Transgender 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue

Transgender A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue Written by a social worker popular educator and transgender man this well rounded resource combines an accessible portrait of transgenderism with a rich history of transgender life and unique exper

  • Title: Transgender 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue
  • Author: Nicholas M. Teich
  • ISBN: 9780231157131
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • Written by a social worker, popular educator, and transgender man, this well rounded resource combines an accessible portrait of transgenderism with a rich history of transgender life and unique experiences of discrimination The first guide to treat transgenderism as a distinct topic of study, this text moves beyond mere anecdote and recommendations for clinical practiceWritten by a social worker, popular educator, and transgender man, this well rounded resource combines an accessible portrait of transgenderism with a rich history of transgender life and unique experiences of discrimination The first guide to treat transgenderism as a distinct topic of study, this text moves beyond mere anecdote and recommendations for clinical practice to legitimatize transgenderism in society and culture.Chapters introduce transgenderism and its psychological, physical, and social processes They describe the coming out process and its affect on family and friends the relationship between sexual orientation and gender and the differences between transsexualism and lesser known types of transgenderism the characteristics of Gender Identity Disorder and the development of the transgender movement Each chapter explains how transgender individuals handle their gender identity, how others view it within the context of normal society, and how the transitioning of genders is made possible The book features men who become women, women who become men, and those who live in between and beyond traditional classifications Written for friends, family members, students, and professionals, this resource works as a stand alone text for social work and gender studies courses as well as a supportive text for sociologists, psychologists, and clinical practitioners A special focus on issues affecting transgender youth, along with a glossary of key terms and helpful resources, makes this an ideal guide for younger audiences as well as those invested in their care.

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    1. I recently made the admission to myself and all those who love and care about me, that i was transgender, to be more specific, a pre op male to female transsexual, because in the very near future i will be having the full gender reassignment surgery, and taking hormones and all the steps necessary to live the life i should have led a long time ago but didnt have the courage or strength to do anything about it.I bought this book for several reasons, it was a new publication released just 2 weeks [...]

    2. My 11th grade students have the option to write about the transgender bathroom issue for their research paper. I thought I had a basic understanding of transgenderism, but this book clarified so much more. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand this topic.

    3. I was ready to give this book 4 or 5 starsuntil I read the "Discrimination" chapter. There were a couple of tiny minor things that I disagreed with in the early chapters, nothing too important, especially for the purposes of sharing this with my parents (he referred to testosterone as a "male" hormone and estrogen as a "female" hormone, which is not correct from a biological standpoint, not to mention the perspective of many transpeople). That aside, I was on board with the explanations in the b [...]

    4. Nicholas Teich's Transgender 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue is one of those rare pieces of non-fiction that works equally well in educating (and entertaining) both within and outside the community it explores. First of all, it's an absolutely excellent resource to share with friends, family, and coworkers whose only exposure to transgender issues or themes has been through the likes of Jerry Springer or RuPaul's Drag Race. Nicholas begins each chapter by asking broad, sweeping questions [...]

    5. This was a family read. We used to read the Chicagoland Vampires or the Hunger Games. Oh no, now we read My Gender Queer Workbook. Our dinner conversation is about top surgery and testosterone. I am not sure I like being a modern parent. We have sure come a long way since Green Eggs and Ham.

    6. A great direct explanation of the current medical (both physical and mental) diagnosis for people who'd gender identity is questioning or non-binary conforming. It explains terminology and language used by different communities, practitioners as well as looking at past and often out dated language sometimes used that might unknowingly cause offence.It also, and most interestingly in my opinion, looks at societies reactions - both past and present - to the trans communities, including the clashes [...]

    7. Although written from a US perspective (which means any legal references, medical definitions, websites,etc. may not be relevant for the UK) this is never-the-less an interesting and useful book for those wanting to explore transgender issues. It covers the history of transgender; the psychological, social and physical processes; and the differences between gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. The book also explores other transgender sub-genres. It is simple to understand, [...]

    8. Great resourceAs a cisgender male, this is a great resource to educate one on what it means to be transgender. Having trans friends, I want to be sensitive and respectful of their experiences. This book provides a high-level overview to take that first step of understanding.

    9. Great Transgender information bookThis book gather this completed information about transgender information in one location. This is required reading for anyone wanted to learns about transgender.

    10. Actual rating: 2.5/5To get started, I did think this was a good book. Just as the title states, this is 101. The very first course that you ought to take about this. And it was. It brought up quite a few things in it that were addressed in the best way that a person can with a complex subject as being transgender is.I had to read this for my own gender therapy. Part of the homework, really. Read about people like you, and all that. Educate yourself about yourself.The bad thing is, is that I alre [...]

    11. I wanted to learn more about the transgender 'issue' for lack of a better word, since I have no experience or knowledge of this at all. Transgender 101 os exactly what the title suggests: a very basic course into this complex issue. After reading it, I certainly understood more and came away with a sense of the right terminology and an overview of some major issues transgender people face. However, it's a very dry read. The tone is 100% informative and even though the author is transgender himse [...]

