Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer How to Calm Connect and Communicate with Your Baby TRACY HOGG HAS GIVEN PARENTS A GREAT GIFT the ability to develop early insight into their child s temperament Los Angeles FamilyWhen Tracy Hogg s Secrets of the Baby Whisperer was first published it

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  • Title: Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby
  • Author: Melinda Blau Melinda Blau
  • ISBN: 9780345440907
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • TRACY HOGG HAS GIVEN PARENTS A GREAT GIFT the ability to develop early insight into their child s temperament Los Angeles FamilyWhen Tracy Hogg s Secrets of the Baby Whisperer was first published, it soared onto bestseller lists across the country Parents everywhere became whisperers to their newborns, amazed that they could actually communicate with their baby withi TRACY HOGG HAS GIVEN PARENTS A GREAT GIFT the ability to develop early insight into their child s temperament Los Angeles FamilyWhen Tracy Hogg s Secrets of the Baby Whisperer was first published, it soared onto bestseller lists across the country Parents everywhere became whisperers to their newborns, amazed that they could actually communicate with their baby within weeks of their child s birth Tracy gave parents what for some amounted to a miracle the ability to understand their baby s every coo and cry so that they could tell immediately if the baby was hungry, tired, in real distress, or just in need of a little TLC Tracy also dispelled the insidious myth that parents must go sleepless for the first year of a baby s life because a happy baby sleeps through the night Now you too can benefit from Tracy s than twenty years experience In this groundbreaking book, she shares simple, accessible programs in which you will learn E.A.S.Y how to get baby to eat, play, and sleep on a schedule that will make every member of the household s life easier and happier S.L.O.W how to interpret what your baby is trying to tell you so you don t try to feed him when he really wants a nap How to identify which type of baby yours is Angel, Textbook, Touchy, Spirited, or Grumpy and then learn the best way to interact with that type Tracy s Three Day Magic how to change any and all bad habits yours and the baby s in just three days.At the heart of Tracy s simple but profound message treat the baby as you would like to be treated yourself Reassuring, down to earth, and often flying in the face of conventional wisdom, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer promises parents not only a healthier, happier baby but a relaxed and happy household as well.

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    1. I read this book in 2010 when I had my first child. Now that baby #2 is almost here, I've picked it up again. I have a love hate relationship with any book that tries to tell you how to be a parent. I find the overall advice from Tracy is dead on in terms of how important it is to provide structure and a routine for your baby and how to go about getting your baby on that routine. Her overall method is basically the same as BabyWise, however I like her approach better - it seems not so judgmental [...]

    2. My big take-aways from this book: 1) Slow down with your baby - go at your newborn's pace, which is way, way slower than you'd expect2) Respect your baby's personhood - develop an attitude toward your baby like they are a person who is in the room, which they are! Let them know what you're going to do next ("Now we're going to change your diaper Now it's time to eat Now it's time to go to sleep")3) Give your newborn a tour of the house when you first arrive home from the hospital, or, in case of [...]

    3. I really loved this book. I will recommend it to everyone who would like to understand how their baby communicates. I really feel like I can understand what my babies are saying and asking. I like the author's style of writing because I felt like she was my friend and right here helping me. People complain that she bases everything off of experience and not science and that she doesn't know anything about breastfeeding. Well, I've read two la Leche League books and I really have had enough of th [...]

    4. I found this book completely useless and actually ridiculously funny at times because it was just so off. This may work for Tracy Hogg's celebrity clientele who have nannies taking care of their children but it is pretty useless for hands-on Moms. Her tone is annoying (she keeps referring to the reader as "ducky"). Try reading Dr. Harvey Karp's (yes a real MD!) "Happiest Baby on the Block"--a much better and more useful read. We use this book to elevate my son's mattress when he has a head cold. [...]

    5. This book saved my life. It is similar to Babywise in principal, but much more respectful to a baby's temperament. It is also filled with practical tips. For example, if you are having trouble nursing, there are safe and natural supplements that you can use to increase your milk. She even tells you what to expect with side effects. I read some of the reviews where people said her program is ridiculous and rigidif you want rigid, read BabywiseThe Baby Whisperer advocates a routine, but she is NOT [...]

