Buzdolabının Üstündeki Kız

Buzdolab n n st ndeki K z Etgar Keret in enlikli s ra d ve sars c d nyas na a lan benzersiz bir ge it Buzdolab n n st ndeki K z Sevdi i kad n i in duvarlar n i inden ge meye haz r bir gen hi ten yap lm bir adam seven bir ge

  • Title: Buzdolabının Üstündeki Kız
  • Author: Etgar Keret Avi Pardo
  • ISBN: 9786055903329
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Etgar Keret in enlikli, s ra d ve sars c d nyas na a lan benzersiz bir ge it Buzdolab n n st ndeki K z Sevdi i kad n i in duvarlar n i inden ge meye haz r bir gen , hi ten yap lm bir adam seven bir gen kad n, r yalar n ten canavarla kap an bir adam, apkas n n i inden tav an karmak isterken kopmu bir tav an kafas eken bir sihirbaz, kendini sorgulamayEtgar Keret in enlikli, s ra d ve sars c d nyas na a lan benzersiz bir ge it Buzdolab n n st ndeki K z Sevdi i kad n i in duvarlar n i inden ge meye haz r bir gen , hi ten yap lm bir adam seven bir gen kad n, r yalar n ten canavarla kap an bir adam, apkas n n i inden tav an karmak isterken kopmu bir tav an kafas eken bir sihirbaz, kendini sorgulamaya yeltenen d nyan n en geri zek l gizli ajan , makineli t fek ile bah esindeki meyve a ac na dadanan ocuklar kovalayan bir babaanne ve dahas Buzdolab n n st ndeki K z, ger ekli in varsay lan ayarlar yla ince ince oynuyor, s radan hayatlar n sa mal klar na ne ter at yor Y r mekten ok t kezleyenler, g rkemli kaybedenler, neden sorusunu sormaktan oktan vazge enler Keret in yaratt d nyadan buraya, bizlere h nz r h nz r g z k rp yor.

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    1. Short Short StoriesEtgar Keret was born in Tel Aviv in 1967. This is the third book of his short stories that I’ve read and I’ve loved them all.To give you one idea of why I like them, there are 46 stories in this collection, and the whole thing is only 171 pages long. Most stories come in at 1½ to four pages, which means you can read two while you’re waiting for your bread to toast, or your partner to warm your side of the bed for you, or your children to finish in the bathroom (well, ma [...]

    2. I bought this at Powell's in Chicago; my wife drove and I read a few stories aloud -- which isn't problematic as most of them were less than two pages and hilariously dry. I finished before we made it to Lafyette. I would read more of his work but have since grown immune to erratic impulses to flash effect.

    3. Kısa kısa bir sürü hikaye barındırıyor içinde Buzdolabının Üstündeki Kız. Kara mizah sevenlerin seveceğini düşündüğüm bir kitap. Ama benim için ortalama kaldı diyebilirim. Yazarın çok farklı bir anlatım tarzı var. Vermek istediği mesajı fazla kısa hikayeler ile vermeye çalışıyor. Ve ben bu kadar kısa hikayeleri sevmiyorum. O yüzden bazı hikayeler çok hoşuma giderken bazılarını hiç sevmedim.

    4. I don't know how I discovered Etgar Keret but I've always been happy that I did. As I'm also in the midst of reading a couple of Chekhov collections, I think I can understand why I like Keret: He reminds me a great deal of Chekhov, and not just because most of their stories are very short. Both authors write in a style that, on the surface, is comedic, cynical and superficial but upon reflection reveals an insight and depth of empathy few writers can excel.This is the weakest of the three Keret [...]

    5. *mencoba mbayangin kalau buku ini di terjemahkan ke bahasa indonesia bagaimana*1 komentar untuk buku ini mungkin begini: tragismpulnya kece, ceritanya penuh tragedi dan sarkas-sarkas tentang kehidupan. ada banyak cerita yang mungkin bisa membuatmu tertawa karena begitu menyindir (mungkin mirip) kisah hidupmumacam pengingat, kenapa saat kita tumbuh dewasa, kita malah berubah menjadi orang dewasa yang menyebalkan yang bahkan sekedar memiliki permohonan saat ada bintang jatuh pun kita tidak bisa.ce [...]

