Wish You Were Eyre

Wish You Were Eyre The book club says bon voyage to Concord and bonjour to France It s a dream come true for Megan who s jet setting to Paris for Fashion Week with Gigi Meanwhile back in Concord Mrs Wong decides to r

  • Title: Wish You Were Eyre
  • Author: Heather Vogel Frederick
  • ISBN: 9781442430648
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The book club says bon voyage to Concord and bonjour to France It s a dream come true for Megan, who s jet setting to Paris for Fashion Week with Gigi Meanwhile, back in Concord, Mrs Wong decides to run for mayor, so Emma and Stewart team up to make her campaign a success Jess and Cassidy are also hoping for victories, Jess in the a cappella finals with the MadriGals anThe book club says bon voyage to Concord and bonjour to France It s a dream come true for Megan, who s jet setting to Paris for Fashion Week with Gigi Meanwhile, back in Concord, Mrs Wong decides to run for mayor, so Emma and Stewart team up to make her campaign a success Jess and Cassidy are also hoping for victories, Jess in the a cappella finals with the MadriGals and Cassidy in the national hockey championships with her teammates In the midst of it all, the girls along with their Wyoming pen pals, who drop in for a visit over Spring Break dive into Charlotte Bront s classic Jane Eyre Some real life romance follows, as Becca may have found a Mr Rochester of her own And then there s the matter of a certain wedding The book club girls, their families, the British Berkeley brothers, and even Stinkerbelle will be attending the ceremony, which means there might be some bumps before the bride waltzes down the aisle.

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    1. It is Spring Break at the Mother Daughter Book Club and while the girls are reading Jane Eyre as their final read in the book club, things are beginning to get chaotic in their lives. Megan's world gets turned upside-down when Annabelle Fairfax's cousin Sophie who is apart of the Exchange student program at her high school is picked to live with her family and the green monster of envy begins to seep its way into her as she is taking away her family and kitten. To make matters worse, her mother [...]

    2. Hmm. Well. Not too good, not too bad. For Home for the Holidays, I didn't like it the first time, and then I reread it and began to like it. I reread this one, and it still just struck me as cheesy and super unrealistic.Like how everything ties together perfectly. If you go back and look at all the descriptions of Sophie before, she's obviously not trying to be nice. Also, Heather Vogel Frederick has a lot of errors in all her books. Like, when Jess's goat Sundance has a kid, Jess names it Sunbe [...]

    3. I like these books overall, and I really have enjoyed reading this series. But, there was one thing in this book that really turned me off.In every book of the series, the author consistently praises every single book mentioned and puts on a pedestal every author. In this book, even Cassidy, the reluctant reader, loves Jane Eyre. But, for some unknown reason, the author totally pans The Scarlet Letter. She could have simply not even mentioned The Scarlet Letter, but she seems to have gone out of [...]

    4. I don't read many continuing books in a series for review on Mother Daughter Book Club. My review philosophy is that if the first book in a series is strong enough to stand on its own, then it's a good choice for book clubs to read and discuss while letting individual members decide whether to continue with the series.I occasionally make exceptions and the six-novel-strong The Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick is one of those. How could I not read a fictional series abo [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book. Wish You Were Eyre is the 5th book in the mother daughter book club series. Unfortunately, it is the last, and I will miss all the characters. What I enjoyed about not only this book but the whole series was that I really knew and understood every single character. They were well developed, well described, and I kept wanting to read more.In Wish You Were Eyre, Megan Wong and her grandmother Gigi get to go to Paris over spring break. Megan being a teen fashion designer [...]

    6. I finished! This book is amazing, just like when I read it the first time. I love Megan in Paris, Becca in Mankato, Cassidy and her love for Hockey. Emma and her books. Jess andDarcy! I LOVE Darcy, he is the kind of guy I want to date when I grow up. It was amazing to watch the girl grow up, and I have to say that, hands down, this was the best Mother Daughter Book Club book in the series. If you haven't read the books, all I have to say is that you are missing out. And I am not stretching the t [...]

