite easy fo [...]

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