FIREBOAT: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey

FIREBOAT The Heroic Adventures of the John J Harvey A portion of the proceeds from Fireboat The Heroic Adventures of the John J Harvey will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund For information or to make a donation please visit ttof This is the i

  • Title: FIREBOAT: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey
  • Author: Maira Kalman
  • ISBN: 9780399239533
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A portion of the proceeds from Fireboat The Heroic Adventures of the John J Harvey will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund For information or to make a donation, please visit ttof.This is the inspiring true story of the John J Harvey a retired New York City fireboat reinstated on September 11, 2001 Originally launched in 1931, the Harvey wasA portion of the proceeds from Fireboat The Heroic Adventures of the John J Harvey will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund For information or to make a donation, please visit ttof.This is the inspiring true story of the John J Harvey a retired New York City fireboat reinstated on September 11, 2001 Originally launched in 1931, the Harvey was the most powerful fireboat of her time After the September 11 attacks, with fire hydrants at Ground Zero inoperable and the Hudson River s water supply critical to fighting the blaze, the fire department called on the Harvey for help There were adjustments forcing water into hoses by jamming soda bottles and wood into nozzles with a sledgehammer and then the fireboat s volunteer crew pumped much needed water to the disaster site The John J Harvey proved she was still one of New York s Bravest Maira Kalman brings a New York City icon to life, celebrating the energy, vitality and hope of a place and its people.

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    1. The John J. Harvey is a fireboat from the thirties that was retired in 1994. She was purchased from the NYFD by a group of preservationists in the late nineties. They restored the boat, and she was placed on the National Park Service's Register of Historic Places. The Harvey was not expected to ever fight fires again, but on September 11th, 2001, firemen reporting to the scene of devastation at the Twin Towers found water pipes broken and buried. The fire trucks were not able to pump water. A ca [...]

    2. We have a lot of transportation books around our house, and I thought this was just one more cute little book about a plucky little boat, kind of like Little Toot. It's not. It's prettily drawn and gives the history of fire boats in New York, and of the John J. Harvey in particular, which was restored to its original glory by a group of people who just took pleasure in owning it. I was reading along to the boys, and then came to a black page with simple white text describing September 2001: "som [...]

    3. Maira has done it again. She has written an extraordinary book about New York. Fireboat is a book about the tragedy of 9/11. The book focuses more on the Heroes than the tragedy. This book will be a good tool for teachers and parents to use to help explain the event. Fireboat is about a fireboat named Harvey. She starts with the history of the boat back in 1931. She also tells about other events that happened in 1931, "Snickers hit the stores the word HOT-CHA was invented." Then it moves forward [...]

    4. This was an amazing book. The illustrations were great and the story was very emotional. It brought up all the feelings like 9/11 happened just today. Very important book. Read for grad school for Info Books for Youth.

    5. Puffin Books, 2005, 48 pgs Genre: Non-fiction, Grade level: Pre-K-2, GR level: G, Lexile level: 280LFireboat is one of my favorite books to teach a lesson for September 11th due to its vivid illustrations and realistic events. This book reveals a true story as to how a retired New York City fireboat proved that it can instill hope in the people when they need it most, even when it had thought to no longer be useful. The people of New York City thought they did not have a use for old fireboats, b [...]

    6. Looking for a story about hope,courage, and determination? Then, the nonfiction book Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey is for you! This award winning book was written and illustrated by Maira Kalman and tells the story of the reemergence of one of New York City's greatest fire-boats of all time, the John J. Harvey. For any K–3rd grade teacher, I recommend reading this book aloud to your students as the pictures alone will captivate them and the story will motivate them to n [...]

    7. In this amazing true story, the day of September 11th, 2001 is brought to life. My students loved hearing about it and it developed into a great conversation. The illustrations in this book were a little abstract but still manageable for students to understand. I would recommend this book!

    8. Leon loves Kalman's books about Pete, the dog who eats everything, so I tried this one too. It's a lovely tale, but I really wish that authors or publishers would think about putting some kind of warning on Picture books - which are aimed at little kids - when that book contains massive death (9/11 in this case), which can be hard to explain to those little kids. Yes, I could have read it myself before reading it to Leon, but it's a PICTURE BOOK for goodness sake. I shouldn't have to check it fo [...]

    9. (KidLit ED204 category: non-fiction picture book)The John J. Harvey was taken out of retirement and restored in 1995, just in time for one of the worst days in the United States' history. Most of the children that might have "Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey" read to them, probably won't know anything about 9/11. They probably weren't even born yet. This book takes a touching look at the history of the John J. Harvey and the men that believed in her. Maira Kalman is the auth [...]

    10. 11 SEP 2016 - read by a very nice lady here - youtube/watch?v=39KcDThe illustrations are lovely and informative. The Harvey's participation in 11 SEP is tastefully illustrated and worded. I still cannot imagine what this was like in New York City. My own memories are of feeling afraid, crying and dread of something yet to come. My son remembers the day in this way - planes crashed into the buildings, mommy cried, and daddy went off to war. Yikes! I will be purchasing a copy of this for my very-f [...]

