Keeping Secrets: Two Books in One: Saving Zoe and Faking 19

Keeping Secrets Two Books in One Saving Zoe and Faking in reissue of Saving Zo Faking We usually tell our best friends everything Our crushes our embarrassing stories our secrets but sometimes there are truths so deep and dark that we can t tell

  • Title: Keeping Secrets: Two Books in One: Saving Zoe and Faking 19
  • Author: Alyson Noel
  • ISBN: 9781250018625
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2 in 1 reissue of Saving Zo Faking 19 We usually tell our best friends everything Our crushes, our embarrassing stories, our secrets but sometimes there are truths so deep and dark that we can t tell anyone Not our parents, not our sisterst even our best friends Some secrets are so unspeakable that we keep them safely locked away so no one will ever discove 2 in 1 reissue of Saving Zo Faking 19 We usually tell our best friends everything Our crushes, our embarrassing stories, our secrets but sometimes there are truths so deep and dark that we can t tell anyone Not our parents, not our sisterst even our best friends Some secrets are so unspeakable that we keep them safely locked away so no one will ever discover them.But what happens when they become than you can handle alone In these two magnificent novels, two girls can t tell anyone about the terrible burdens they carry But as they re about to learn, it s not our secrets that matter most but those who still love us once they learn the truth.

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    1. Firstly, since it's a book with two stories in it, I will talk about the first part. So here goesFaking 19: I thought it was a very good story. Alyson Noel really touches on the feelings and things teens go through. I thought the romance between Alex and Connor was such a sweet thing. Even though Connor is 23 and Alex is only 17, I totally could not wait to see what happened next in their relationship. The fact that M is rich and has everything, yet is totally miserable is a testament to what ri [...]

    2. Keeping Secrets is one of those awesome book reissues involving two stories, Faking 19 and Saving Zoë. I decided to split this review into a “Part 1/Part 2” review, just so nothing gets confusing, and because they both deserve their own attention. Faking 19 - Opinion: I truly had no expectations going into these two stories, except for the fact that I knew it was a Tween/YA read that would be light and fun. It proved to be just that: fun and exciting, innocent and mischievous, incredibly se [...]

    3. This is a 'two in one' book that, in my opinion, was written very well. I enjoyed both stories, but although I believe that they were both very good, but the second story featured in the book was the better read, I believe. Faking 19 is the first story and although at the end l could say that I enjoyed the story, there were times when I contemplated not reading the end of it. Saving Zoe is an emotional story that honestly touched my heart. Again at the start is was for lack of a better term 'bor [...]

    4. Saving Zoë was an emotional story about a girl, Echo, that loses her older sister, Zoë, through a murder a year before. To say that this rattled and shook their world would be an understatement. Echo's parents are as tense as they can be and constantly fight, Echo herself has started feeling distant towards her friends and everything around her, and the need to know more overpowered her when Zoë's boyfriend gives Echo Zoë's diary. Marc had it with him and felt that Echo should get to know th [...]

    5. I think I was about 30 pages away from finishing Faking 19 when I stopped reading. I REALLY DID NOT like this book. I would read like five pages and then throw it down with a huff of displeasure. The whole pretending-to-be-a-certain-age-when-you're-not thing has always been a great annoyance to me so that just exacerbated my problem with the book. The other thing that turned me from the book was all the mature material. I know this is not considered a book of mature content according to whoever [...]

    6. keeping secrets: this book has two in one, the first story is about two best friends that go throe a lot in their high school life. Drama, parties,and a lot of secrets, this girl's know each other but it doesn't stop them from keeping secrets from each other. This book show's us that everyone keeps secrets but there some secrets that people share and others are to keep for yourself. My opinion of this book is that it's a really good book i kinda can relate to this girl because some of her secret [...]

    7. I didn't really like this book because I didn't like how the plot was written out. It was too confusing. "Keeping Secrets" is two books in one.The first book, "Faking Nineteen" is about this girl named Alex who has given up on herself and her grades, because she sees no point in going to college since she can't afford to pay for one. She feels really insecure, and the people who were her friends dragged her down.I would recommend this book to Freshman and up because the word choice is a little c [...]

    8. Shelving this book as a "Did-Not-Finish." I got this book a month+ ago and started reading it last night (without any memory of what it was about at all, except it was likely a YA from the cover). Got through 10 chapters before I finally had enough and looked it up on GoodReads to see what exactly this book is about, because for the life of me, I couldn't quite figure it out. There was absolutely no depth to the main character. It was like a badly written version of Clueless' Cher.So after readi [...]

    9. I really like the book. It's so amazing and you can really feel the emotions and things that they are going through. One of them loses a sister and the other one is about like relationships. They both leave me with a lesson that I will always remember.

    10. Would not recommend this book for anyone over the age of 15. 2 stories in one book and both were really boring. I didn't even finish Saving Zoe because I couldn't handle how there was no "action" in the book.

    11. *Faking 19*Three this about this story:1. Super monotonous.2. The main character complains all the time. (I hate my life, no body needs me, I hate my family bla bla bla).3. She lie and it didn't work oh yeah! to have sex.*Saving Zoë*This story hit me in some way. The psicological characteristic in the main character was so amazing and so real, that in some pages I felt empathy.However I'll like to read more books from Alyson Noël.

    12. Faking 19: The ending didn't give me goosebumps. Although it's not a cliche but I feel like it could have a better ending with Connor, instead of leaving him hanging. When I read the last page of the story, I feel like there is some sort of second book which is the continuation of the first story. 3/5. Savie Zoe: Definitely unexpected. At the end of the day, you are not sure whether the main character is Echo or Zoe. The way Echo thinks is what makes me love the character so much. Quite disappoi [...]