    6. I purchased this book following the recommendations of other new moms on babycenter (great website, by the by). My husband and I sat down to read it together, but after an hour going through some of her material, decided it wasn't worth continuing (I think we read the second and third chapters). Leaving her annoying writing style aside (for the sweet love of god, I'm not your 'luv' and don't like being talked down to), no part of her book is based on scientific studies or fact. The one study she [...]

    7. I knew zilch about babies, so my friend picked this up for me at the library. In those first few weeks, I found the book helpful because it had charts to help with understanding a baby's cues. When my son was less than 6 weeks old, I thought the author's E.A.S.Y. method was bunk. I mean, if a baby wants to fall asleep while eating, no cajoling seems to help. But by the time he was 2-3 months old, I realized he was on E.A.S.Y. - eat, activity, sleep, you time. And I was saner for it. I read the b [...]

    8. At first the advice in this book seemed so logical that I was excited to have a plan for how to be a mom for the first time. Once my son arrived, I decided that this book was evil.Hogg's basic idea isn't terrible - it's the guilt she assigns to anyone who doesn't use or can't follow her method. I was in tears more than once because I felt like a failure when her advice wasn't working. One day I literally threw the book against a wall with frustration. I think that action surprised enough to see [...]

    9. I read this book before my baby was born, thought it was great, and foolishly thought myself well-prepared to handle my baby. Fast forward a few months to after my baby was born--nothing in the book was helping at all. I thought, surely I was remembering the book wrong, or not applying her ideas correctly, so I read it again. Completely useless. I bet that if you have a very easygoing, laid-back baby who isn't very needy or fussy, this book might be helpful. But for me and my extremely fussy bab [...]

    10. I meant to read this when my first was a newborn but never got around to it (Hogg would say it's because I didn't have my baby on the E.A.S.Y. routine. I would say codswallop!), so I figured I'd give it a shot before my second. Even though I read the whole thing, I'm not really sure what the book is actually supposed to be about. The subtitle promises secrets of how to calm, connect, and communicate with your baby. Most of that information is limited to Chapter 3, which is about slowing down to [...]

    11. I'm giving this five stars because I read it in one day, put my two month old on the E.A.S.Y. routine the next day, which she took to immediately, napping like a champ, and she slept through that night. That very night! Amazing!This went on for a few weeksThen her naps went all screwy. And she started waking up at night. And her naps got worse. Which made me want to throw away this book in frustration because I was trying to follow it to a tee and it was not working! I still don't know what it i [...]

    12. This book is so full of misinformation that it would be comical if Tracy Hogg wasn't intending for it to be actual parenting advice. I should have known that a woman who left her own children across the ocean to become a "parenting consultant" for Hollywood families would have nothing useful to say about actual parenting. Seriously - check out the reviews on the back cover - they are all from actors, producers, etc. rather than from pediatricians, nurses, or (gasp!) ACTUAL PARENTS.Just a few rea [...]

    13. Oooh did I enjoy this parenting book. I really did. Now, I've since read a critique from a mother of two who liked Tracy Hogg's take on "E.A.S.Y." parenting too —- until she actually HAD the baby. And then discovered it's not a perfect mold. Which, I get you can't apply one parenting concept to every kid. That said, what I liked about Tracy's take on parenting versus some other articles (even books) I've read is how she really drills in this idea that, YOU GUYS--IT'S COMMON SENSE. Yes, parent [...]

    14. This book was recommended to me by a friend. I found it really helpful, although the author goes a bit overboard with the mnemonic devices. I liked that she gave some useful tools for how to provide babies with structure & guidance. The best thing was that she taught me it was ok to pause before reacting/responding to whatever my baby was doing. And that the best way to parent is to respect your baby as a person with his/her own personality, interests, likes & dislikes (which is harder t [...]

    15. Well, I would definitely have to say this book has good points and not so good points. There are some very useful tips in this book, however it all needs to be taken to heart with a good dose of reality. It is very important to begin to get your child on a routine as early as possible, but let's be real, you are never going to get a 3 day old newborn to space feedings out to 3 or 4 hours between each one. Neither are you going to get your newborn to sleep through the night right out of the gate. [...]

