Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night

Jellybeans Morning Noon Night Jellybeans Morning Noon and Night is about two brothers who share a love of jellybeans No matter what the flavor those boys just love jellybeans all of them If they had it their way they would eat

  • Title: Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night
  • Author: Maggie Pajak Marni Backer Noelle Skodzinski Marni Deilmer
  • ISBN: 9780984859801
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night, is about two brothers who share a love of jellybeans No matter what the flavor, those boys just love jellybeans all of them If they had it their way, they would eat jellybeans for breakfast, jellybeans for lunch, and jellybeans for dinner And that s exactly what they plan to do It is a brilliant plan, isn t it

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    1. My son (6) and I reviewed this book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews. Here are our thoughts:SON SAYS:I like the pictures a lot. I liked how there was a picture of one real thing in all of the drawings. The one that had the glass of orange juice was the coolest. I also liked the pictures of the real jellybeans. The main characters are two young boys, Matthew and Andrew and they would like to eat jellybeans all the time. They were very smart to come up with a good plan to fool their Mom. But their [...]

    2. A truly scrumptious book with a thought that will delight jellybean lovers. Two brothers have a creative idea on how they can bring mom around to the idea of having jellybeans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The art in the book is stunning. Made with colors not just for around Easter when jellybeans are most popular but designed for everyday story.These two little boys come up with a smart idea for their mom to let them eat jellybeans. The Mother of course says “ If I don’t eat jellybeans, [...]

    3. Just looking at the cover of this bright, delightfully illustrated book and seeing the expressions on the faces of the three children who are the inventive characters of the story Jellybeans Morning Noon & Night simply draws you into its pages in anticipation of a rollicking time with the kids.Now the two boys simply love jellybeans and they enlist their cousin to help them convince their mother that they can have them to eat morning, noon, and night. The plan is devious for certain. The kid [...]

    4. A story about 2 little boys who loved jellybeans more than anything and wanted to eat them morning, noon and night, but of course Mom always said no. They come up with a plan to get their way, you'll have to read to see if the plan worked.This is a cute book with bright colors and at the same time, as you are reading the story, you get to hunt for the "good eggs" throughout the book. A great way to read your child or grandchild to sleep, they will be dreaming about what else, jellybeans of cours [...]

    5. This is delightful children's story. The pictures are bright and colorful and very appealing to children. The story is simple but one children can relate to. I am thrilled that I won this picture book from and I can't wait to share it with my granddaughter.

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