Dirty Laundry (COP Birthday Bash Free Short)

Dirty Laundry COP Birthday Bash Free Short None

  • Title: Dirty Laundry (COP Birthday Bash Free Short)
  • Author: Heidi Cullinan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: ebook
  • None

    One thought on “Dirty Laundry (COP Birthday Bash Free Short)”

    1. Review written June 22, 20163 1/2 Stars - Yummy sweet and naughty goodDownloaded (free) from GR and I smiled all 19 pages.I assume I need to read the later published full-lenght novel Dirty Laundry at some point. This tiny glimpse from nerdy university student Adam Ellery and hot cowboy Denver Rogers's first kinky laundromat meeting made me want more.I LIKE - quickly done great shorties

    2. Really fun, kinky & sweet short story. I could have done without the "sir" bit at the end, but that's just me. I don't typically enjoy reading about D/s relationships. This short didn't have time to get heavy into the D/s roles so it worked for me. I'm thinking the longer version would not be my cuppa. Thank you to the author for the free story!

    3. OMG, I'm laughing and fanning my face at the same time. That is so freaking HOT! Hoooooo boy.I also love the rhythym of Cullinan's words: Cowboy redefined the word saunter, covering the distance between the side door to the laundromat and Adam’s table with a slow, steady gait that made hiships roll enticingly in his beaten-up jeans.It's such a simple phrase, nothing fancy, but it saunters along as well.

    4. Well, I really liked this book, and I wasn't sure I would. I wasn't that bothered about the previous book, and took a chance on this one, thanks to one of my friends on GR, and am really glad I did.Adam had so many problems, and to find someone that would take time with him, get to know him and try to help him deal with those problems, was a god-send. I did worry that it would be all about sex for Denver, but no, he was a genuine person, who in view of what happened during their very first meeti [...]

    5. Fun m/m short story about a small, sweet, nerdy and anxiety-ridden grad student (Adam) who has a big, sexy, muscular cowboy (Denver) come to his rescue all within a laundromat. After 6 drunk frat boys start harassing Adam, Denver sweeps in and runs them off. Adam, scared to death, but needing to thank the cowboy, approaches Denver and an attraction is sparked. Denver convinces Adam to engage in a public sexual encounter in the laundromat. Adam, who is always scared, let's go of his fear to find [...]

    6. This was pleasantly unexpected. I didn't think I'd come to like such a short story. But it was good.Adam was adorable with his geeky attitude and glasses sliding down his nose. I felt sorry for him when he described how afraid he was of so many things. But he showed courage in facing Denver. Especially in kissing Denver and asking for more than a one night stand. And of course, the little 'scene' in the laundromat was sexy as hell.Too bad the story ended so soon. I would have loved to read more [...]

    7. I'm so excited that this is going to be a full length book because this short was so hot and sweet! I got really into it right from the start. It packs a nice punch in only 16 pages and I can't wait to see what the author is going to do with an extra 200 pages. Woo hoo!!

    8. Well that was a hot, sexy little number! I will definitely continue on with Adam and his cowboy in Dirty Laundry :)

    9. I found this story in the "Free Reads" section on Coffee and Porn in the Morning and really liked it! I have a thing for stories that use the geek/jock trope, and this short story took that and twisted it quite nicely.Adam, a cute but fearful geek of a grad student, uses the laundromat one night, and finds himself simultaneously attracted to and terrified of the laundromat's only other occupant--a beefy cowboy who doesn't seem to notice Adam at all. Adam's fear-driven, hyperalert nature is made [...]

    10. Oh, this was so much fun, and oh so sexy. Wonderful characters. A great understanding of what it is like to be OCD, which would not normally make for a fun read, but this does. Adam is the intellect, working on his PHD in hawk moths, Denver the beefy bouncer at a gay club. Two broken men make a whole in this story.Best line, "hot like sin in an oven", what can I say,the line says it all.I give it a whole. perfectly lined up, totally symmetrical, all pointing in the same direction stars.

    11. Oooh, this was fantastic! Nothing like this ever happened at my laundromat. LOVE Adam's initiative and kisses at the end and his line, 'I got you.' A sub he may be, but that burst of confidence at the end and his desire to press on for what he wanted gave me the warm fuzzies. A really hot and rewarding short story.

    12. Heidi strikes gold with this short story. I thought it was very sweet and well thought out. Adam was a sweet, dorky character who connects in a laundromat with a cowboy type. Liked the shyness that became boldness from Adam (he doesn't feel cool enough)d the boldness that turned shyness in Denver (he doesn't feel smart enough). Very cute!

    13. Smoking hot kinky short m/m story about a timid grad student doing his laundry on a Friday night and the cowboy who comes to his rescue.

    14. This was a nice hot quickie. Poor, sweet Adam, going through life scared of everything. Denver comes to his rescue and is then able to distract Adam enough he forgets to be scared. They seem like they would make a really sweet couple, and I wish there was more to their story.

    15. The sex was hot and at the beginning the premise was good. But after a while, I started becoming irritated with Adam and the inconsistency of his neuroses. Towards the end, I just started flipping to the last page.

    16. A hot & sweet short. I really liked Adam and his cowboy-it would be great if there were more of their story in the future.

    17. Hot damn! That was just so sexy! I think I might have to break my washer and dryer so I can start hanging out at the local laundromat, lol.

    18. A hot quick scene. Nice freebie that became the beginning of Dirty Laundry. Which I'll be purchasing soon.

    19. For such a short story, it had all I needed!!! Good set up, awesome heat in the middle and honest to goodness for some reason I had tears in my eyes at the end!

    20. 3.5-4 stars. Nice little short story with a vivid POV voice that I liked. Pretty darn spicy sexytimes-wise, too. And hey's free!

    21. I admit that I enjoy reading smut on occasion, a story being highly sexual in nature doesn't bother me in the slightest. That aside, this was just awful. IT was a nineteen page book about an incredibly timid man doing his laundry, taking note of a gorgeous cowboy also doing his laundry. The timid man leaves to go make change, and when he gets back the cowboy is gone and there are a handful of dumb frat boys who proceed to be obnoxious frat boys. And low and behold Mr. Cowboy comes back to save t [...]

    22. “Nice ass you got here, boy.” Denver palmed Adam’s left cheek, "Real nice.”Adam Ellery was always afraid. Afraid of what people knew about him just by looking at him. Afraid of what they might find out. Afraid of what they thought of him, what they might do to him—in general, Adam was afraid. Of everything.It's all happen on Friday late night at laundromat, when Adam being bully by some lokal frats that assume he's gay by looking on his underwear. Then come a cowboy guy saved him from [...]

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