The Milestone Tapes

The Milestone Tapes The only thing Jenna Chamberland ever wanted in her life was to be a good wife and a good mom In death she ll find that she still wants the same things With stage four breast cancer a terminal diagn

  • Title: The Milestone Tapes
  • Author: Ashley Mackler-Paternostro
  • ISBN: 9781468150063
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • The only thing Jenna Chamberland ever wanted in her life was to be a good wife and a good mom In death, she ll find that she still wants the same things.With stage four breast cancer, a terminal diagnosis and six months to live, Jenna fears what awaits her family after she is gone Her husband, Gabe, will be left to raise their daughter alone, and Mia, only seven years olThe only thing Jenna Chamberland ever wanted in her life was to be a good wife and a good mom In death, she ll find that she still wants the same things.With stage four breast cancer, a terminal diagnosis and six months to live, Jenna fears what awaits her family after she is gone Her husband, Gabe, will be left to raise their daughter alone, and Mia, only seven years old, will be forced to face a world without her mother.Ten blank tapes to teach her daughter everything she ll ever need to know.Dead before Mia ever really got to know her, Jenna exists now only in pictures and watercolored memories, and Mia finds herself struggling to remember her mother in a way that feels real But on the ninth anniversary of Jenna s death, she will return to her daughter through a series of audiocassettes One tape each of the milestones of Mia s life, and with them, a letter explaining that Mia should only listen to the tapes when the time is right.With the help of her mother s long gone voice, Mia may just learn how to embrace the challenges and triumphs of her ever changing life with humor, grace and a lot of hope.Rereleased for its second anniversary, the novel that book bloggers have called beautiful and unforgettable returns with new content and tapes never before read.

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    1. I have to be honest, here I really wasn't expecting much when I bought The Milestone Tapes. How wrong I was.I write science fiction with aliens and explosions so that's the kind of thing I'm drawn to when I read. However, while I'm more than happy to explore outside my genre, reading chick-lit is definitely right down the bottom of the list of weekend activities I enjoy the experience hovering somewhere between being waterboarded and stung to death by millions of tiny scorpions. Further, the Mil [...]

    2. The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover. It is a stunning cover and I fell in love! I put this book at the top of a huge list of books I want to read based on the cover. Don't judge a book by the cover come to mind? Probably should have for me!The blurb for this book caught my attention also and I recently lost my mom, in November actually so that also drew me in because it has been hard and I thought reading this might help a little and it did, the only reason I did 4 stars inst [...]

    3. Please note I would have given this an additional half star if it were an option. The reason for not rounding up to a 4 star review is the number of typos and missing words. I hope the author has had a chance to go back and update the Kindle version which is the version I read as it truly distracted me from the touching story.- spoilers below - The story is about the heartache of losing someone you love, not only for the one who is left behind but for the one who is dying. It centers around Jenn [...]

    4. GoodReads needs to add a bookshelf called "Attempted to Read". My Kindle tells me I've made it 12% into this book. To say the grammar is horrible is an understatement. And there's already been at least one instance of using the wrong character name in a paragraph. Every time I came across a grammatical error, I tried to tell myself I could stick it out to finish the book. When I found the incorrect character name followed by a "you're" that should have been "your", I threw in the towel. I realiz [...]

    5. There are a lot of high ratings for this book, which, along with the beautiful cover (seemingly rare these days among self-published and e-book authors) and the intriguing premise, led me to give it a go. I'm not sure if the 4 and 5 star ratings are because this is the author's first book, but I really can't agree with them. I am struggling to give it these 2 stars. [Unspecific spoilers may follow.]The story was tackled moderately well, though I thought going into it that Jenna's story would be [...]

    6. I can't even put into words how much I truly loved this book. I had a hard time reading this book because it made me cry so much and even though it made me cry I didn't want to put it down and stop reading it. I loved following the characters and even though you know the mom is going to pass away I had to keep reading. I believe that this book was so hard for me because I can relate to the topic. As some of you know I go to a cancer center every month to get my MS treatment so I do know a lot of [...]

    7. The premise and story is alright but seriously, does anybody proofread these amazon kindle special offer books? I hate being the preposition-pronoun-missing word-grammar police but the errors got worse and worse as the book progressed. And even the font changed for awhile half way through and I don't think it was intentional. The first half is about the doting mom, Jenna, dying of breast cancer but not wanting to miss any moments with her family. It was an interesting perspective since I lived i [...]

