Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman Fans of the New York Times bestselling Redwall series will be delighted with Brian Jacques latest The legend of the Flying Dutchman the ghost ship doomed to sail the seas forever has been passed dow

  • Title: Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
  • Author: Brian Jacques Ian Schoenherr
  • ISBN: 9780441009145
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Fans of the New York Times bestselling Redwall series will be delighted with Brian Jacques latest The legend of the Flying Dutchman, the ghost ship doomed to sail the seas forever, has been passed down throughout the centuries But what of the boy, Neb, and his dog, Den, who were trapped aboard that ship What was to become of them Sent off on an eternal journey of theFans of the New York Times bestselling Redwall series will be delighted with Brian Jacques latest The legend of the Flying Dutchman, the ghost ship doomed to sail the seas forever, has been passed down throughout the centuries But what of the boy, Neb, and his dog, Den, who were trapped aboard that ship What was to become of them Sent off on an eternal journey of their own, the boy and his dog roam the earth through out the centuries in search of those in need Braving wind and waves and countless perils, they stumble across a 19th century village whose very existence is at stake Saving it will take the will and wile of all the people and a very special boy and dog The swashbuckling language brims with color and melodrama the villains are dastardly and stupid and buried treasure, mysterious clues, and luscious culinary descriptions generally involving sweets keep the pages turning Booklist

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    1. This book averages out to three stars. I give five starts to the parts actually set on the Flying Dutchman. Brian Jacques' descriptions of shipboard life in the 1600s are both thrilling and terrifying. He's obviously done his research and the book's first few chapters made me want to rush out to the library and grab more books in a similar vein. (Patrick O'Brian's novels are much higher on my to-read list as a result of reading this book.) I wish I could give five stars to the rest of the novel, [...]

    2. What a brilliantly imaginative novel! This fantasy adventure starts of simple enough, just a boy and his dog traveling - but it quickly builds up into something spectacular. If you're a fantasy fan this is definitely worth it.

    3. I loved it! Surprisingly, Ben didn't actually spend much time on the Flying Dutchman. And the captain was not Davy Jones like in the Pirates of the Caribbean, he was Vanderdecken, who I have never heard of. Brian Jacques is a great, descriptive writer. If you like riddles, animals, ships or sweet old ladies, this book is for you. And it was kind of religious I wasn't expecting that. But again, I loved it.

    4. Not bad, not bad at all. Definitely a little strange--and was that a cliffhanger ending?--but interesting and good overall. Especially the characters, those were well done. The whole idea with the angel and the eternity was the strange part, but it wasn't too strange for me to deal with so we're good.Favorite line of the whole book was probably the very beginning where the cook named the boy:“Hey, Jamil, what you call a boy with no name?” “Nebuchadnezzar.” "Nebu-what?" "Nebuchadnezzar. I [...]

    5. Read it for A challenge. Enjoyed it, but would never pick it myself. So out of the comfort zone.Nice book. An easy read too. But not something special.

    6. So as I began reading this book, I thought, "Yes! Finally! No more mushy, unrealistic stories! He's mute! He suffers and endures hardship! Death! Yay!" Then they get to shore. Ok he can talk now. He and his dog have some weird Firestorm from DC comics thing going on. The old guy dies, and now they can go off into the world doing all the things we would do if we could live forever! Spend decades learning martial arts in the mountains! Become a doctor only because you have spare time! Become a his [...]

    7. I lovedBrian Jacques when I was a kid. In my opinion, this is one of his best non-Redwall books, and I think it's definitely the best out of this trilogy.This book is in three parts, and firstly Ned and Ben's story of origin is presented. You can't help but feel sorry for the poor, mute boy -- Ben -- at the beginning of the book. It's not long before this orphan finds a friend in Ned, a stray Labrador, and destiny has plans for these two, including being accidental stowaways on a pirate ship. Yo [...]

    8. I was very disappointed with this book. My friend had told me about it and it sounded really cool so I got it. I'd never really been into Redwall (the very popular series by this author), but this book is very different than those, so I decided to give it a try, unfortunately it only served to remind me of all the reasons I had never finished a Redwall book. The story is about a boy and his dog, two unfortunate beings unwillingly taken onto the Flying Dutchman(pre-curse). They are mistreated but [...]

    9. I had planned on reading this book after discovering it in a book store. I got it on a book swap website, after my discovery. I usually wait until summer months to read my nautical books, but I wanted a good one to take on my trip to the Caribbean. I had read Redwall by Jacques, and I love books about piracy and sailing, so I knew this would be up my alley. However, after reading it I found out that it wasn’t at all what I expected. I expected a book that took place on the sea, but what I got [...]

    10. I'm not as blown away by this book as I was by the Redwall series. Maybe it's because I'm reading it as an adult, but maybe it's just not as good.I was expecting more ocean, more sailing, more boats. That lasted for approximately the first quarter. Then we hit land. It was fine until Ben and Ned moved to Chapelvale. The story grew dull. I mean, treasure hunts are supposed to be exciting, but I got bored. I didn't see the point, either. Ben and Company were trying to find a deed of ownership to s [...]

