Oink: My Life with Mini-Pigs

Oink My Life with Mini Pigs In an entertaining cross between Babe and Marley Me a family of six plus a dog cat and several chickens decides to invite two mini pigs into their chaotic household Matt Whyman enjoyed a quiet writ

  • Title: Oink: My Life with Mini-Pigs
  • Author: Matt Whyman
  • ISBN: 9781451618297
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • In an entertaining cross between Babe and Marley Me, a family of six plus a dog, cat, and several chickens decides to invite two mini pigs into their chaotic household Matt Whyman enjoyed a quiet writer s life in the English countryside until his career wife, Emma, discovered the existence of a pig said to fit inside a handbag She believes not one but two wIn an entertaining cross between Babe and Marley Me, a family of six plus a dog, cat, and several chickens decides to invite two mini pigs into their chaotic household Matt Whyman enjoyed a quiet writer s life in the English countryside until his career wife, Emma, discovered the existence of a pig said to fit inside a handbag She believes not one but two would be a perfect addition to the already diverse Whyman clan, which includes a dog, a cat, a gaggle of chickens, as well as four children Nobody could have anticipated the misadventures two little piglets could bring From stealing his spot on the family sofa to trashing his neighbor s garden while drunk on fermented apples, Butch and Roxi swiftly establish themselves as animals of mass distraction Funny, touching, and endlessly entertaining, Oink charts the battle of hearts, snouts, and minds between a family man and two mini pigs.

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    1. 2.5 starsI was so excited to receive Oink: My Life with Mini-Pigs in a giveaway, and couldn't wait to read it. My best friend grew up with a pet pig and has shared numerous funny pig stories over the years, so I expected this book would have no shortage of humorous anecdotes. While Matt Whyman does share funny stories about his pigs and the mischief they cause, this book lacks the loving tone that makes pet owner books enjoyable. For the majority of the book he seems to genuinely hate his new p [...]

    2. This book is about a British family who adopts a pair of mini-pigs, and honestly it is as much about the family dynamics and politics as it is about the critters. Matt and his wife Emma have radically different ideas of what constitutes "acceptable" when it comes to household chaos, especially since Matt works at home and Emma does not. Then there are kids--two teenagers and two kids in the very early primary grades, which makes for some chaos all by itself. Add to that a huge Canadian Shepherd [...]

    3. This book was one of the few out there that truthfully details what it is like to own a pig. From the day it enters you life, until you realize that it's become your life in the best possible way. There were times when reading that I cried, or laughed, or had to run to the nearest person and tell them all about what just happened. It is a book that truthfully makes my heart pound with excitement and intrigue. Matt Whyman truly has a gift with connecting his words to his readers. Thank you for sh [...]

    4. Oh boy this was funny!!!! Never had so many LOL's in one book. I will make sure to buy the follow up when it's out.Would recommend reading it in English - I think. I read the Dutch version. It was very readable but sometimes I was not sure about te logical flow of some sentences and I wondered if it had anything to do with the translation.Want a taste? dailymail/femail/artRecommended for anyone thinking about getting pigs (reality check ahead!) and anyone just wanting to read a funny book on far [...]

    5. At ALA this year, I set a rule to spare my aching back and my overburdened suitcase: no adult ARCs. I broke that rule for four books: 1) Barnheart, 2) Chuck Palahniuk's newest (for Mike, then me), 3) Jacques Pepin's new cookbook (also for Mike, who I love enough to carry around a book that has 700 pages and a generous trim size), and 4) this book. What do the books that I chose for myself have in common? They are memoirs about keeping livestock. LIVESTOCK! MINIPIGS! Look, this book wasn't totall [...]

    6. This book was entertaining and easy to read, but at the end it was hard to feel sympathy for anyone in that family. As far as memoirs go, the author does a decent job at portraying his life since the arrival of mini-pigs to his house, but he comes out as a whinny person in the end. If anything, I want a memoir written by Tom, his best friend and handyman.One last comment, this book reiterated my opinion that we (my wife and I) will never have mini-pigs.

    7. Given to me by a friend to read. Cute but I did not enjoy the author's style of writing. His wife ended up sounding like a shrew, and the author ended up sounding like an idiot.