    6. Kız arkadaşım Amerika'da birilerinin yalnızlığa karşı bir ilaç bulduğunu söyledi. Dün akşam Gece Hattı'nda duymuş, şimdi de ablasına ona bir kasa yollaması için özel ulakla mektup gönderiyor. Gece Hattı'nda ilacın Doğu Yakası'nda ki bütün eczanelerde bulunduğunu ve New York'ta peynir ekmek gibi satıldığı söylemişler. İki türü varmış, damla yada sprey. Kız arkadaşım damla sipariş etti. Kendini yalnız hissetmesin diye ozon tabakasına zarar vermesinin â [...]

    7. Είχα μια αμφιβολία για το πόσα άστρα να δώσω σε αυτό το βιβλίο μα τελικά αποφάσισα τα 4* γιατί τα διηγήματα μου άρεσαν τόσο πολύ λόγω της παράνοιας που έχουν και της συντομίας τους. Ένας συγγραφέας που γράφει μεγάλη λογοτεχνία με λίγες λέξεις και σίγουρα έχει να δώσει πολλά α [...]

    8. Many readers seem to think this author is a genius and his stories are wonderful. Perhaps, but my opinion differs. They were not to my taste.This book has 171 pages and there are 46 stories; they’re obviously very short. Thankfully, for me, they were short and the book was short.As I read I had a sheet of paper handy with loved, liked a lot, and liked as categories, for writing down short stories that fit each one. The results?: none that I could wholeheartedly put on any of those lists, altho [...]

    9. After hearing an interview with this author as well as excepts from some of his shorts on NPR I rushed to buy this book. Etgar Keret has written a collection of slightly dark and sometimes surreal short stories about the human condition. Individually these stories can be surprising and thought provoking, but as a whole I found the experience of reading this book to be exhausting. This 137 page novel features no less than 46 individual stories. Fourty-six. In case math is not your friend, each sh [...]

    10. his short stories are super-short, only 3 until 4 pages long, yet they're unbeatably effective in delivering their goal. the stories are hilarious, and sometime surreal too. like when a wife glued her feet to the ceiling and hanging upside down like a bat because, according to the husband, maybe she knew something about his hidden affair with another woman. etgar keret has a unique sense of humour. his way of telling stories reminds me of junot díaz, a writer from dominican republic who wrote ' [...]

    11. Salman Rushdie calls Keret “the voice of the next generation,” a boldly meaningless statement. Most of us will eventually recall the contentious convention of the next generation, to be so relentlessly covered in USA Tomorrow, in which Salman Rushdie will narrowly defeat Simon Cowell and Donald Trump for the office of Decider of the Voice of the Next Generation. We will recall it as soon as it occurs. But while we are waiting for the Next Generation to form, define itself or be defined, and [...]

    12. This is the awesomest minimalistic weirdness I have ever read, both in terms of word scarcity and stories themselves, some as short as half a page, yet packed with so much juice and life and magic and absurdity of every day life and sorrow and hope and sexual fantasies and violence and poetry and…oh, I can’t continue, I have to catch my breath. Can you fix a relationship with super glue? Like, real super glue, really glueing two people together? Can you be parented by a fridge? Can you vacuu [...]

    13. This was an impulse grab at the library. Its rather interesting full of short stories that are kind of funny, kind of creepy to down right boring. It was an okay read.

    14. Yazarın okuduğum ilk kitabı, bir sürü kısa hikayeden oluşan bir kitap. Hikayeler bir kaç sayfa uzunluğunda ve İsrailli yazarın tüm hikayeleri, hafif gerçek üstü ve çok eğlenceli. Az kelimeyle çok şey anlatan akıllıca bir tazı var. Denedim ve memnun kaldım ve başka kitabını da okumak isterim :)

    15. I'm so glad I randomly stumbled across this book at my local bookstore. Etgar Keret's style of storytelling feels fresh and new, playful and smart; and he's very perceptive when it comes to both the dark and lighter sides of human nature. Some of the stories were stronger than others, but I liked them all. And, for at least half of them, I finished the story, closed my eyes, and mentally shouted the equivalent of "BRAVO!" Which is to say, I really really liked the story. :) Also, the writing (in [...]