    13. As this is two books printed into one, it makes it a bit harder to rate for review. I'll give each book it's own review and rating, then for overall just rate it something between. *****Faking 19:While I am not a fan of the perspective or the author's writing style, I was still somewhat pleased at how well the story flowed. Alex would like to blame all of her troubles on her life; divorced parents, low on money, while living in the materialistic land of Cali, she knows her failing grades and att [...]

    14. Keeping Secrets is a book by Alyson Noel that has two separate stories in it, Faking 19 and Saving Zoe. Both stories share many similarities. Faking 19 is the story of Alex and her best friend M. M has it made, she is rich with absent parents, an astonishing wardrobe, and a brand new convertible. She is pretty, smart, and popular. Alex is the exact opposite. Its not that she is a dumb, ugly, loner, its just that she is going through a rough time. After letting her grades drop so low that she los [...]

    15. Keeping Secrets Alyson Noel FictionSome secrets you can tell your best friend and some you can’t even tell them. In the book keeping secrets you learn about some secrets that this girl Alex goes through. Such as parents divorce, school drama and more you take a trip into her life and notice how she sees her way of life and how things aren’t always what they turn out to be. The book keeping secrets is a drama based novel where you won’t want to stop reading it once you pick it up. This dram [...]

    16. So I decided to give Alyson Noël another chance with her chick-lit books, and I found it to be interesting. I decided that I'm going to review both novels separately, since there's two novels in one volume, and then do a mash-up thing.Saving Zoë: This was the second book in the volume, and it ended up being my favourite, I'd probably give it a 4/5 star rating. I've never dealt with a murder/chick-lit book at the same time, so this definitely was a first, and I enjoyed it. So we have Echo and Z [...]

    17. Faking 19: This novel is a must read is a perfect contribution to an YA Lit bookshelf you may be compiling for older students. The characters jump off the page and take the reader to an instance when they experienced teenage angst. The plot is straightforward so that it lends itself easily to the reader's imagination. The reader can almost step into the book themselves. A funny, simple, and relateable tale of teenage angst and making it to adulthood.Saving Zoe: As the second of two books in this [...]

    18. Faking 19 was a book I thought I was going to enjoy, but really I didn't like it that much. It was okay. Three stars at the most. Saving Zoe was a book I enjoyed a lot more. The diary was a nice touch to view the life of a dead teenager with tons of secrets. I enjoyed the ending, but parts of the book were boring. I would rate saving Zoe about four stars. Overall I would rate all of keeping secrets three stars. I mean, the back of the book seemed like the secrets being reviled were going to be h [...]

    19. Book 1: faking 19I didn't really enjoy this book, it didn't seem intriguing from the start which I was disappointed with. Usually I love Alyson Noel's novels but Faking 19 seemed like child's play, Alex's and M's pathetic game of wanting to be older and in the Hollywood glamorous scene was immature. The concept of faking their 16 year old selfs to seem 19 was a childish act and was obvious it would never get them far. Saving Zoe: book 2Th setting of Saving Zoe was different from the start, it wa [...]

    20. LOVE IT!!!!!!Okay so I just finished this series last night and I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!! The story lines, plot lines, characters, character developments!1 I LOVED Everything about these books in this bind-up! It's absolutely amazing! I mean I am being totally biased because Alyson Noel is probably my favourite author EVER (Up there with Stephanie Meyer, Becca Fitzpatrick and Richelle Mead- she is at the top of the list) I just loved these books and if you haven't read them yet, wel [...]

    21. I tried both of these stories, but neither one hit a chord with me.In the first, Faking 19, I found Alex to be apathetic and not very interesting. It drove me nuts that she refereed to her friend by only her initial, and the way that she would just zone out and set herself in some I need a daddy fantasy.The second one, Saving Zoe, wasn't much better. I can see why Echo is a shade of herself, but it drives me nuts that she just lets herself exists in that state. That she can see her friends slipp [...]

    22. I didn't like Faking 19 at all. It was pointless and stereotypical. The writing wasn't very good. All the "and's" drove me crazy. In my opinion, this book would've been much better had it only contained Saving Zoë. Saving Zoë, I was pleased with. It had a message, kept me turning the page, and awesome characters. I like how it didn't come out and say what happened. You get to put the clues together yourself.The cover is beautiful. I love it. However, doesn't make sense to me considering the ma [...]

    23. There are two stories on this book. The first one, well IT WAS BORING and you don't know where the story is heading. I mean Seriously? Based on the title, I kept predicting what could be the reason behind the title When a situation lead to the title, it's frustrating how the author just instantly dropped off the scene and continue on as if it doesn't matter. Reading through it, it was just one of the typical stories you'll read. I even infact loved the part where Alex writes about her delusions, [...]

    24. Read for the first time in March 2013The first story, Faking 19, I thought was kind of pointless. The plot didn’t really go anywhere, and you never really understand what was so shocking about the girl’s life that messed her up so much in the first place.Saving Zoë, though, I really liked, and that is why I will be keeping this book with me. Echo was kind of annoying, I wished she could’ve become her own person, but, oh well and throughout the book you just wish Zoë were alive and happy [...]

    25. Not often does a book come along that makes you really stop and think about the reality of some situations, like losing a sister.These two stories were emotional rollar coasters so very worth the read.Faking 19 - The Richard Branson obsession was creepy. Saving Zoe - I just I am not sure what to say about this. It was my favorite of the two. It made me stop for a moment and consider how I'd feel if one of my sisters was murdered.

    26. The first part of this book, "Faking 19" was honestly pretty boring to me. There was no big wow or turning point in the story. Although I was glad that Alex got it together at the end, it took too long for her to get there.On the other hand, I really did enjoy "Saving Zoe". It's a story about a girl, Echo, learning about her sister, Zoe, was was murdered the year before by using Zoe's journal. The journal entries really added something to the book.

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