    7. This book tells a story about a mother-daughter book club who has five main characters. Each chapter is about a different girl. This book has some drama when an exchange girl from Paris moves into Megan's house because GiGi invited her in. The mother-daughter book club is reading a book by Charlotte Brontë called Jane Eyre. The author tells a wonderful tale of five girls each looking for thier "Mr.Rochester." I absolutely am in love with this book! I highly suggest if you like books that have d [...]

    8. This last volume of the Mother-Daughter Book Club series has the girls, now sophomores, reading Charlotte Brontë's classic Jane Eyre. This series has been very fun to read, despite how improbable and unrealistic some aspects are (with the girls getting book deals, fashion lines, etc.). Of course most of those things could happen, but it's a bit of a fantasy how frequently they do happen in this series. Still, I love the series' focus on close-knit families, small town community, homey details, [...]

    9. This year the Mother-Daughter Book Club will be reading Jane Eyre. Not everything always goes smoothly for the girls, but they at least have their friends in the book club to help them through the storms of life. When Sophie Fairfax comes to live with the Wong's for a year jealousy flairs. The girls band together to pull off a prank that will put Sophie in her place, but will it backfire on them?Emma is feeling that her boyfriend Stewart is paying too much attention to Sophie. When they both are [...]

    10. Although I relished the references to one of my all-time classic reads, Jane Eyre, and enjoyed the idea of a Mother-Daugher Book Club, allowing mothers and daughters to bond through literature, there was too little of the book club in this title, to my way of thinking. I'd have forgiven that if all these girls hadn't been such super-achievers. It's not that I have anything against superachievers, mind you. I simply found it hard to believe that these five high school sophomores had already accom [...]

    11. I am in the acknowledgements which means that this book is awesome! Okay since that does not constitute a book review or anything except gloating I will review the book. The girls are reading Jane Eyre and there is excitement in Concord, there is a French exchange student Sophie who comes to stay with Megan and her family. Each of the girls learn a lesson relating to Jane Eyre. Megan gets to go to Paris with Gigi for Fashion Week and the descriptions of Paris made me miss it so much. I also love [...]

    12. Okay this book was good, I finished it all the way through but it was also horrible so I'm just going to rant to you, Cathy, about this book. First of all the lies in this book were so unrealistic; every single one of the girls had a perfect family and they got to do whatever, whenever. No matter what time none of their parents were strict or nothing. It was like they lead perfect lives. And no mother is so cruel as Megan's to not appreciate their daughter!And I don't really care if Sophie has a [...]

    13. Let's be clear: this book deserves 4 stars. It was one of my favourite in the Mother-Daughter bookclub series and that means a lot, as I enjoyed them all.BUT I had to take one star off for all the French mistakes. When you have characters supposed to be native French speakers, please check their French. And by that I don't mean try and remember your high school lessons, I mean, give the book to be proofread by a French native speaker. I swear, they aren't hard to find in the USA. Also, please no [...]

    14. I picked up this book looking for something that might tempt my eleven year old daughter. I had high hopes for it but came away quite disappointed. It was a struggle to finish. I had trouble telling the girls apart-- chapters alternate with the story being told in first person by the five? six? (See, I can't even remember how many) friends who are members of this mother-daughter book club. The biggest challenge was that there was very little difference in voice for each of these characters, maki [...]

    15. The Mother-Daughter Book Club is back, and for this final installment, they are reading Jane Eyre.The girls are all struggling with various issues-- Becca is waitressing at Pies and Prejudice, but Megan's grandmother is buys planning their trip to Paris and gets involved in a romance! Megan is distraught that Sophie, the cousin of Annabelle (aka Stinkerbelle), is an exchange student from France living with her family. Megan's mom is running for mayor, and the girls are helping. Jess is involved [...]

