The Restorer

The Restorer In the dying days of the th Century Elfa a restorer in Florence uncovers a hidden fresco in a remote church in the frozen hills of the Mugello Lost for five centuries the painting not only rewri

  • Title: The Restorer
  • Author: Daniela Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781907248023
  • Page: 340
  • Format: None
  • In the dying days of the 20th Century, Elfa, a restorer in Florence, uncovers a hidden fresco in a remote church in the frozen hills of the Mugello Lost for five centuries, the painting not only rewrites art history, but takes her on a dark journey through her own subconscious, to meet the man who concealed it hundreds of years before.

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    1. Fantastic debut from pro art restorer, weaving in-depth knowledge of her profession with colourful storytelling and a magical time-traveller's lens on Renaissance Florence. The central character, Elfa, is complex and covert, but cannot resist the lure of a passionate, long-dead painter whose work she uncovers, only to find their lives are inextricably entwined.A must-read for historical fiction fans. Beautiful first editions in hardback.

    2. From the first page, The Restorer is a griping read, a true ‘can‘t put it down’ book. Set in both modern and renaissance Italy, the plot weaves together the creation and restoration of a fresco, a wall painting in a shuttered church in the remote Italian mountains. As the main character Elfa works to restore the painting, she discovers the forgotten artwork may conceal a secret masterpiece and something even more startling, clues about her own tragic past.Prepare yourself for a tour de for [...]

    3. Lovely crossing between timelines, the author really paints a beautiful world that you'll want to be submerged in. The story itself is romantic but chilly, and quite delicious. A hypnotic read and well worth investing time in. I now know a lot more about fresco painting! Plus - added bonus the hardback is gorgeous.

    4. Review of 'The Restorer'This small book ( in size but not slight in nature) is an increasingly interesting work. It is also very clever. 'Interesting' and 'clever' may seem pallid adjectives for enthusiasm but that is deliberate because both reveal themselves incrementally. At the surface the interest is held by the deep knowledge of a field (restoration of frescos in contemporary Italy) where the reader is offered technical understanding unobtrusively, and also insight into the political issues [...]

    5. The Restorer alternates back and forth between the end of the 15th Century and the turn of the modern millennium. Yes, this template has been used elsewhere, but the extra level offered here is what links the two epochs. I don't want to spoil the plot, but safe to say this book is also a romance across time, and not some trashy wishful thinking. What is explored is the notion, following the view of modern physics, that we can influence our material universe through psychic means, consciously or [...]

    6. 1st Prize Winner of the 2012 Rubery Book AwardA beautifully presented book in hardback and consistently well set out. The story was measured, detailed and well paced. Murphy has a fluid style and knows her subject. She is clearly familiar with the region of Florence from both a historical and geographical perspective and also has a deep and intimate knowledge of the business of restoring wall paintings. She makes good and imaginative use of both past and present tenses and switches effectively b [...]

    7. A blend of 1400's and the present, as artist and conservator paint the wall of a monastery in the Italian hills. While the story alternates between the original artist and modern conservator, lines between both times blend and blur with a surprising ending.

    8. Don't start this book unless you have time enough to read it in one go!Breathtaking!Art as word as history as romance d a mystery novel.The author is in complete control.Can't wait for her coming novels

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