Animal Wisdon

Animal Wisdon Introduces the ancient ways of shamanism a spiritual practice through which we can learn to journey and discover our animal guides This book includes a history of shamanic peoples outlining their cu

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  • Title: Animal Wisdon
  • Author: Susie Green
  • ISBN: 9781904991250
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Introduces the ancient ways of shamanism, a spiritual practice through which we can learn to journey and discover our animal guides This book includes a history of shamanic peoples, outlining their cultural beliefs and ceremonies to give a context and understanding of shamanism as a spiritual tradition.

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    1. Reread. Book only, as there is another small book and deck set by the author and they work together, with only a few changes between the two.The book is nicely written, good information, shamanically based, though the author tends to lump everything in as shamanism. Detailed information, with slight changes in the meanings of animals. Different enough to be useful with other decks of animal cards, without being too far off. Beautiful images by the illustrator throughout.See Animal Messages for t [...]

    2. There are many quality books available on the wisdom of animals. This isn't one of them. This book is basically a companion to a deck of cards. While this book contains some interesting information, it is not thorough nor is it good for getting in touch with animal wisdom. The best use for it would be in the waiting room of a doctor's office for quick perusal.

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