    16. The book entitled "Wish you were Eyre" by Heather Vogel Frederic is the sixth and final book in the wonderful Mother-Daughter book club series. It is an incredible ending to the series and is extremely surprising, to say the least. This book focuses in the book club's sophomore year in high school, from January to June, and trouble is stirred up in many ways during this time. Sophie Fairfax, a cousin of "Stinkerbell's", arrives as an exchange student in Concord and is taking the joy out of Megan [...]

    17. This is the best book to end the best series EVER!! The clan begins reading Wish You Were Eyre with their Wyoming pals. Megan and her grandmother finally set off to Paris for fashion week, something Megan had been dreaming of since the series started. While she is in Paris, Megan's mom decides to run for mayor. Known for her crazy tactics, Megan's friends Emma and Stewart try and help Megan's mother win the race. Jess is going to the finals with her singing group the Madrigals, and Cassidy has m [...]

    18. I have loved the Mother Daughter Book Club Series. yet in this book there was a few low points. HINT this review does have some spoilers. I loved Mademoiselle Velcro I totally felt like she was a popular girl at my school. I also liked how they visited many places with their pen pals. Jess in this story, I kind of felt bad for yet I like how Heather makes sure that her readers can relate, and I really enjoy that I can. I've myself have been accused of cheating and I know people who also have bee [...]

    19. Wish You Were Eyre: I love the Mother Daughter Book Club Series, and it was really sad to me that this was the last book. The series mainly appealed to me because it had realistic characters, put in realistic situations. I like how each character has their own unique identity which isn't blown up. the author doesn't make the book perfect, and the characters all have their flaws, which made it a great read. I really think I would have thought about Sophie in the same way from Megan's point of vie [...]

    20. The mother daughter book club is a great book I will never forget. This book is about all of these girls that have formed a book club with their mothers. The girls have different personalities and different problems. This really relates to life because you do have problems like Megan (a character in the book) where your jealous of them because their smarter than you or prettier than you. But that can't let you down. It also relates to real life because you can't judge someone by their cover if t [...]

    21. Okay, so I enjoyed this book, especially the references to Jane Eyre which is one of my favorite books of all time! But I thought the girls' stories got a little unrealistic. I realize it's still a story, but it seems to me a bit much (for a realistic fiction about teens) to have one friend be on a nationally winning hockey team (with an ex-supermodel/tv star mom), one to be a paid fashion designer (and go to Paris Fashion week at 16), one to be a star singer (with a ex-soap star mom), AND one t [...]


    23. Wish You Were Eyre is the sixth book in the Mother-Daughter Book Club Series by Heather Vogel Frederick. I had a lot of pet peeves with this book. I probably wouldn't have minded as much if I hadn't read the other books in the series, but I have, so you can read them at the bottom. I'll start with the positive things first, though. Jane Eyre is my very favorite book. I adore it. So I was happy the book club was reading that this year. I loved reading about Megan's trip to Paris, and totally I ag [...]

    24. Wish You Were Eyre is by Heather Vogel Fredrick and is a drama. Megan and her friends and family are living a normal life until Sophie Fairfax moves into Megan's house and things change. This book takes place in the present-day time. The main characters are Megan, Mrs. Wong, Gigi, Emma, Cassidy, Jess, Darcy, Simon, Stewart, Becca, Sophie, and Mr. Fairfax who is Sophie's grandpa. Most of the teenage girls are trying to figure out and get through problems that they think are caused by Sophie. They [...]

    25. The girls and moms are all over the place. The book this time is Jane Eyre. Megan goes to Paris with Gigi and has a wonderful time, while Becca grumpily goes to Mankato, where she actually meets a Mr. Rochester. Cassidy is having second thoughts about Zach. The Wongs host a French student, who starts flirting with Stewart and makes Emma jealous. How will things turn out?

    26. So far, out of all 6 books in this series that I've read, this one is my favorite. The writing in this book has improved so much since the first book and it really added to how I feel about the book as a whole.

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