The Yearning

The Yearning Eric is a fiercely passionate ghost with a complicated after life He s in love with Justin a mortician who is very much alive and very much in love with someone else his best friend Darren Torn betw

  • Title: The Yearning
  • Author: A.J.Rose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eric is a fiercely passionate ghost with a complicated after life He s in love with Justin, a mortician who is very much alive and very much in love with someone else, his best friend Darren Torn between desiring Justin for himself or wanting Justin s happiness, Eric never expected his death to be harder than his life When darkness threatens Justin s soul, is Eric stronEric is a fiercely passionate ghost with a complicated after life He s in love with Justin, a mortician who is very much alive and very much in love with someone else, his best friend Darren Torn between desiring Justin for himself or wanting Justin s happiness, Eric never expected his death to be harder than his life When darkness threatens Justin s soul, is Eric strong enough to enlist Darren s help, or will Justin be lost to both of them forever

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    1. This was one unique little book! It was a ghostly paranormal that went from sweet to creepy and back, and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was very well written, and had some twists and turns that I didn't see coming. A very nice short read for those interested in the afterlife.

    2. This is a little dream of a ghost story. I loved AJ's Power Exchange duo of novels, and decided to have a sneak peek at his other books, and came across this gem. 5 stars and Eric is a ghost who died in 1955, and has anchored himself to Justin who works as a mortician, embalming bodies etc Justin is in love with his best friend Darren who is completely unaware of Justin's feelings, and Eric, who is in love with Justin himself, decides to play a few tricks on them to make them aware of his presen [...]

    3. Very good paranormal m/m romance told from the perspective of a ghost anchored to a young mortician who is in love with his oblivious best friend. This took some unexpected and enjoyable twists. :)

    4. Must go into this with no preconceived ideas about the "after-life", and ghosts. Easy enough for me to do, but from now on I choose to believe that all ghosts sleep in shoes *gg*I want this book to be made into a movie! The entire time, my mind was racing, heart leaping, edge of my seat panic, had no idea what was going to happen next and it was awesome!Tragedy, terror, uncertainty and despair mixed with love, loyalty, perseverance and OMG HEA. What else can I say? It's well written? Yes. Eric's [...]

    5. Gah! What a perfect story. Justrfect. The love, the angst, the heartache, the grief, the warm fuzziness and the total despair. The world-building was complete and convincing, the mythology of the afterlife meticulously thought out, and the ending? Oh lawd, the ending! *sigh* I'm going to be dreaming of ghosts for weeks

    6. This was an amazing story.AJ Rose took what could have been a typical ghost story and gave it depth and layers. He gave it something beyond the standard fare. Each of the characters in the story was alive (sorry, best choice of words, even when talking about a ghost) and vibrant.He also gave the afterlife a unique twist: Ghosts need humans to maintain their presence. Without a tether they fade into the aether.Eric is dead. Has been since 1955. He's had other tethers over the years, but his heart [...]

    7. Odd but still compelling little ghost story with a slightly different but clever take on the afterlife. Quite bittersweet really and I must admit I was wondering how A J could bring its conclusion to a happy ending for all concerned but she pulls it off. Very atmospheric I enjoyed it.

    8. 4.5 Stars - Wow! That was great! I loved the paranormal aspects and that it was from the ghosts perspective. I would have liked to know a little more about Darren as a person, but other than that I thought the story was griping and entertaining. I loved how it ended.

    9. A sweet but not toothache sweet story about a ghost who loves the mortician with whom he's attached. In this story, once people die, they need to be attached to a living person so that they won't be out of existence. No heaven, no hell. So, Eric, who died in 1955 from a horse accident, attached to someone until that person dies himself. Just before he died, he was in love with his best friend, Spencer. But he didn't get a chance to let his feeling known. But it's too late for him now.(view spoil [...]

    10. Every time I open up an AJ Rose title on my kindle, it is a bit like coming home. His words just wrap around me and draw me into a sensuous world of his creation. The Yearning is a departure from my normal subject matter choice, but I couldn’t resist the only unread published work from one of my favorite authors. I will admit that my overall impression of his work is elevated by the quality of the writing and the beauty of the prose.The Yearning is an intriguing take on a ghost story. That is [...]

    11. This is book of haunted in the good way and the bad way, that some ghost are harmless and others are dark and evil. That you need to make sure, that the ghost are not taking over your dark emotions and destroy your life and that you can have a good ghost as your guardian angel. That your chance in life to love as a human and ghost are there if you take the chance and say and show the person you love him. MC's in the book are:Eric King 23 years old when he died in 1955Spencer good friend to Eric [...]

    12. This was a beautifully told story. But it went into darker, triggery places than I expected, so it took me out and I couldn't enjoy it. Also, I've read He Speaks Dead by Adrienne Wilder, which has a very similar premise, and I did enjoy that more. Still recommended for when you're in the mood for ghost stories. They can be romantic too.

    13. Review originally published here: joyfullyjay/2013/02/reviewThe Yearning is a really good ghost story. Generally, people fall into two camps: those who believe in ghosts and all of the possibility that belief brings, and those who think they’re silly and roll their eyes incredulously. I fit squarely into that second camp. So trust me when I say that this story is so good, it even made me a believer. Whether it be an actual belief in ghosts, or simply in the power that love has to transcend the [...]

