Ratfist Earthworm Jim creator Doug Tennapel is publishing his Webcomic Ratfist a vigilante in tights that satirizes comics politics philosophy and even Tennapel himself Featuring a forward written by MST

  • Title: Ratfist
  • Author: Doug TenNapel Katherine Garner
  • ISBN: 9781607064787
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • Earthworm Jim creator Doug Tennapel is publishing his Webcomic Ratfist, a vigilante in tights that satirizes comics, politics, philosophy, and even Tennapel himself Featuring a forward written by MST3K RiffTraxx s Michael J Nelson, and pin ups by Ryan Ottley, Scott Kurtz, Christopher Hastings, and Ethan Nicolle.

    One thought on “Ratfist”

    1. I didn’t like this as well as a lot of other Tenapel books I’ve read. It seemed a little disjointed although the art was just as good. I knew what he was going after in the story, but it just didn’t grab me as much.

    2. Ratfist is your basic average guy. I mean he’s got a girlfriend he’s about to propose to, a steady job,a pet rat, and of course he’s a hero of the city. Well mostly. But he’s about to give the hero biz up after one last case, so that he can marry his girlfriend. But this last case has nothing normal about it. He discovers the Space Tiki who can take the souls out of one creature and give them to another. Which is how Ratfist comes to really look like a rat, with a tail and everything. He [...]

    3. ARC provided by NetGalley.I usually like superhero stories. I even like satires. Ratfist has both of those things so it should be a fun read, right?Unfortunately, I was let down. I can't really say that Ratfist was bad because it really wasn't. It's just that I'm obviously not the target audience for it.I don't read satire that often so going back to it in a comic format was an interesting experience. However, like I said before, I'm not the intended audience for Ratfist. People who read superhe [...]

    4. This is one of those books where I'm entirely sure what was going on, but I enjoyed the journey. I've read TenNapel's work before and it seemed relatively straightforward, so imagine my surprise when I come across Ratfist. We've got Ratfist and his sidekicks (an actual rat and the remains of Ratfist's tail, both of which are sentient and rather talkative) and they're trying to save the world from an evil corporation that Ratfist had initially supported until he came face to face with the repercu [...]

    5. I hadn't read Ratfist since the webcomic came out, and it seems more thematically heavy when you read it all together. I wouldn't say it is preachy, but I think sometimes TenNapel chooses a more straightforward plot with a clear message over a possibly more interesting plot with a hazy message. Still, it's good to read a comic with a reason for existence. TenNapel obviously has something to say with Ratfist, something about society that is subversive and not politically correct. This novel does [...]

    6. Doug TenNapel never really disappoints. His art is great and expressive; the plot of this little stand-alone volume is absurd and charming; Earthworm Jim makes a brief, puzzled appearance; and as soon as I put it down I was sad that my time with the quirky characters was over. Not a challenging or substantial read, but a fun one.

    7. Originally a webcomic, "Ratfist" moves along at a frenetic pace. This is a rollicking adventure and a great story. There are laugh-out-loud moments galore, and a bit of heartbreak as well. And, oh the puns! Fun.

    8. Anyone remember the Earthworm Jim video game? Well the creator of that created this. Similar in style and humor. Chances are readers are going to think this is the best thing ever or think it's pretty stinky.

    9. Hmm. This could have been pretty good- great art style, but the storytelling becomes increasingly disjointed and there's a lot of flailing around near the end. The superhero satire is pretty funny (the "Miterspam" joke had me laughing out loud), but overall this seems a little half-baked.

    10. Creative and confident, with a strong voice. Silly, gross, very strong choice for a teen collection. This style is a little broad and wacky for my taste but I can recognize this is a strong entry in the genre.

    11. Interesting, got this as pre-pub book. I had no idea what to expect. there were times when I thought it would be good to add to one of my collections, but then others would come up. the final moral was really good though.

    12. this is not just another take on the the "spider-man origin story" just with a rat. there's a lot of meta going on (which I am a sucker for) and there is quite the sadhappy ending.

    13. Breaking the fourth wall is a real turn off for me and he did it a lot. I also was not thrilled by how he handled religion in this book.

    14. Wild animal-farmish journey with an insightful commentary on web comics at the end. Glad it came out in paperback.

    15. Excelent and hysterical humor, and inaproriately funny at some parts. Love it. It would make an excelent animated films for adults.Stay creative,- Lukas

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