When Last I Died

When Last I Died Mrs Bradley has dealt with murderers before but she has always dealt with them as a professional psychologist coolly scientifically almost flippantly Now however the brilliant old lady is fiercel

  • Title: When Last I Died
  • Author: Gladys Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9780915230853
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mrs Bradley has dealt with murderers before, but she has always dealt with them as a professional psychologist coolly, scientifically, almost flippantly Now, however, the brilliant old lady is fiercely determined to bring a cruel and ruthless murderer to bay Various members of the Bradley household play significant roles in a case involving a special school where youthMrs Bradley has dealt with murderers before, but she has always dealt with them as a professional psychologist coolly, scientifically, almost flippantly Now, however, the brilliant old lady is fiercely determined to bring a cruel and ruthless murderer to bay Various members of the Bradley household play significant roles in a case involving a special school where youthful offenders are sent in hopes of reforming them First published in 1941.

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    1. I did not realize until I was a little ways into this book that it is part of the series on which the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries for television was based. So I couldn't help but imagine Diana Rigg as Mrs. Bradley - and probably I enjoyed the book more for it. This is a pretty straightforward, old-fashioned, peculiarly English mystery, with lots of twists and turns and possible explanations. This story in particular revolves around a supposedly haunted house, and is rich with the type of spiritualist [...]

    2. The first Mitchell I've ever read, and I really enjoyed this one.Imagine Christie, but a little more 'written.'Perhaps, in places, a little 'over written.'The premise is tantalising enough to pull you in, the mystery keeps you going, and the denouement is satisfying enough to make me look forward to enjoying some more now that Vintage are reissuing Ms Mitchell's catalogue.Long Story Short (LSS): A fun, slightly overwritten romp from the Golden Age of Mystery.

    3. Gladys Mitchell's novels seem to elicit hackneyed phrases. But what can you do when, for a change, they're actually true? It's become a commonplace to claim that you couldn't put a book down; however, in the case of When Last I Died, it's literally true! I stayed up until 3 a.m. to finish this Mrs. Bradley novel, which doesn't give away the murderer -- or even who the real murder victims are -- until the last few chapters. Forgive me for using yet another cliché, but When Last I Died really doe [...]

    4. Very well written, think I shall delve further into the Gladys Mitchell 'Mrs. Bradley' mysteries. I enjoyed the few Mrs. Bradley episodes I've seen so far on tv, very lively character. This book, if any indication of the rest, had a very gritty dark undertone - not found in Christie or Sayers. But still some of the wit.

    5. Gladys Mitchell was a contemporary of other classic murder mystery writers such as Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers. However books didn’t stick to the genre’s standard formulas and conventions quite as much as those of her peers.That’s certainly evident inWhen Last I Died. throughout most of the book it’s not entirely clear what crime is actually being investigated, nor who we’re supposed to be sympathising with. And in addition the narrative switches perspective for a sizeable chu [...]

    6. One of the best of Mitchell's Mrs. Bradley mysteries that I've read so far. Carefully plotted and with a twist ending, When Last I Died is also rich with the author's research into the otherworldly, particularly poltergeists. The passages of the diary of Bella Foxley were reminiscent of Shirley Jackson's later Haunting of Hill House (which came a decade later), but the adventure, featuring Mrs. Bradley's chauffeur George, her son Ferdinand and his wife Caroline, and even their son, Derek, make t [...]

    7. So dry. I don't like detective fiction anyway (I was forced to read this as part of my course), and the idea of some meddling old woman interfering in crimes which happened many years ago seems a bit pointless. At least in Agatha Christie the crime is fresh and everything is in the moment, but Mitchell drags everything out so much and repeatedly goes over evidence from multiple angles and visits the suspects so many times to draw out trivial details. I can acknowledge that Mitchell is quite meti [...]

    8. Gladys Mitchell is a curious novelist. She sits firmly within the golden age era of detective fiction, but her novels don't really sit comfortably within that genre. Her plots are often completely off the wall, and she doesn't use the big reveal conventions which are so much a part of other golden age names. In Mitchell's novels, the murderer can be disclosed almost as an aside. This particular novel, considered one of her best, concerns the secrets uncovered when Mrs Bradley's grandson discover [...]