    8. Seemed like it would be a fun read, but rather disappointing. Rather a strange, disjointed, not overly compelling read. His self-deprecating attempt at humor just made me want to shake him.

    9. De foto op de cover is vertederend, het boek zelf is geschreven met een flinke dosis humor. Mezelf er vaak op betrapt dat ik breed glimlachend zat te lezen. Aanrader !

    10. I had a hard time finishing this book, because by about a quarter of the way through I hated the author and his family. The only person who comes across well is the author's friend Tom, although I was frequently wondering why Tom was putting up with spineless whining of the author.I think (hope?) the author was trying to be funny by exaggerating the weaknesses of him and his family, but we so rarely see their good sides, that it just comes across as bad people doing stupid and thoughtless things [...]

    11. I got increasingly annoyed as I read this book at the irresponsibility of the author and his family over their knowledge of the animals which they decided to join their family and the author appeared to find it amusing. I thought if this book gave one message to its readers it is "don't do it like this".

    12. I would give this book 3 1/2 stars. It was funny, interesting, and convinced me I will never own a mini-pig :)

    13. Het gegevenDit is een autobiografische vertelling. Hij wordt zelfs als ‘non-fictie’ verkocht. Het gezin met vier kinderen is gaan wonen op het platteland, want de schrijver wil rust als de vier kinderen naar school zijn, en zijn drukke vrouw uit werken. Dan kan hij rustig schrijven en huisman zijn. Maar omdat hij niet meer dan vier kinderen wil, en zij dat te weinig vindt, komen er nu dieren bij. Ze hebben poezen, konijnen, kippen, nemen een hond. En zonder dat ze het hem eerst vraagt, en zo [...]

    14. At this point many of you are wondering, why is a book with two pigs on the cover something a Chick Lit reader would want to pick up? Most likely many of us love animals and how many Chick Lit covers have you seen with a dog on the cover? So why not pigs too? That’s exactly what Matt Whyman’s wife Emma told him after the death of their sweet kitty Misty left an hole in their family of pets. Not only did they have a Canadian Shepherd, another kitty named Miso and a chicken in the backyard but [...]

    15. The book Oink: My Life With Mini-Pigs written by Matt Whyman, was a heartwarming story of a family with two adopted miniature pigs. The story tells of how the family struggled to find the perfect pet. Then when the wife discovers the existence of mini-pigs, the decision was hazy at first, but with some persuasion it became clear. The Whyman family is a large group of kids and animals. Matt Whyman, the author of this book, married his wife knowing her desire for a large family but did not realiz [...]

    16. About ten years ago, there was a rage in inappropriate celebrity pets. Snakes, raccoons, you name it. The fad that caught on was mini-pigs. There were piggy calendars, piggy stuffed animals, piggy pens and notebooks, and an entire generation of little girls who wanted nothing more than a wooden box with a live squealing piglet for their birthday.I was one of those little girls—complete with calendar, pen, notebook, and several stuffties—and without intending to, my parents helped me get over [...]

    17. J'aime bien les animaux. On a un chat et un chien, ce qui est très raisonnable. On pourrait aussi avoir des poules et des lapins, si je me laissais trop aller. Matt Whyman possède déjà tout ça. Et puis, un jour, sa femme décide d'acheter aussi des cochons nains. D'après elle, ils seront discrets (ils doivent tenir dans une tasse à café ou plutôt à thé puisque l'histoire se passe en Angleterre) et souderont leur famille. Il faut dire qu'après quatre enfants, ses instincts maternels n [...]

    18. What a wonderful book!If you like books about animals then you have got to read this book. There are a ton of books out there about dogs and cats, but I have never read a book about pet mini-pigs.The author, Matt Whyman, does a great job telling this story. It was so informative and humorous. I absolutely loved the humor in this book!The story talks about what led his family to acquire the mini-pigs, their adjustment to living with them, the ups and the downs and then trying to breed them.To me, [...]

    19. Ukazoo Reading Challenge 2016. A book recommended by a librarian.The wife wants more, more children, more animals, etc but she gets to go to work each day leaving the care of both children and animals to her husband and frankly both husband and wife are clueless. A dog, 2 dogs, 2 pigs and the one isn't really a mini, multiple chickens and somewhere along the line some number of rabbits were added to this list. WHO thinks it is a good idea to keep pigs in this house? At least the chickens and rab [...]