    11. Near epic tale of the fireboat Harvey from its 'birth' in 1931 to its rebirth in 2001. Factual treatment of the events of 9/11 and the Harvey's part in helping out that day. Text and illustrations work well together. What really caught my eye was the 2 page illustration showing a cloudless blue sky with 2 black airplanes headed toward 2 white buildings. The text almost seems to be pushed as far to edge as possible as if to say, 'what is about to happen is too big for words.'

    12. Beautiful and brilliant. Kalman takes an treasured artifact, (the John J. Harvey which I have been on in a harbor cruise by the way) and a moving event (9-11 attacks) and tells their story perfectly, flawlessly and with stunning graphics to boot. This isn't the clincher though. The clincher is that her telling appropriate for all ages. As a native New Yorker, I highly recommended it.

    13. Maira Kalman tribute to a fireboat, first in use in NYC in 1931, retired in 1995, bought by a bunch of people who just thought it would due fun to own this boat, and fixed up, unretired, and was used in 9/11. Kalman's art is always so fun and colorful and splashy and effervescent, and this one has a touch of every day heroics and nostalgia in it.

    14. This is a remarkable story. The first time I read this, I had no idea it was about September 11th and it took me by surprise but it is a nice way to help children understand the events that took place that day.

    15. This book starts out as a pleasant little history about a fireboat in New York, until about half way through when it is suddenly about September 11th. Having not read the blurb, I was not expecting that. It does a good job handling its topic once it come around to it, but it makes me question why it spent as much time as it did talking about the 1930's or a few of the other items that just seemed like filler. I would recommend it if you are looking for a book that deals with 9/11, but if you are [...]

    16. A disclaimer: I am married to a man who lost his fiancee on 9/11 (she was in the South Tower). I am also a sixth grade teacher. How do I honor (in my classroom and in my life) the enormity and specificity of this terrible event? Fireboat does a beautiful job of making an incomprehensible event more manageable by focusing on the John J. Harvey and its heroic actions on and after 9/11. Thank you, Maira Kalman, for your beautiful work.

    17. I liked this book. The (acrylic? oil paint?) art adds literal and figurative texture to the narrative; the images feel almost 3D, but they lack enough realism that the fires and the frightening parts of the book don't feel too scary for a young reader. There's also just enough technical information about boats to entice a reader who wants to learn more, but not so much that a less boat - focused reader will get bored. I think you could read this with pretty young kids, maybe as young as 2 or 3.

    18. Love this book! It was a good beginner book to introduce my son to the idea of what happened on 9/11, but with that not being the main focus of the book. We have read it many times, even though he is now a few years older and has read a couple other books with more information about that terrible day. It's a beautiful book, and a lovely story.

    19. Love this book. It seems so simple and basic, but the moment that the black page with the words about September 11 show up, it became more than a kids book. So good.

    20. Found out about this book through #Pb10for10.Am crying on the couch now. Beautiful writing. So moving. Loved it.

    21. I read this book every year to my second graders. It profoundly depicts the tragedy of 9/11 from a new perspective. It makes me cry every single time I read it! Beautifully illustrated as well.

    22. A fascinating biography of an unlikely hero- a fireboat that was on the brink of being irrelevant but performed what it was intended to do when the time came.

    23. This was a wonderful picture book and a great way to introduce 9/11 to kids. I loved the story of the John J Harvey. I liked learning about the people on the boat who helped during this tragedy. This is a good book on American History. I loved the illustrations and the colors used. I would highly recommend this book.

    24. Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of John J. Harvey is about the terrible day of 9/11. Maira Kalman uses her words to describe a story so fitting for an older child to understand. For being such a horrific event, Maira Kalman touches many hearts with her view of the attack on 9/11. From the pictures to the short texts, Kalman describes how to put a horrible event into a picture book for kids. Despite Kalman's art of putting sad events with illustrations, I don't think her message really connects w [...]

    25. FireBoat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey by Maria Kalman tells a great story about New York through the eyes of a fireboat. John J. Harvey was an amazing fireboat in New York City, helping to put out many fires along the “bustling piers” and on the “great ocean liner NORMANDIE” (p. 13 & p. 15). Soon enough, fireboats were no longer needed along the waters of New York, until the morning of September 11, 2001. Read this wonderful story to see how the old, repaired John J. [...]

    26. Excellent story about a lifeboat in New York City that came out of retirement and helped with the 9/11 disaster.

    27. Genre: Junior book—Informational Summary: This book tells a story about a little red fireboat. As people began to think this boat was worthless and not needed, it ended up saving many people during the tragic even that happened -on 9/11. Critique:a. I personally believe the greatest strength of this book is the story. The fact that a special type of boat was known to not be useful but it becomes very useful at a very, very important time in history. b. This book does an amazing job at showing [...]

    28. In Fireboat by Maira Kalman we learn about a retired Fireboat that some friends purchased together just for the heck of it. They friends pooled money together and restored the old boat to good as new condition. During the 9/11 attack in New York City the friends called the fire department and volunteered to assist. The fire department told them they were not needed because the boat was so old, but later on in the day they were called to help. They joined forces with other boats on the water to c [...]

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