    16. How can you follow parenting advice off someone who has never even met your child. YOU know them best. Stop worrying and have the confidence to do what you think is best for them. People will always give you advice and unknowingly guilt you with decisions, but stay strong to what you think is best. Perhaps I should write a book on my opinions and make money from vulnerable mums.

    17. I listened to this book almost four months postpartum. After listening I wondered if I had known this book earlier, would I have an easier task of feeding, bathing, and calming my little one? I think not. In fact, I think I'd have an impaired sense of motherly intuition, because Tracy Hogg's voice would always be part of the decision making process. She mentions don't rock your baby to sleep. When mine was just weeks old, and inconsolable, I rocked her to sleep, it calmed both of us. As we gradu [...]

    18. A few parts of this book are dated and at first I found the author's voice off-putting, but by the end of the first chapter I found being called "luv" oddly soothing and her advice logical and helpful.

    19. ספר מצוין, שהעקרונות שלו, ספציפית שיטת ה EASY, עזרו לי מאוד כשילדתי את בני הבכור.

    20. This is a prenatal review.The book was very good, organized, detailed, but also straightforward and direct to the point.The stories were helpful, the schedules and the diaries as well, I hope they will help us in our mission.

    21. This was my favourite book I read during my pregnancy for helping me prepare for a new baby.Good points: • It’s a fairly middle-ground approach to things. She explains the two extremes, then where her approach fits. • Explains how babies are different and there is no one right way. I found this really encouraging, and also extremely non-judgemental. Still, she gives you a guide for how different things work for different types of babies, so there is still guidance and practical stuff to tr [...]

    22. Even though baby experts never seem to agree with each other and I have read other books that contradict a lot of what Tracy Hogg says, I think she makes the most sense and supports her advice with logical, but easy to understand, reasoning. One of the things I liked best was that she recognizes that babies have different personalities. In fact, she lists five personalities (Angel baby, Textbook baby, Touchy Baby, Spirited Baby, and Grumpy Baby) that she has encountered in her interactions babie [...]

    23. This book was exactly what I was looking for as a first time parent: how to understand why your baby is crying, and how to figure out eating and sleeping routines. I really like the idea of figuring out what your baby is telling you from the signals he is giving you. I had borrowed this from the library, but am ordering a copy for my house, so I can reference and bookmark as much as I want.I'll be curious to see how much I'll actually use when my baby is here, but for now, I like that I have a p [...]

    24. Her advice passes through most of my BS filters. Looking forward to applying her framework for raising a well adjusted li'l man. Some takeaways: - get into a cycle of E)at, A)ctivity, S)leep, Y)ou time - Treat your baby with the same respect you'd afford an adult: ask for permission, use their name, keep letting them know what's happening - Don't rush in when cryingtake a few moments to evaluate what might be the issue - Flip side of above: don't let them cry it out, either - Formula vs. breast [...]

    25. I was advised to read this book preemptively before the birth (given that afterwards I won't have time for it). I can definitely see why. The common sense tips and advice resonate with contemporary scientific advice for grownups (a la "Power of Habit"). As a bonus, the book is written in a fun tone, easy to read and reassuring for the potentially anxious/neurotic parent. I can already tell this one will come in handy!

    26. I have read so many baby books, but this is by far my favorite one! The author's advice is helpful and practical for any parent.Instead of offering another method the author focuses on giving your baby a predictable life with routine and teaches parents to show respect for their babies. This book has helped me be a better mother and has helped me get my baby to sleep through the night and take naps. This book and the author's book that focuses on sleep was an answer to my prayers.

    27. Very helpful book. I love concept of the E.A.S.Y routine. (Similar to BabyWise which has worked great for all 3 o my children). This book also helps identify the personality of your baby and give practical tips and ideas for how to care for that kind of baby throughout the book. I picked this book up for ideas on how to help my fussy third baby. Great book to share w anyone expecting baby.

    28. So pregnancy brain kicked in, and it's really hard to read anything else than fairytales or child related books. I even have problems with those, mind you. But this book was a fun ride, an easy read. I liked that it's very down to earth and it makes you ready for and feel good about whatever comes. I just need to remember to really slow down and pay attention to my little one.

    29. In the absence of a child to apply these tooI have no idea how they will work, but the concepts seem sound.Wish me luck. I know I'm going to be cursing these books when my baby won't do what they say he will.

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