Cul de Sac: The Mighty Alice

Cul de Sac The Mighty Alice Cul de Sac is a lighthearted comic strip about the suburban life of a precocious preschooler named Alice Otterloop Richard Thompson s wonderful watercolor and fun imaginative drawings have garnered t

  • Title: Cul de Sac: The Mighty Alice
  • Author: Richard Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781449410223
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cul de Sac is a lighthearted comic strip about the suburban life of a precocious preschooler named Alice Otterloop Richard Thompson s wonderful watercolor and fun, imaginative drawings have garnered the attention of highly acclaimed illustrators all over the world, including Bill Watterson and Mo Willems, who have each written a foreword for his first two collections.

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    1. I'm just going to come out and admit it. I had a fantastic childhood!(Before you all start hating me, let me also tell you that after puberty struck, things went downhill fast and have pretty much sucked since then.)But oh, oh, oh ----- how I loved being a kid!Those were the days before over-scheduling so every minute of every summer day belonged to me.Time was mine to use, abuse, and waste as I saw fit. I could spend hours drawing my own paper dolls or digging a giant hole to China. It didn't m [...]

    2. Alice is a quirky self-centered little girl with a vivid imagination. This fun comic book reminded me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes except that the main character is a girl rather than a boy. Many of her interactions with her parents are very reminiscent of the sarcasm and humor used by Calvin's parents. Some differences include that Alice does not have an imaginary stuffed animal friend and she does have an introverted, comic book loving big brother. Each panel allows the reader a glimpse into the [...]

    3. Cul-De-Sac is one of those all too rare comics that has something for everyone to enjoy. From Petey’s quest to be the world’s number one picky eater and his exploding backpack to Alice’s quest to take over the world and to make it snow by flushing ice cubes down the toilet, you can’t help but laugh at every strip in this comic. Thompson captures the world so effortlessly with his drawings and writings that you feel like you need to buy a copy for all of your friends. It’s easy to see w [...]

    4. I've been waiting over 15 years for a worthy successor to Calvin and Hobbes, and I have finally found it in Cul de Sac. The Otterloop family (Alice, Petey, and their parents) are perfectly constructed, as are the supporting cast. My personal favorites are Alice's friend Dill and the "Uh-Oh baby," a well-known portent of doom. Its genius is impossible to describe in words, so just read this strip!

    5. Ok, everyone says this strip is like sliced bread, sunshine and Christmas all rolled into one.I was going to resist the herd mentality .but, after reading two collections, I have to admit, it is really good.

    6. I would give the storytelling a 5 star. My only hang up is that the book is all colored and the daily strips are sharper in the original black and white versions. Next up is the Complete Cul de Sac coming in Spring of 2014!

    7. Cul de Sac is genius, adorable, brilliant, the best strip no longer published, and a must for fans of the genre. Richard Thompson is a beloved cartoonist struck by a disease that has prevented him from working. I miss him sorely and have everything he's ever done.

    8. Interesting and funny characters, genius writing, and great art style. I had read this comic in the papers, and thought it would be nice to get a book of it and I loved it. If you're a fan of "Calvin and Hobbes" then you'll probably get a kick out of this.

    9. Alice is a 4-year-old with a better vocabulary than most 40-year-olds. True, this is harmless Sunday-newspaper humor, but like "Calvin & Hobbes" and "The Far Side," its intelligence level is a cut above most of its peers.

    10. Even more than Alice, I think I enjoyed the food-persnicketiness of Petey, her nerdish big brother. Lots of fun and silliness from this pair of siblings and their pals.

    11. Nothing will ever match Calvin and Hobbs. That's just a fact. Alice, however, is really great. Funny, smart, quirky, vivid Just great fun all around.

    12. Such a talented cartoonist! I love his deep understanding of small children, his joy, his sense of innocence and sophistication. Richard Thompson will be much missed.

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