Isaac: A modern fable

Isaac A modern fable In this fast paced mashup of Faust and the biblical story of Isaac former Los Angeles Times reporter Goldman The Barfighter twists the screws on a pair of star crossed lovers as they struggle to over

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  • Title: Isaac: A modern fable
  • Author: Ivan G. Goldman
  • ISBN: 9781579622299
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this fast paced mashup of Faust and the biblical story of Isaac, former Los Angeles Times reporter Goldman The Barfighter twists the screws on a pair of star crossed lovers as they struggle to overcome the natural and supernatural forces keeping them apart When clever, gorgeous professor Ruth Canby meets handsome muscle for hire Lenny at the L.A Farmers Market, the In this fast paced mashup of Faust and the biblical story of Isaac, former Los Angeles Times reporter Goldman The Barfighter twists the screws on a pair of star crossed lovers as they struggle to overcome the natural and supernatural forces keeping them apart When clever, gorgeous professor Ruth Canby meets handsome muscle for hire Lenny at the L.A Farmers Market, their mutual attraction overpowers Ruth s inhibitions But mysterious Lenny, who is, in fact, Isaac, son of Abraham, physically young after 4,000 years and world weary but still in love with life u2014 throws her over to protect his secret Hurt and disappointed, Ruth accepts a too good to be true offer to join a Columbia University think tank and tries to forget Lenny, while fending off a colleague s advances Back in L.A Lenny avoids his age old nemesis The Beast and attempts to forget Ruth But he discovers that she s in grave danger, and only a supreme sacrifice might save her Goldman s snappy dialogue and light touch make this sendup of West Coast superficiality, East Coast academia, and the Old Testament an entertaining read full of weighty, nuanced questions about faith, fate, and what makes life precious, even after four millennia P.W.

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    1. Pleasure ought to be more than just relief from pain.Ivan G. Goldman 2012“Isaac: A Modern Fable”Let me tell you, sweetie, this parable is a head scratcher. But I’ll give you a heads up. First of all, don’t pay much attention to this guy “Lenny” who’s really Isaac from the BIBLE!! He’s lived a long time and he’s very mellow except for wanting to have a good cuddle […actually some rough sex].My dearie, the people whom you have to eagle-eye are “Borges: Who is he?” and “Dr [...]

    2. The Bible tells its story in black and white—Abraham, commanded by God to offer his son, takes a knife to Isaac at the altar, and then God spares him. Ivan Goldman’s Isaac fills in the gray with questions of good and evil, fate and free-will, time and eternity. But this Isaac, once spared, still roams the world “like one of those Japanese soldiers stranded on an island after World War II.” Was his purpose fulfilled when God provided the ram? Is there nothing more to life than the promise [...]

    3. A fable! Yes. Love fables. An immortal man born 4000 years ago, a super intelligent woman with a sharp tongue and an unknown enemy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Perfect. Sacrifices and fate? Bring it on.WHAT just happened? My brain feels like it's about to explode from the intensity and wit in the 222 pages I just read. When I first saw the synopsis for this book, I thought it was going to be a more of a humorous, kind of a quirky adventure. I did not expect a thrilling, mysteri [...]

    4. Isaac: A Modern Fable was a great, fast read. I recommend the book for a three hour flight, or an afternoon at the beach. The writing style was unique: fast paced, with Hemmingway like details, and a twenty first century dialogue. The writing style added an element of credibility to the characters and story. It often felt like I was hearing my sister tell me a personal story that would end with "and you'll never guess," or, "can you believe it?" The less than reality based plot was authenticated [...]

    5. This is that rare thing - a page turner that makes you think. The story has twists I certainly did not expect, and the author is a mster of dialog. I am certain to read more of his books after this one, but I doubt any will be as unique as this. Simply a great book

    6. Leonard Hastings has a secret that he's never shared with anyone until he met Ruth Canby on a chance encounter, or perhaps it was destiny.Hasting's secret is that he has been granted eternal youth, and he has roamed the earth for 4,000 years, trying to figure out how he became so fortunate, or if it was just some cruel joke played on him by a higher being.In Ivan G. Goldman’s latest novel "Isaac: A Modern Fable," Lenny, who is actually Isaac from the biblical accounts in Genesis, spends most o [...]

    7. Lenny, is the biblical Isaac who ultimately receives eternal life after God tells his father, Abraham not to sacrifice Isaac but a ram instead. This seems to set the stage for an interesting story line with many allusions to historical events one might encounter had they lived for such a long time. While this happens to a certain extent in the novel, the main conflict is Lenny's love affair with a professor of literature, Ruth. Ruth senses that something is very different about Lenny, but I was [...]

    8. This fable was a quick and entertaining read. I enjoyed the first 2/3 of the book, but the last 1/3 felt a bit rushed and convoluted. The characters themselves fell a bit flat, but this piece did not feel as though it were written with character development as the main goal. Nevertheless, for a character that has lived for thousands of years, we find out surprisingly little about how he occupied that time, which is disappointing. The dialogue was witty, and I enjoyed the author's amusing self-in [...]

    9. A lively tale that follows Biblical Isaac in the 21st Century!How does a man, more than a few thousand years old, deal with that old devil Satan. You'd think with the wisdom of the ages, wouldn't you?But Isaac, who goes by the name Lenny, finds himself emotionally immature and falling in love. With a woman named Ruth. The pair must make some difficult decisions. Ones that will effect not only them, but others about them.Will they choose wrong? Or will, somehow, they best that old temptor, Satan [...]

    10. A modestly amusing mess of a book. It's a variation on three not uncommon stories: the story of an immortal man, one who's lived for 4,000 years, but with little reference to earlier times; a "will they or won't they get back together" romantic comedy; and, most of all, a weird variation on the Faust tale. For good measure, there's the occasional sarcastic commentary on academic life, contemporary politics, and popular culture. It tries to do way too much, at times almost sophomorically cute and [...]

    11. Pretty cool story imagining what would happen if Isaac from the bible never died and was living in current times in the US. Nicely written, pretty funny and a good ending. Never before considered the Daddy issues and PTSD this guy would have been carrying around. I think I would cast Ben Stiller to play Isaac in the movie.

    12. Clever, interesting concept. Reads more like a plot outline than a novel, with great dialogue replacing character and scene development. The end, though, after the big buildup falls flat on its face. There is no resolution or ending. Just peters off. Kind of sad as the premise had promise.

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