Mr. Terupt Falls Again

Mr Terupt Falls Again The kids and teacher of Because of Mr Terupt are back in this warm hearted sequel Fifth grade was full of unforgettable events for Mr Terupt and his class at Snow Hill School Seven students were parti

  • Title: Mr. Terupt Falls Again
  • Author: Rob Buyea
  • ISBN: 9780385742054
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The kids and teacher of Because of Mr Terupt are back in this warm hearted sequel.Fifth grade was full of unforgettable events for Mr Terupt and his class at Snow Hill School Seven students were particularly affected by Mr Terupt Now those seven students are back, and they ve been granted the rare opportunity to send one year with their beloved teacher before theThe kids and teacher of Because of Mr Terupt are back in this warm hearted sequel.Fifth grade was full of unforgettable events for Mr Terupt and his class at Snow Hill School Seven students were particularly affected by Mr Terupt Now those seven students are back, and they ve been granted the rare opportunity to send one year with their beloved teacher before they graduate from elementary school Peter s parents expect him to attend private school after sixth grade, but Peter has plans to stay right where he is Eager to grow up, Alexia gets in over her head with some older kids Danielle suspects that her family is keeping a secret from her, and she s determined to find out what it is Jeffrey makes a life changing discovery Curious about her teacher s past, Jessica uncovers startling details about Mr Terupt Anna finally decides she s ready for the truth about her absent dad And Luke s keen observations lead to questions with unexpected answers It s a roller coaster of a year as Mr Terupt helps his students be the best they can be and enlists their help to pull off an extra special project But will there be a happy ending for all This sequel can be read on its own Moving and real Kirkus Reviews A skillful meshing of characters and story lines makes for another great read School Library Journal

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    1. Mr. Terupt and his students are back… Although he is out of the hospital, Mr. Terupt has not fully recovered from his injuries and coma, but that is actually not what the title refers to at all. This time around, Mr. Terupt falls… in love. His students are very excited for him and fully support him just like he supports them at all times. Peter, Jessica, Luke, Alexia, Jeffrey, Danielle and Anna are once again dealing with their own personal problems and making mistakes.To some extent, these [...]

    2. After reading Because of Mr. Terupt, my students convinced me to read the sequel. BEWARE! The material is not appropriate for read alouds in the classroom. Mr. Buyea continues this book with the sixth grade year of the same students from last year. While funny in parts, the subject matter is way too mature for my fourth graders. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this one to any fourth grader and was disappointed. The book may be more appropriate for middle school readers, especially girls.

    3. The fifth graders who were in Mr. Terupt's class the year that he started his awesome teaching career but also became gravely injured are glad to have him again for 6th grade. In chapters from different students' perspectives, we see how the students lives and the classroom are different. Lexie is trying to grow up too fast and is hanging out with high schoolers who are getting her in trouble. Peter is trying to deal with his guilt. Luke is staying on top of being the best student in the class. [...]

    4. It was unbelievable that Mr. Terupt was able to help seven students so much throughout many hardships. The accident that was so skillfully planned, in the 1st book, wasn't even an accident at all. Each an every one of those seven students were guided and helped as Mr. Terupt was lying lifeless in his bed. I was a little nervous reading the title of, "Mr. Terupt Falls Again." Obviously, I was thinking of yet another great deal of sorrow for all the kids. But throughout the book, I realized the en [...]

    5. I enjoyed reading this sequel. I'll be honest, I geeked out with the reader's workshop reference but that's just the teacher in me.

    6. just a disclaimer that i didn't know that this book is recommended to fourth graders and i'm eighteen so ahahayways i didn't enjoy this as much which is why this is a two star. i had pretty level expectations for this but honestly i barely saw a plot. the problem was really the connection between each point of view for each student. in six of crows ( which also contained a bunch of perspectives, they were tied in with each other. in this book, i get that you sometimes have to repeat events, but [...]

    7. Do you like adventurous stories? This book is realistic fiction because, things in this book can happen in real life. My opinion of the book is, it is really good I would read it again if I could. I really liked how every time something bad would happen they would find Mr. Terupt just to make sure he was okay because they know the risks that could happen could ruin Mr. Terupts life. ***Spoiler Alert***The setting is mainly in the school. The students got Mr. Terupt to teach them again because th [...]

    8. While I liked this sequel, it didn't hold the same charm for me as Because of Mr. Terupt. It was nice to have the loose ends tied up and to continue to follow the students from the previous book, but there was a little more content about maturation than I was comfortable with for an audience I assume is targeted at upper elementary students--it seemed more appropriate for junior high. Still, I always enjoy reading about a great teacher, and Mr. Terupt falls into that category. I particularly app [...]

    9. Wow, I never thought a book could have such a huge influence on me. Mr. Terrupt falls again was AMAZING!! At first I didn't think I was going to like it as much as Because of Mr. Terrupt but once I got going it turned out to be wonderful. Everyone needs to read this book. I cant even explain in words how terrific this book really was. Don't miss out on this inspiring book!!!