    9. I've been wanting to read a Mrs. Bradley novel for quite some time. And I'm a little disappointed to not have understood it as well as I could have. It got quite complicated at the end and I could barely keep up.Mrs. Bradley is described as small and yellow and a woman who cackles a lot. Not Diana Rigby (though I did enjoy her series.)In the beginning, Mrs. Bradley is at a school for young, miscreant boys. She discovers a journal belonging to a former cook at the school. The cook had inherited a [...]

    10. Brilliant. What a shame that so few of this master's 67 Mrs. Bradley novels have been published in the U.S. In her lifetime, Gladys Mitchell, Agatha Christie, and Dorothy L. Sayers were considered by contemporary critics to be the 'big three' women mystery writers. Who knows why we know so much less about her than we do the others? The wonderful Rue Morgue Press has published many of her worksI can only hope our library adds more to their collection. I've been attempting to read all the great se [...]

    11. This was my 1st Mrs Bradley novel. I loved the quintessential pre WW 2 feel of the book, especially the characters of Derek, the grandson and the locals.However, unlike other English mystery writers of the period, some of the clues - non red herrings - were bleedingly obvious and I had pretty much solved the story & had the final 50 pages to skim in order to have my suspicions proved correct. This was disappointing to say the least.This might sound a little harsh, and will assure readers of [...]

    12. I enjoyed The Rising Of The Moon, and was glad to find this one. It surprised me, rather. It starts with characters at one of the old-fashioned asylums and, having just read an article by Patrick McGrath, who grew up at Broadmoor, I was looking forward to an asylum-based story. Mitchell moved her characters away, though, into quiet English towns, and the story became something unexpected.

    13. The more detective novels I read, the more I find myself in awe of Agatha Christie. It must be awfully hard to strike the balance between thoroughness and enjoyment, and slip in enough detail without making it all tedious.Gladys Mitchell is nice, but there's way too much detail and not enough enjoyment. Whoeverdunit, halfway through the book I was already looking forward to the end so I could move on and pick up an old Christie.

    14. I'm a lover of golden age detective fiction and read about Gladys Mitchell's novels.The book is overwritten at places and it took me a lot of time to understand a few things. The mystery is simple enough but it's complicated by the fact that, the murders occurred long ago(reminds me of Sleeping murder by Agatha Christie).Mrs Bradley is shrewd, observant and witty. She pays attention to the details and slowly brings her into the clear. I loved her !

    15. Mitchell has completely redeemed herself. When Last I Died was tightly plotted, and didn't resolve itself until the last couple of pages, and was so satisfying when it did! The case seemed so obvious at the start, but Mrs. Bradley slowly peeled back layers of layers to reveal the true heart of the case.

    16. Well, this was a pleasant surprise! A mystery writer from the Golden Age of detective fiction that I had never heard of, but with a large body of work to her name, so more for the want listThis is a very well-crafted novel with a good mystery and the solution is not nearly as straightforward as it would seem at first glance. Quite chilling.

    17. I would not label this book a 'gritty' mystery nor is it quiet a cozy but if I had to place it somewhere cozy is where I would put it. This is the first Mitchell book I have read and I enjoyed it very much. The story had the right amount of twists without making me feel duped. I like Mrs. Bradley and look forward to reading more books.

    18. I wish I knew about Gladys Mitchell earlier. I enjoyed this mystery more than anything I've read all year. I'm almost through a second one, and I'm getting the sense they are all wonderful and clever.

    19. I wish the Rue Morgue Press would publish the entire set of Gladys Mitchell's mysteries. In the opinion of many critics and readers, she should be as widely read and well-known as the big three: Christie, Sayers and Marsh. Her plots are better developed than Christie's.

    20. Published in 1941, one could assume that the story would be outdated and hackneyed however it is gripping and involving from start to finish. Mrs Bradley, later Dame Beatrice, is a true character with an amazing capacity for analysis of the crime and potential perpetrators.

    21. I watched the Mrs. Bradley mysteries on PBS and discovered Gladys Mitchell. I love that these books have a strong female protagonist with a sense of humor. I love books that take place in England too! Her books are on the short side and very entertaining!

    22. My first book by this author and certainly not my last! How can I have missed reading her books until now I cannot believe! So many books little time!

    23. Good backstorytelling!! However I guessed what was happening about half way through, but somehow that didn't stop me reading. Nice solid crime read.

    24. A slightly odd book with an odd protagonist. However, the mystery was compelling and the writing portrayed the creepiness very well.

    25. I remember the covervof this book particularly, but am certain I didn't read in it's entirety. Was not captivated enough to finish.

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