A Wealth Of Fable: An Informal History Of Science Fiction Fandom In The 1950s

A Wealth Of Fable An Informal History Of Science Fiction Fandom In The s None

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  • Title: A Wealth Of Fable: An Informal History Of Science Fiction Fandom In The 1950s
  • Author: Harry Warner
  • ISBN: 9780963309907
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “A Wealth Of Fable: An Informal History Of Science Fiction Fandom In The 1950s”

    1. Perhaps too informal.Early in the book, Warner apologizes for his history being a narrative, and not analytical. But it's never really a narrative.Not unlike his (much) earlier "All Our Yesterdays," Warner's history of science fiction fandom in the 1950s is fragmentary. There are sections on fandom in various places--cities, regions, non-U.S. countries, as he sees fit to divide them--or a certain times or on certain themes or particular people.Probably it would be most interesting to people who [...]

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