    8. Loved it!! Ashley Mackler-Paternostro did a beautiful job in portraying what it is like for a family to go through their life with breast cancer, death, and the upcoming lost years looming over them. It truly gave me a deeper appreciation for those dealing with, trying to understand, and comprehend the horrific disease of cancer. It was very well written, enjoyable, and I didn't want it to end! The only thing I didn't really like about the book is that it was written in 3rd party narration. I fe [...]

    9. Nahát, meglepett ez a könyv, nem számítottam sokra tőle. Egy haldokló anya, és az ő üzenetei a lányának Szépen van megírva, és jó volt olvasni, de nem könnyű néha Betegség, gyász, halál, minden van benne, ugyanakkor az egész életet is megpróbálja felölelni és annak minden fontosabb pillanatát. Bővebben: pupillaolvas/2015/

    10. The Long Goodbye(Full disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of this book for review through Library Thing's Member Giveaways program.)Jenna Chamberland is tired of fighting. For the past three years, she's battled the cancer growing inside her. A radical double mastectomy, chemo, radiation - none were enough to prevent the cancer from metastasizing, from traveling to her bones, her liver, her lungs and her brain. With the diagnosis of stage four cancer comes the promise of not if, but wh [...]

    11. Originally posted at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on Apr 7 2012:I’ll begin with the obvious. Freaking AMAZING cover!! Seriously, freaking amazing!! Genius work. The author’s site is also pretty freaking gorgeous and the cover for her other novel is genius as well. This angle of things is spot on, it’s a full 5 butterflies all on its own.Now, this was hard to rate. I really loved reading it, but I couldn’t ignore some things that bothered me. I’ll just say what did bother me and get it out o [...]

    12. The Milestone Tapes is one of those books that really touched me because it is about the journey of love between a parent and child. Jenna Chamberland loves being a mother, but after a 3-year battle against breast cancer, she is dying. She makes the decision to stop treatment so that she can spend the most quality time left with her family, especially her 7-year-old daughter, Mia. Jenna records a set of ten audiocassettes that her daughter can listen to as she grows older and goes through differ [...]

    13. The Milestone Tapes by Ashley Mackler-Paternostro is a independent publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The first part of this book chronicles Jenna's struggle with advanced breast cancer. She has a good marriage and beautiful daughter and fights the good fight. After an exhaustive fight Jenna passes away peacefully on a beautiful fall day leaving behind her devastated family. But, because Mia was only seven years old and she would not have her mother [...]

    14. My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones. - Agnetha FaltskogGabe and Jenna Chamberland had it all - a dream home, successful careers and a beautiful baby girl. until the day Jenna finds out she has malignant breast cancer. before she loses her battle with the disease, Jenna leaves something behind for her daughter Mia by gifting her with the Milestone Tapes. author Ashley Mackler-Paternostro's writing shines with a passion that is remarkable fo [...]

    15. Jenna and Gabe have everything they've ever wanted successful careers, a beautiful house and a daughter named Mia. Then Jenna discovers she has breast cancer and does all she can to fight it. It gets to the point where she can continue to fight, be sick all the time only to gain a couple extra months or stop the treatment. Though she'll likely have less time, she chooses to stop the treatment to spend what quality time she does have with her family. This is the first half of the book.The second [...]

    16. Jenna Chamberland has everything she wanted out of life. She is a successful author married to an attentive, architect husband. They are raising their young daughter, Mia, in their dream home in the perfect location. Then, Jenna is diagnosed with breast cancer. After a 3 year fight she is not winning, she decides to stop treatment for the cancer. Knowing she doesn't have any time left to impart the life lessons she had hoped to teach her daughter, Jenna decides to record a series of tapes that s [...]

    17. This was a wonderful book to read.I'm sure that sounds a bit odd since it is a book about cancer and dying but it is more about a mother's love for her child and the lengths she will go to be with her daughter for as long as possible.The Chamberland family unit is one of great love for each other. Gabe and Jenna wait until they are older to have a child and they move to a a small town in Washington where their child will have the best of everything. They build a dream home and when Mia is finall [...]

    18. Jenna Chamberland has breast cancer, and she is dying. She is trying to make the most of her time left with her husband, Gabe, and their 6-year-old daughter, Mia. She also decides to reach out to her estranged sister, Sophia, before it’s too late. In order to be part of her daughter’s life, Jenna records 10 tapes about the future big events in her girl’s existence. And while she talks about first love or graduation, she wants to make sure Mia understands how special she is.The Milestone Ta [...]

    19. A heartrending read. The first part of the book is from Jenna's perspective and her unimaginable pain of knowing that she was going to die and leave behind a loving husband and a young daughter. I could definitely feel how hard it was for her to even think about the things she was going to miss. Having young children myself made reading that much stronger in feeling. Jenna describes how what she was leaving behind and the events she would miss harder to bear than the disease.The second part of t [...]