    16. Thank God it's over. That is the first thought that pops into my head when I am finally finished with this sad excuse for a book. I must admit, I had no idea whatsoever as to what I was getting myself into when a classmate of mine handed it to me with the genuine promise that I was going to love it. I am never trusting him again. Most of the reviews I read before digging into the book were praises, absolute, unquestionable praises, which undoubtedly raised the bar of my expectations. Alas, almos [...]

    17. On the cover of this book, there is a quote by Salman Rushdie saying that the author, Etgar Keret, is "The voice of the next generation." I don't know which generation Rushdie had in mind, but my feeling is it must be the Twitter Generatione these stories are shortally shortwith the shortest being one smallish paragraph. Not being a Twitter person, I can't vouch for it's effectiveness, or lack thereof, to convey meaningful/moving ideas, but these stories, for the most part, don't do it for me. I [...]

    18. Though not as good as The Nimrod Flipout there are many stories in this collection that still blow me away. This collection feels darker then his other collection I've read. The story, "The Bet", is a great example. It's short, powerful, and the last sentence will stay with you long after you've finished it, but where you could feel the hope resonating throughout most of the stories in The Nimrod Flipout, Keret seems much more cynical in this collection. Still a great read.

    19. Bu adamın hayal dünyasına, yaratıcılığına, üslubuna bayılıyorum. Tanrı Olmak İsteyen Otobüs Şoförü kadar hayran olmasam da beğenerek, yüzümde aptal bir gülümsemeyle okudum kitabı. Keşke daha uzun öyküler olsaydı dedim yine, tadı damağımda kalan çok.

    20. ثاني مجموعة قصصية أقراها لإيتجار كيريت. نفس الخيال العظيم اللي بهرني في المجموعة السابقة كان متواجد في نصف الكتاب الأول. ثم بدأ في الخفوت حتى نهاية الكتاب، ربما كثير من القصص كانت مرتبطة بتفاصيل محلية زيادة عن اللزوم. وربما كانت سيئة فحسب، مش عارف! بس قشطة، مش وحش بس مش عظيم.

    21. Çehov'u ayrı tutarak söylüyorum, sanırım Türk öykücüleri daha çok seviyorum. Daha yakın, sıcak geliyor; bir fincan sahlep gibi.

    22. Çok övgü almış olmasına rağmen ben pek beğenmedim, zorla okudum. İki sayfayı geçmeyen sonu başı belli değil öykülerle yeni bir tarz yakalamaya çalışmış sanırım, ama sevemedim.

    23. I'm a big fan of short stories. I didn't know what to expect with this one; the cover caught my eye (shame on me) and the description on the back pulled me in pretty quickly, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Finished it in less than a week, and wow. I love stumbling across books like this one on accident. The stories come in bite-sized portions; I think the shortest one was 3/4 of a page and the longest was probably six pages. The story topics include: brain cancer, crazy glue, people pissing o [...]

    24. Разказите, включени в "Момичето от хладилника" са може би най-нежните абсурди, които някога съм чела и именно този нежен абсурд обединява всички толкова различни сами по себе си разкази. Имаше два-три разказа,които не успяха да ме докоснат, защото усетих, че може би символика [...]

    25. Israeli writer Keret does a lot with a few words. This collection of short-story espresso shots (emphasis on short - each story was no more than a few pages long) is dark and fairly messed up - but distinctive and compelling.

    26. These stories are flawless fucked up gems. I can't describe them any other way. Not EVERY story is solid, but with almost fifty stories, what can you expect?

    27. "I needed something I could believe in. A great love that would never go away, that would never leave me. My therapist listened with interest and suggested that I buy a dog. I left my therapist."Recently, I read something about the disappearance of the Dewy Decimal System. The author lamented its decline, and talked about the beauty and simplicity we're losing as a result. It was a compelling argument, until last week, when I found myself in an academic library and was reminded of my loathing fo [...]

    28. I first came across Etgar Keret in Four Letter Word: Invented Correspondence from the Edge of Modern Romance, a collection of love letters from today's leading fiction writers. After making a note to look him up later and then entirely forgetting about it, I was reminded when I saw the striking cover of this book at Barnes & Noble. After reading the first short story, I immediately put it on my library queue to read the rest.This collection of short stories feature some of the shortest I've [...]

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