The Way of Muri

The Way of Muri A light comical exploration of the significance of wandering and wanderers to the human condition the wanderer here being the cat Muri displaced by war in from his village near Sarajevo On hi

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  • Title: The Way of Muri
  • Author: Ilya Boyashov Amanda Love Darragh
  • ISBN: 9781843913689
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • A light, comical exploration of the significance of wandering and wanderers to the human condition, the wanderer here being the cat, Muri, displaced by war in 1992 from his village near Sarajevo On his journey from his war torn village, Muri the cat travels through Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, and Sweden, meeting on the way an unlikely but helpful grouA light, comical exploration of the significance of wandering and wanderers to the human condition, the wanderer here being the cat, Muri, displaced by war in 1992 from his village near Sarajevo On his journey from his war torn village, Muri the cat travels through Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, and Sweden, meeting on the way an unlikely but helpful group of creatures, from a sperm whale to a paraplegic mountaineer and a wandering Jew This is no children s book, but a witty exploration of the human condition through the people and objects Muri meets on his travels Somewhere in the mix, Boyashov introduces us to two eminent professors, one from Cambridge, one from Geneva, who take opposite views on the question of whether man is in a perpetual and aimless state of wandering, or must always have a goal in mind Like Sophie s World, this book is intended to be read on two levels as a narrated story of real fictional characters and as an allegory.

    One thought on “The Way of Muri”

    1. Ovdje citalac moze da se poigra, zamisli da je macak i posmatra sve iz macje perspektive. Ako nista drugo, ucinice bar samo citanje zanimljivijim.

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    3. A very enjoyable and slightly nutty story mixing philosophy, animal behaviour, and whimsy to great effect. Cat lovers (and deniers) will particularly enjoy the straight characterisation of Muri, the eponymous feline hero of this book, a tom with an unbreakable spirit and a strong mind.The lessons for us people is that The Path might not always lead somewhere, but that it is important to be travelling on it, either physically or spiritually.

    4. A whimsical paean to the need for a quest in life with staying in one place not a viable option. The central character is a cantankerous cat forced into a long trek after his house is destroyed in the Bosnian conflict of 1992. Alongside this story we also meet a globe crossing sperm whale, a mathematical goose, an obsessed astonomer, a princely Arabian pilot and a group of Jewish refugees amongst others. Throw in an occasional philosophical discourse and we have an incident packed short 152 page [...]

    5. This is a short and inspiring story with truly charming characters, all along the way playing out some pretty fundamental philosophical questions. Displacement caused by war, the pursuit of meeting basic needs, breaking away from comfort to search for higher purpose through journey and discovery or a new home. The style in which it is written and translated makes it irresistible.

    6. Philosophical in nature yet still an enjoyable read, the book gives interesting insights on what it means being human, and prompts the reader to re-think about the journey that is Life. But I feel the translator could have opted for simpler words instead of GRE-grade vocab to convey the same meaning.

    7. A fabulous book about travelling in the mind and body. Following various characters through war torn Bosnia, Russia, etc finding the meaning of life through philosophical discussion on the way! A great read!

    8. Even though most of all the story line is rather capturing than boring, go and take a journey which is the main theme of this book doesn't buy me.

    9. Is the journey the destination, or the destination the journey? Ilya Boyashov tries to answer this question with a whole host of characters - human and animal. If you're going to read this book, you can't really take it at face value as just a story. Sure, Muri the cat is on the hunt for his family when his home is destroyed and they leave without a trace (pretty much the gist of the storyline), but I found it easier to get into the book the second I started to dig deeper into philosophical thin [...]

    10. ами нямах намерение да я довършвам, но така се случи, че чаках поръчката си в о!шипка 40 минути сама и от скука прочетох последните 80 страници книгата може би има добра идея - разходка през европа в средата на 90-те през погледа на един арогантен котарак (истински използвач - ког [...]

    11. Like always, if I could give half stars, this would be a 2.5 stars but to say that this book is nothing spectacular isn't very fair. It's not my usual kind of book, and I have to keep reminding myself that this is fiction (although I often end up believing in all of the historical events as if they really happened they didn't, right?). But apart from the weird jumping from events to events without a single traditional chaptering, and the confusing debates of the philosophies (which honestly I do [...]

    12. Beautifully written, clever and funny. If you think this is a cute story about animals, you're wrong. This book is about the universal desire and longing for a "path" and purpose in life. History, philosophy and fiction blend delightfully to tell a tale of many travellers and their quest for fulfilment. Muri, the main protagonist begins his journey in Yugoslavia after the outbreak of war in 1992. He treks across much of Eastern Europe to reclaim his home. What happens on his journey is where the [...]

    13. An extraordinary story of a war, a cat and a journey, which I loved, intercut with some weirdness about sheiks flying round the world and so on that I could have done without. There’s probably some clever underlying theme that ties it all together, but I wasn’t bright enough to spot it.Sticking with the cat, the depiction of humans’ unrequited loyalty rings so true while the narrator inhabits the cat’s motivations so entirely that you always end up seeing things Muri’s way. I’ve neve [...]

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    15. Книжката ми хареса страшно и я изгълтах на един път. Разглежда две различни идеи за пътуването - когато пътуваш за да стигнеш до някаква крайна цел, и когато пътуваш заради самото пътуване. Преплетени са много истории, повечето от тях пресичащи пътя на котка-емигрант, която [...]

    16. A delightful story. Not that anything delightful happens exactly but I very much enjoyed Muri the cats journey and the fact that he is depicted exactly as I imagine cats to be. well done to Hesperus Press who have done a superb job of translating this story into English. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a quirky story that keeps to the point and is understated in its cleverness.

    17. Sebi ću dodijeliti 4 zvjezdice za strpljenje. Ima mnogo knjiga sa ovom tematikom koje su kvalitetnije. Priznajem, knjiga me je iznervirala na početku i poslije više nije mogla ničim da me natjera da promijenim mišljenje.

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    19. I enjoyed this book but had a few false starts (entirely due to my own reading priorities) best read in a chunk or, even better in one go. It was an unusual read, it took some time to get used to the separate stories. I would recommend it as a thoughtful, thought provoking read.

    20. A good book, with lots of thought provoking journeys. Didn't enjoy the professors arguing bits so much, but the rest was a pleasant quick read :)

    21. A bit too wordy for me. Kinda came off like a text book to begin with. I did settle into it after a while and enjoyed the story, but it wasn't really my cuppa tea.

    22. By no means a bad book - it just wasn't for me. About half way through I got quite bored and found myself skimming my way to the end.

    23. reads like a fairy tale and has the required bad guys and good guys, adventure and close shaves I really enjoyed this but it didnt quite jell cometely just alittle lost in tranlation I think.

    24. Charming. At times, philosophically inspiring. I was struck by the exchange between Muri the cat and the Polish dog, Adolf. Yeah, that kind of book.

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