    20. This review is for the KINDLE EDITION!This book has me torn when it comes to a review. I feel like it could easily have been a four star book were it not for the tremendous amount of mistakes, typos, spelling and grammatical errors, characters using the wrong names, etc. It was riddled with errors as if they'd been shot at it with a machine gun. Which was very sad, and frustrating, because underneath the mess was a good story, a great concept, and some very well conceived characters.I have to gi [...]

    21. Starting this novel, I knew it was going to be tough to read purely because the subject matter is already so desolate. A mother, after discovering she is losing a battle with cancer, decides to leave her daughter a set of tapes to mark the momentous occasions of her daughter’s life. Mackler-Paternostro paints an extremely vivid picture of the realities of cancer. It was truly heartbreaking how Jenna was forced to allow someone else to take care of Mia. Watching Jenna’s gradual demise was bru [...]

    22. Cancer is one of those things that seems to affect us all, and books where this is a central theme are plentiful and popular. In order for a book about this topic to stand out, it needs to be well-written and connect emotionally with the reader. And indeed this book does just that. From the beginning, I was drawn into the story. I could relate to a mother-daughter relationship, and the cancer diagnosis made the story poignant to say the least.As I read this story, there were several occasions wh [...]

    23. I knew going into reading this that it would be a tear-inducing read. Having been no stranger to cancer in the family, I felt like I related all to well to the cancer induced death that Jenna suffers from.The first half of this book sets up the Chamberland family's life, chronicling Jenna and Gabe's marriage, to the birth of Mia, and then her battle with cancer. I felt like it was really well laid out and that there was some amazing foundation built for these characters.Jenna decides to make mil [...]

    24. The Milestone Tapes to me was so sad that I was not sure if I would be able to finish. I am such a crybaby when it comes to anything sad. Since this was a review book I stuck with it and I am really glad that I did. I think I cried through at least half of it but that was ok because I found the story to be very powerful and uplifting.Jenna and Gabe are professional people and have an established life, beautiful home and decide it is time to have a child, even though they have been married for a [...]

    25. This is such a great love story with a beautiful bond between a mother and a daughter. Heartwarming and inviting all the way through.Although before I ever picked the book up to read what was inside i was immediately drawn to the cover. Its romantic, poetic and enticing. It makes you want to pick the book up and peek inside. What really took away from this book for me though were all the typos and missing words. For example, "she put on hand on her hid" and "you need nothing wrong. There were pl [...]

    26. The premise of this book sounded great, but unfortunately it did not live up to expectations. The first part of the book where the reader gets to know Jenna just goes on too long. I realize that its important to get to know her since you need to know Jenna to understand the kind of mother she was, but too many parts just don't seem necessary and make the story drag. For instance the reunion with Jenna's sister and the story of the sister's impending divorce. The book really picks up and is much [...]

    27. I don't even know where to begin! This book was completely heart wrenching. The characters seemed very real to me, and their situation, though horrific, is one that we see so many families dealing with. I shed more tears during the first part of this book than in any other book I have ever read. Jenna is a mother to six-year-old daughter, Mia. Jenna is dying from cancer, and the first part of the book is about her coming to terms with leaving her family. I felt as if I was going on this heartbre [...]

    28. Originally posted on my blog asoutherngirlsbookshelfspI'd had this book in my Kindle for months. Got it one day while searching the free Kindle reads. I must admit I loved the cover way before I ever read the description of what the book was about. I tend to do thats I do tend to judge a book by it's cover. One day about two months ago I decided I would read this.WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!! The Milestone Tapes is a lovely and touching story of a mother dying of cancer and whose love for her daught [...]

    29. I was pretty frustrated by this book for many reasons. there were many many pages of mundane moments in the character's lives. names changed throughout the book and often left me briefly confused. the amount of spelling and grammatical errors was ridiculous and I found myself focusing more on them than the story itself. I felt the life of Jenna was so drawn out, and Mina's life was shortened to a small amount of chapters. we didn't get the chance to hear about her milestones and it felt rushed. [...]

    30. It was among the best books I have read.About this lady,Jenna who has lived her whole life been careful and saving up so that eventually when they do get a child things would be smooth going.After achieving all that and building their dream house,they get a baby and she realizes after 3 years she has cancer,and all the hopes and dreams she had for them are dashed.The Milestone Tapes are recordings she took for whatever milestone she knew her daughter would get through without her presence.It was [...]

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