    12. I didn't really like this book. It was really repetive at times, as if the author wanted to reach a certain word count but didn't have anything else to say. In the beginning of the book he aknowledges that many transpeople use other pronouns than he or she and yet thorought the book keeps saying 'transperson has to decide what to tell his or her friends'. The book was published in 2012 meaning that it has some outdated information about DSM etc. There were also two points that really bothered me [...]

    13. The information was useful, but I became bored with it; to be fair, that boredom probably stems from knowing virtually all this information from other sources, including my own life experiences. I also wasn't a fan of nonbinary identities first being "put aside for now" in the introduction, then shoved into a catch-all chapter at the end of the book. I guess folks like me are more of a 102 topic? That and the outdated definitions in the glossary, particularly the old-school definition of bisexua [...]

    14. I think counselors and therapists who are open to working with the Trans crowd MUST read this book. Teich does an excellent job explaining the different labels used in the Trans community, which is very very useful. I found the insights into trans children and trans adults very interesting. I don't know that this book would change anyone's mind about the Transgender issue but for those who have questions it's must. Great illumination of the difference between Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual prefer [...]

    15. This was the July book club book at work. It’s not that long, and easy to read. This is not a memoir or personal account but exactly what it says it is, Transgender 101. I feel like I have an average knowledge of the subject, just from picking things up along the way and I don’t feel there was anything that revelatory in here for me, but it was good to go over and I did learn some things. There is a combination of history, law, language conventions, medical, and culture – a lot to fit into [...]

    16. In the introduction to this book, the author states that their goal was to write about the subject of transgender without focusing too heavily on their own personal story. To demonstrate as clearly as possible what goes through a transpersons head, the history of transgender and its medical classification.It is certainly an excellent introduction. I highly recommend it to everyone. Not just those of you that know a trans person. EVERY. SINGLE. LAST. ONE OF YOU! If everyone came pre-armed with th [...]

    17. This is a succinct overview of sex, gender, orientation, and various trans issues. It works equally well for people who have never been introduced to these concepts as for those who are already very familiar. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to establish a solid understanding of what it means to be transgender. One particular thing I appreciated is that although the author is a trans man, he gave roughly equal representation to trans men and women and treated issues of gender differ [...]

    18. I found this book to be a good read for anyone. While I knew of the discrimination and other issues that trans people face, it was good to read of the biological twins who grew up in the same environment only to come out different with the ever too familiar sad ending. A great reminder in the book that society should just let people be who they are and accept them even if they are different than you.

    19. This books make me to know a little bit more about the transgender universe. As a non-transgender person, I had no idea before about this topic, which I found very interesting.Now I know how much we, human beings, are diverse, and how this should be respected. I'm also reconsidering my concepts about gender identity and gender expression.Thanks a lot to the author! He explained in a simple and understandable language a complex topic.

    20. An excellent basic guide for family and friends of transgender people who want to understand more about what the transgender person is going through. While acknowledging that there's no "one way" to be, feel, or act transgender, the book lays out some straightforward concepts that are useful when dealing with transgender people and enables the reader to come away feeling that they have gained knowledge about the subject.

    21. A short, very accessible, primer on transgender identities and issues. Very informative, and I would recommend this book to any who would like to know more about the "T" in LGBT. What I enjoyed most about this book is the author's tone - it is non-judgmental and tries to be light-hearted - conversational, even. It was written by a transperson and researched thoroughly, which bolsters its reputation as a good primer-type book.

    22. I have a few friends that are transgender and I never really paid attn. to what they we're telling me when they explain the process and stuff like that. That was until after I read this book. Well I have a general idea on the process but the way this book goes in depth on this helps people understand what transgender really means and what it is to someone who is transgender. AWESOME book!!

    23. Teich does a terrific job of acknowledging, and not shaming, the prejudices and misconceptions, with which his readers may approach the topic. He explains a myriad of social, physical, psychological, and legal issues concisely and clearly, in a way that leads the reader to consider our common humanity across the so-called "disorders" associated with the trans population.

    24. I felt this book gave a strong introduction and explanation of what transgender is and issues facing transgender individuals. As an educator with very little background knowledge on the subject of transgenderism, I felt this book begins to lay a factual foundation. I appreciate the time Teach takes to with defining vocabulary.

    25. It's not the most up to date when it comes to trans health and wording but it's a start. I'm sure there are plenty of books out now that will give you an up to date on the lingo and health care of trans people; A good starter book but I encourage people to dig deeper for a more understanding of transgenders and non-binary people.

    26. Great book! This book gave clear and helpful information and it was an easy read. There are definitely chapters and sections in this book I would recommend for individuals who have a loved one or a child/adolescent who is transgendered or gender variant.

    27. I really liked this book. I'm so interested in gender and this book really taught me a lot about gender fluid and what that truly means. I feel that this book should be introduced in any high school class.

    28. As an introduction to the subject, I found that it hits and answers many of the questions regarding subject. It is well documented and includes resources. Really interesting discussion of the DSM as it goes to revision in 2013.

    29. This slim book contains a great deal of information regarding the current transgender conversation and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know facts.

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