The Little Bully

The Little Bully Billy is a nice boy who likes school until he encounters a bully named Fred

  • Title: The Little Bully
  • Author: Beth Bracken Jennifer A. Bell
  • ISBN: 9781404867956
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Billy is a nice boy who likes school until he encounters a bully named Fred.

    One thought on “The Little Bully”

    1. Bullying rasanya sudah jadi problem di mana pun, bahkan anak TK sekalipun banyak yang mengalami bully. Buku ini bisa menjadi pendamping untuk anak-anak yang mengalami bully dan bagaimana berani melawan bully tsb.

    2. "Wait a second. Why was he even his friend in the first place. He had a bunch of friends already and the other kids already knew not to be friends with him."-my younger siblings. My younger siblings did not really care for this book.

    3. Beth Bracken mixes things up a bit by introducing an unlikely and miniature mouse (Fred) that likes to bully larger characters in the school; especially Billy. Fred points out all of Billy's mishaps, and makes it very apparent to the entire classroom that Billy drew a picture with a lot of girl colors in it. The illustrations in this book are complimentary, and add a nice touch to the text. It is appropriate that the only one laughing when Billy gets made fun of is Fred, and Billy's parents rema [...]

    4. I really was unimpressed by this book. Story about Billy, who gets bullied at school by Fred, who is a tiny mouse. He eventually tells Fred nobody will play with him unless he gets nicer, and then Fred shapes up.The art is actually pretty super cute. The animals are expressive and friendly looking (even mean ole Fred).My problems with this book are that it's incredibly didactic and has some weird word choices. For example, Billy is cool because he "has a nice smile" (looking good means you're a [...]

    5. Bullies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as Billy comes to realize in this simple picture book. Just about everyone likes Billy, but his smaller friend, Fred, a mouse, enjoys poking fun of him and pointing out his mistakes. When his self-esteem is shattered by Fred's persistently negative comments, he wants to stay home. Instead, he stands up for himself without being mean to Fred, and calls him on his rude behavior. Although the illustrations feature animals grappling with issues of bullyi [...]

    6. The Little Bully is a good choice for discussing bullying with young children and to help them learn how to deal with a bully. Billy doesn't like it when Fred is mean to him and it makes Billy feel bad about himself. When Billy takes a good look at Fred and realizes that the reason for Fred's bullying is that he is really insecure about himself, Billy speaks up and tells Fred how he feels about his behavior. When Fred's behavior is checked, the boys actually learn to be friends.

    7. Grades K-1. A little mouse (Fred) teases Billy the Beaver about everything-- his clothes, how he writes, and pointing out ever imperfection. Pretty soon Billy starts to feel like nobody likes him and doesn't want to go to school until he starts to realize that Fred might be the one who is insecure. So he tells Fred that he likes himself and that if he keeps being mean, he won't be friends with him anymore. That's the wake-up call Fred needed. A nice intro to being nice to classmates.

    8. REALLY great basic book about bullying. Read with the 4/5s. I think it could be read to any grade of elementary student, even though it is directed to younger kids. I am looking into getting more of this series for the library.

    9. This book is perfect for my 3.5 year old whose recent immersion in social settings has proved frustrating when not everyone gets along or just doesn't have nice manners.

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