Reunion Father Son New York City Grand Central Station Short story in which the narrator recalls the last time he saw his fatherwnloadswyorker mp fi

  • Title: Reunion
  • Author: John Cheever Richard Ford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Father Son, New York City, Grand Central Station.Short story in which the narrator recalls the last time he saw his fatherwnloadswyorker mp3 fi

    One thought on “Reunion”

    1. I listened to Richard Ford read this on the New Yorker fiction podcast. It's a short read. Some might even say that nothing happens in it, and they would be right. A boy meets his dad while waiting for a train on Grand Cenral Station, they are going to have lunch together, and that is about it. But one can also say that everything happens, and to me that would be right. In this brief short story that only has a limited encounter between father, and son has so much packed into it. There is so muc [...]

    2. The writers had succeded to make me hate the dad. The story was so sad, poor son. It's all about hopes and a dissapointment.*assignment of intro short story course*

    3. Reunion by John CheeverSad in a way, but very goodThis story made me think of my own father, who was unlike the parent of the author but still made me feel awkward at times.Puiu, my father was a very likeable, outgoing man and this is why I felt embarrassed, for he talked to everybody, with great ease.And I was a teenager when I saw him talking with so many people and looking back I wonder how many affairs took place.The father in the story is a completely different breed, obnoxious and rude; he [...]

    4. A man requested to meet his father again after 3 years of not seeing each other due to the latter's divorce with his mother. He then realized that the father he once knew is now a stranger to him.It was very dramatic and emotional. I can feel for the characters because I last saw my father at an age too young for me to remember his face. If I get an opportunity to see him someday, I will take it like the man in the story no matter how different my father may be.

    5. What a coincident story. I have met my father yesterday with my sister. I had not seen him for almost 8 years. While eating, I am asking myself if he is really my father. Of course, I know that he is my father, but I cannot ignore the strange feeling while talking to him. It is like I am talking to a stranger. Good thing though I am with my talkative sister who prevents the awkwardness, my father and I might feel for each other.

    6. I first read this book last year when I was in London during an English class that I was taking. I found it really funny and really interesting. The story drew me in immediately. I think the narrator adds a lot to the story. He puts emotion into it. The story itself is great because you kind of don't know what is going to happen next. Overall, this is a very good short story.

    7. amazing description of the awkward reunion with a father that you are supposed to know and don't know at the same time .his father is so mean , this makes that boy lucky that he leaves with his mother .

    8. I've known too many people like this, unfortunately. Sad read, I usually read to get away from realities like this.

    9. Sad story. I know people experience situations similar to this on a regular basis but this was just rude.

    10. It's a short story that actually is complex and left me wanting to know more about Charlie and his father.

    11. I wish I could say I enjoyed this story, but the theme gave me horrid anxiety and I just couldn't shake the feeling afterwards.

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