    20. Anyone who has toyed with the idea of buying a cute mini pig should read this book first ! These pigs bring havoc to the authors family, as they try to fit in with a wolf like dog, a spaced out cat, traumatized chicken, later replaced by 4 aggresive ex battery hens, 4 rabbits and 4 children. I did not realise how destructive pigs can be and how noisy, at first the pigs are house pigs but that does not work out , then they go into the garden, where they landscape it to their liking!! .Neighbours [...]

    21. I really loved this book. It had me laughing out loud many times. Matt Whyman brought the characters to life, and his writing style made this book a pleasure to read. As an animal lover, I was very tempted to add mini pigs to my animal list, but after reading the antics and effects these characters can do to a garden, I've made the informed decision, these are not a pet for a garden lover like me. I thank Matt Whyman for his informative and enjoyable read, that this cute and highly intelligent p [...]

    22. Thanks for the First Reads giveaway.Well, that settles it: We're never getting mini-pigs!It's rather difficult to understand the choices some people make, like having four children, a dog, a cat (two cats), rabbits, and mini-pigs, but that's partly what makes this book fun to read. It's reality TV, in a way. Whyman has a knack for humorous panic and often he is able to express it with the language to match. One thing I did not like in his writing was the descriptions of him contemplating option [...]

    23. I bought this book because I was hoping to learn more about mini-pigs. I didn't learn much about mini-pigs because Mr. Whyman himself doesn't really know much about them. However Oink: My Life with Mini Pigs proved to be a delightful read.I found myself laughing out loud, and could relate very well to Matt Whyman the at home dad, who attempts to mix working from home while raising mini-pigs, that stretch the word mini to extreme,four rough hens, a spaced out cat, and a feirce dog that is far too [...]

    24. I'm not sure what to think about this book. On one hand, it was well written and at times laugh out loud funny. Other times it was dry and redundant, and I wanted it to be over. The author's "life with mini pigs" sounds like absolute hell, although the story had a relatively nice ending and he eventually seemed to come to peace with these destructive animals. Throughout it all, however, his wife - the one who wanted these creatures but pretty much left the responsibility for their care to the au [...]

    25. Loved this book, very heartwarming & hilarious as he*lMatt tells it like it is about keeping mini-pigs as pets, he doesn't romanticize the idea & actually deterred me from EVER entertaining the idea to procure a couple of these little guys, yeah they are cute and smart and fun and funky BUT a handful!!! So if you are thinking about keeping mini-pigs you definitely should read this first as you will find out many of these "mini's" wind up not being so "mini" afterall. If you're an animal [...]

    26. I was excited to read this book becasue I dream of owning a house trained miniature pig. But my ending opinion of this book? It was ok. I just couldn't get into it.I found that the author was a little dramatic and it wasn't all that funny to meybe it's because I know animals are animals and things happen (in a very mild example; I once came home and found our setter had gotten into the oatmeal and had the tube/package thing stuck on her head and was hiding upstairs in a bedroom)I live on a "Funn [...]

    27. There is much charm to this humorous British memoir, but as a talking book it went a wee bit long for me. I found myself getting annoyed with the author's efforts to appease his rather demanding wife and children. Really, if in order to raise your family's opinion of you you've doused yourself with boar scent in preparation for artificially inseminating the family pig, it might be time for the man of the house to grow a pair of his own. The narrator excellently portrays all the characters, parti [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book: Matt Whymans writing style is very clear and funny. He loses points for the same reasons though, at times I found myself skimming the page, feeling the literary lover inside me sink deeper and deeper into language-choice-boredom. I'm just picky.But! Let's just face it even in Herman Melville write about minipigs it'd be utterly hilarious and compelling.Whyman tries to incorperate some universal themes of family; but really, as a reader we just want to know what the cu [...]

    29. I loved this book. I have a bit of a weird obsession with Mini(teacup) pigs, and so this was a book which really caught my eye on the bookshelf. This book really funny with the pigs being the center of the story, with some other fabulous characters throughout. How the two little pigs impacted Matt and his family's lives was really interesting, with the friends they make on the way adding to a truly brilliant book about one of my favourite animals. Time to invest in a couple of minipigs myself me [...]

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