    11. A mute teenage boy runs away from his abusive stepfather and ends up aboard the Flying Dutchman as a galley boy. The captain and his crew are all evil and greedy men, and when the captain curses God after failing to conquer the seas, an angel descends and curses the ship and the crew to forever sail the seas as an evil undead symbol of God’s wrath for sinners. The boy and his dog are thrown overboard and rescued by the same angel who makes them ageless beings, destined to roam the earth foreve [...]

    12. I really think this book is enlightning.This book is about a boy named Neb who was found on a ship of the flying dutchman and the dutch thinks he is dead.You will find out if he is dead or not:)Also he is on a long journey. This book takes place in 1620 when pirates were alive.Neb will meet new people on the way.The rest of the book is you to read.The book is very awesome! :) I like how the vocabulary is different from other books i HAVE READ:) I also i love the writing style it is veary unique. [...]

    13. I have read this book a few times, but not recently. I think it's completely delightful and a fun read. When I first read it I liked the boy and his dog angle, that they could actually communicate with each other in a way other people couldn't hear. I think if I read it now I'd read it differently, but I don't think I'd like it less.It seems a little bit random almost, from the beginning "how they got this way" part, and then going to the "this is the main story" part, but I still enjoyed it. I [...]

    14. I gave this book three stars because it's not *bad*, but my enjoyment level was more like two. I was mostly disappointed that the seafaring theme was quickly dropped; the legendary cursed Dutch ship serves only as exposition for the series. At first I thought that the protagonists (a young boy and a dog) would pop in at different locales to bring otherworldly wisdom à la Le Petit Prince, but they stick in one scenario that bored me pretty quickly. Ok for younger kids, but I just couldn't find a [...]

    15. After reading Redwall and thoroughly enjoying it, I thought this would be a good read from a good author. Instead, I was greatly disappointed. The writing was overly predictable and the storyline dragged slowly and never resolved in an original way. If you want to read a good book by this author, read Redwall--avoid this one.

    16. 3 1\2 stars. I really like how you could empathize with Ben. He was a relate-able likable character. Some of the dialogue felt a little strained and trying to hard to be funny. I very much liked the idea and the characters.

    17. With apologies to Mr. Jacques this book was all over the place. It started out well, though. The first part of this book--the Flying Dutchman part--was really great. It was actually quite terrifying, and life on board the ship was gripping and scary (and wet, and salty, and nausea-inducing). But it's only the first quarter of the book. After Neb and Den fall overboard and wash ashore, Jacques really lost me. I wanted more than just two time-travel stories, 280 years apart. I was really hoping t [...]

    18. If you asked me what was my favorite book as a child was, you'd get this as my first answer. (Sorry, Harry Potter!) Castaways of the Flying Dutchman was the one book I'd always borrow from my school's library. This book introduced me to my love of reading and also my love of pirates. Initially, it was the picture on the front which caught my eye. He looks like Leonardo DiCaprio in his Titanic days, which was very popular back in the 90's! However, his name is Ben. The dog you see next to him is [...]

    19. Not my favorite of Brian Jacques but still a wonderful read! Written in a very read-out-loud style, I was expecting much more swashbuckling but I wasn't overly disappointed by the land bound treasure hunt that makes up the second half of this book.Essentially, this is a story about an immortal boy and his dog commanded to help those in need through the ages by an angel. But this is also a whale of a tale with talking dogs, blundering bad guys, centuries old lost treasure, and the fate of an enti [...]

    20. This book follows Neb./Ben a boy who cant talk and his dog Den/Ned the big black Labrador. It takes place at sea on the flying Dutchman and then the second part is on land and has there first adventure as they help people. This book is during the time what people are sailing across the sea and there are pirets and stuff. Ned doesn't start on the boat soon after it starts he will go to the book. This is a good book to read if you like to read about seafaring adventures.

    21. This is one of my favorite books of all time. The plot is amazing and the author creates a great a deep connection between the reader and characters. It's a bit more of an adventure drama genre but it is a wonderful read that will really stick with you. The link between the boy and the dog is a wonderful adative that brings humor.

    22. The cover caught my eye as I passed through the children's section of my local library. A surprisingly good read.3.5 stars rounded up.Was very pleased to find it's first in a series.Will definitely be getting the next volume.

    23. Brian Jacques never fails to tell a story in such a way that you are right there. Whether it's the animal residents of Redwall Abbey or these two friends traveling together. I am so glad I stumbled over this series.

    24. Not riveting but the storyline is fine. It is just a bit slow and somewhat predictable. Not quite sure how the Flying Dutchman fits in with most of the tale and or the ending.

    25. This book is very inspiring, creative, funny, mysterious, heart-warming- intriguing, and full of action! I love it!

    26. The Flying Dutchman. A name that brings fear to the hearts of all who hear of the cursed ship. A name which is still known throughout the centuries. A ship that even now is reported seen sailing the waters around Cape Horn. But no one really knows how the curse began. What caused The Flying Dutchman and its crew, captained by the feared Captain Vanderdecken, to be set on its eternal voyage across the seas?When a nameless boy is found half dead and half frozen on the back of the Flying Dutchman, [...]

    27. This book certainly didn't turn out the way I expected which was really nice. I honestly wasn't too sure which genre to put it in! It was a lot of fun seeing Jacques character types in human form. I honestly had a bit of trouble not picturing the librarian as a hedgehog :) Lots of fun characters and adventures.

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