    10. I liked this, but I liked the first one better. I think is more for girls (includes periods, and other girl problems) But it was still good

    11. I didn't enjoy this book as much as "Because of Mr. Terupt." While the first book revolved around Mr. Terupt's accident, there were a bunch of unrelated events happening here. Lexie starts hanging out with teenagers who encourage her to wear makeup and smoke. Jeffrey finds an abandoned baby on the side of the road (!!! This could be a major plot point in many books, but not here). Danielle's grandparents are worried and mad because Native Americans are trying to "steal" their land. And so on. So [...]

    12. In MR TERUPT FALLS AGAIN the teacher moves to sixth grade along with his class. The same seven kids from BECAUSE OF MR TERUPT have grown under his guidance and have become friends and supporters of each other.I didn’t like part two of this three part series as much as the first because situations with the kids felt less genuine and more forced. Everything magically falls into place, which may be satisfactory for younger middle grade readers TERUPT FALLS AGAIN will appeal to readers of the firs [...]

    13. After reading this book it might make you appreciate your teachers more by the side that you understand why they do what they do.If your like me and likes realistic fiction I recommend this book to you. It's funny book but, there is also some sad moments. You get points of view from each student.I noticed there was a lot of things that the students did that I do. The students changed a lot through out the story. They became friends after they met Mr.Terupt. The title "Mr.Terupt Falls Again" rela [...]

    14. Release Date: October 9th 2012!!!!!!!C'mon, C'mon So close!!!!!!It's here! It was SOOOOOOOO awesome! I love Mr Terupt Falls Again! If you go on Rob Buyea's website, you'll see the picture of him and his daughter where it says "e has read my third book" Since Mr Terupt Falls Again is Rob Buyea's second book, than there might be a Mr Terupt trilogy! I hope there is! That would be really cool!For anyone who lives in Manchester, CT: Rob Buyea is coming to the Nutmeg@Night this year! :D :D :D!!!

    15. I enjoyed it but I was thrown off by the Farmer vs Native American land rights battle that was never fully developed. It made me wonder why Buyea put that in the novel -- did he originally plan to make it a larger part of the plot? Whether Buyea intended to or not, Falls Again might leave kids [that are not familiar with the sad history of the downfall/genocide of Native Americans] with the impression that Native Americans are strange, greedy people who plan to steal hard working, WHITE farmers' [...]

    16. The second book never seems as good as the first, except for maybe this one! I loved the changes that happened to the same old characters, that seemed to turn them into completely new people! I gave this book 4 stars because I won't forget what happened in it, but will personally still like the first book the better.

    17. I thought this book was really good. It was a great sequel to Because of Mr. Terupt. I recommend it to all realistic fiction lovers. Enjoy!

    18. This book was a great sequel to Because of Mr. Terupt. Very satisfying to see how the characters keep growing and changing, and the voices are perfect.

    19. The students from the first book are allowed to have Mr. Terupt for another year. They are closer in age to teenagers now with the kind of challenges that teenagers encounter. The happy project that they are allowed to break down into tasks (by talent and skills set) is Mr. Terupt's wedding. This is the second in the series. Well done!

    20. Have you ever read a book that starts off boring and as you get into it it gets better and better? Well I have the book that I'm reading is just like that.The genre is realistic fiction because it is a story that can happen in real life. In my opinion I liked the book but I think the first one was better. Usually the first book is always better and in this case it is. What I also liked about the book is that there are seven characters that are telling there own story or problems. That's what mak [...]

    21. This book is not as good as the first, but it does answer some of the questions from the first book. I would recommend this book to anyone who read the first book. I wouldn't read it a second time.

    22. the title of this book goes with the with the story because in the last book in the series he gets hurt and now something else happened. There are many characters and they all have their own point of view and tell what is going on in their lives. The most interesting character I think is Peter. The problem that they have is that someone gets hurt and also there are some high school guys that are bulling one of the kids. Some of the kids act differently from what they were the year before and the [...]

    23. Summary: ()Fifth-grade was full of unforgettable events for Mr. Terupt and his class at Snow Hill School. Seven students were particularly affected by Mr. Terupt. Now those seven students are back, and they've been granted the rare opportunity to send one more year with their beloved teacher before they graduate from elementary school. Peter's parents expect him to attend private school after sixth-grade, but Peter has plans to stay right where he is. Eager to grow up, Alexia gets in over her he [...]

    24. I thought this was really good! I like how Rob Buyea wrote it the same way he wrote Because of Mr. Terupt (with the views going back and forth from the same characters). I thought the ending was really unexpected. It took me a while to understand how Mr. Terupt actually fell and I think the author was really creative when he was writing about what happened. There were some parts where I thought there wasn't much action but most of the time there was a lot. I liked how right in the beginning Jeff [...]

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