    14. A nice change from your usual ghost story. A ghost must be tethered to a living person to receive the energy in order to stay around. Eric is tethered to Justin and has fallen in love with the young man. Justin is in love with his best friend Darren so we have a bit of a love triangle going on except each man is oblivious to the other's feelings. I enjoyed how jealous Eric got when Darren was around. The characters were well developed and the story flowed smoothly. It was a little heavy on the a [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book and the only thing that would have made it a little better would have been if it was longer. I would have liked to have seen more of all the main characters lives, friendships and HEAs. I enjoyed the presentation of what ghosts are and the idea that they could/had to tether themselves to a living person to continue to exist. I don’t read a lot of ghost stories so for me this was a very novel approach. I also thought the use of technology was a fun and cool way to com [...]

    16. I liked this book a lot. A novella with heft, and a very interesting paranormal premise that speaks of ghosts, lost loves and the power of romance to literally save one's soul. We take a surprisingly powerful emotional journey with Eric, the ghostly narrator. His story begins with a wry, slightly caustic tone that gradually shifts as Eric becomes increasingly sympathetic, spinning his tale towards its heart-pounding conclusion. I find myself increasingly NOT a fan of the typical m/m romance cove [...]

    17. After "Safeword" it couldn't be as good as I wanted it to be. But it still is a nice ghost story with a good pace, good MCs. I just wasn't really happy about the ending, I mean it's the best HEA, really but (view spoiler)[what will happen when one of the alive ones dies? (hide spoiler)]

    18. This was interesting although I hated most of it. The world was built very well though and the concepts of ghosts and after life are well explored here. I did enjoy the ending, but I just didn't enjoy the ride.

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I've always been interested in what people think the afterlife will be like, if they think there is one, and whether there can still be interaction between the living and the dead. The author did a fantastic job of world-building here (view spoiler)[sleeping in a shoe/drawer/glovebox of a car <333(hide spoiler)]. They also went in a different direction than I would have thought, regarding disippating souls.It gets quite dark in places, not surprising with the subjec [...]

    20. A very entertaining romantic ghost story with some pretty creepy elements. Eric is a ghost who stays in existence by linking to someone living. He's linked to Justin, and he's is love with him, while still grieving for his own lost soulmate. He resents Justin's best friend Darren, because of Justin's secret crush on Darren. When a dark entity sets its sight on Justin the story turns pretty scary for a while. It might help that I'm creeped out by ghosts (and clowns, but that's a completely differ [...]

    21. This was recommended to me over a year ago, I didn't read it right away and then it just seemed to get buried in my TBR list but now I finally got around to reading it and WOW! Loved Eric from the very beginning. Justin and Darren are a great pair, course they don't both agree on what kind of pair they are. This story has everything, ghosts, friendly and evil, friendship, romance, and hotness. The Yearning captured my heart from page one and though I would have liked it to have lasted longer, th [...]

    22. 4.25 starsWhat a good little ghost story!! Rather than be a story about a non-ghost being haunted, it's from the ghost's perspective. Very creative, very fun. Strong writing with a solid, if very unconventional, romance (wellke that three romances :). Definitely some super creepy moments, and things got tense and scary, and the happy ending is one that both the readers and characters earned. :)A quick and satisfying read, post-Reaping Havoc—there are some similar elements, but ghosts and souls [...]

    23. This book gave me creeps (the mortuary stuff), chills (finding out about Eric’s life and death, and afterlife), moments of thoughtfulness (wondering about my own afterlife), and about unrequited love (sorry, you’re going to have to read the story to find out who wins whose heart). I really liked all the characters and hated the idea of any of them being alone. I think Mr. Rose did an awesome job of satisfactorily answering this question.Please see Mr. P's complete review on February 16, 2013 [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book but not as much as the Ben/Gavin trilogy and definitely not as well written as Queers. I found some of the paranormal elements to be a bit confusing, and there wasn't a clear explanation of where the evil spirit had come from. I like AJ Rose's writing, and will continue to read them. If someone has not read any of her other works, I would not recommend this book as a good starting place. If a reader is a fan, this is an enjoyable read of a minor work.

    25. An unusual take on the ghost story. Using the ghost as the MC gives a different perspective, and there are plenty of plot twists in both the real and ghostly worlds.A fairly quick read, as the story keeps rolling along and as normal, AJ Rose's words keep you in the story and pages turning. I read it all in one sitting! Lots of emotional drama for Justin and Eric - interesting to have so much emotional investment in what happens to a ghost!

    26. Dude. So this is my first paranormal story. I was a little nervous because I hate feeling hopeless for a MC, and that seems inevitable in a ghost story. But from the first chapter, AJ managed to even out that feeling of knowing a ghost and a human can't be together with Eric's witty personality. There were definitely times I wanted to throw my phone when we were led down a dark path, but I couldn't have been more please, or surprised with the end! Absolutely love it:)

    27. I think one of the marks of a good story is one where the premise is so surreal that it seems impossible at first you'll be able to connect with it. I was hooked from the first page to the last. This is a love story with a happy ever after, and another happy ever after I didn't see coming. You can't get much better than that.

    28. Well I held my breath through a lot of this. I bit my nails clean off too. But, my heart was filled and hope restored. I often ask myself what comes after death and I hope it's an infinite life filled with love. I loved this story because it had all parts in it. Hope and fear, loss and life. and of course love. Really great story

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