Undefeated: America's Heroic Fight for Bataan and Corregidor

Undefeated America s Heroic Fight for Bataan and Corregidor Based on exclusive interviews with than thirty survivors Undefeated tells the courageous story of the outnumbered American soldiers and airmen who stood against invading Japanese forces in the Philip

  • Title: Undefeated: America's Heroic Fight for Bataan and Corregidor
  • Author: Bill Sloan
  • ISBN: 9781439199640
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Based on exclusive interviews with than thirty survivors, Undefeated tells the courageous story of the outnumbered American soldiers and airmen who stood against invading Japanese forces in the Philippines at the beginning of World War II, and continued to resist through three harrowing years as POWs Bill Sloan, a master of the combat narrative Dallas Morning NewsBased on exclusive interviews with than thirty survivors, Undefeated tells the courageous story of the outnumbered American soldiers and airmen who stood against invading Japanese forces in the Philippines at the beginning of World War II, and continued to resist through three harrowing years as POWs Bill Sloan, a master of the combat narrative Dallas Morning News , captures the valor, fortitude, and agony of the American defenders of the Philippines Abandoned by their government, the men and women of the U.S garrison battled hopeless military odds, rampant disease, and slow starvation to delay the inevitable surrender of the largest American military force ever For four months they fought toe to toe against overwhelming enemy numbers and forced the Japanese to pay a heavy cost in blood for every inch of ground they gained on the Bataan peninsula After the surrender came the infamous Bataan Death March, where up to eighteen thousand American and Filipino prisoners died or were murdered as they marched sixty five miles under the most hellish conditions imaginable Rather than picturing these defenders as little than helpless victims of a powerful and sadistic enemy as have most previous books about the Philippine campaign Undefeated tells the full story of the remarkable courage and indomitable will that cost the Japanese invaders thousands of casualties on Bataan and Corregidor Interwoven throughout this gripping narrative are the harrowing personal experiences of dozens of American soldiers, airmen, and Marines Sloan also provides vivid portraits of the officers who led the American forces, such as General Douglas MacArthur, who escaped to Australia as the situation on Bataan worsened, and General Jonathan Wainwright, who succeeded him as top U.S commander in the Philippines and himself became a prisoner of the Japanese Undefeated chronicles one of the great sagas of World War II and celebrates a resounding triumph of the human spirit.

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    1. Bill Sloan may be a “master of the combat narrative,” but with Undefeated he falls short as a historian. I read his Given Up for Dead with interest as it provided new insights into the defense of Wake Island during the initial stage of the Pacific War. Undefeated is a paean to the courage and endurance of American and Filipino military men and civilians who courageously resisted Japanese aggression in 1941-42. Sloan details the cruelty and tenaciousness of the Japanese and their calculated i [...]

    2. I've read about the battles in the Philippines, Bataan, the POW camps, and the Death March before, but I think this was the most encompassing and emotionally difficult book so far. It is very well-done, obviously taking an incredible load of research and interviews with survivors from all aspects of the battle. It's impossible to read about this topic and not feel extreme anger over the cold-blooded atrocities committed, even so many years later. It is amazing that as many POWs survived as they [...]

    3. For the most part I really enjoyed this book. After having just finishing the Bataan Death March Marathon at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and having the opportunity to shake hands with some of the surviving members of the march gave me further appreciation for what these brave soldiers endured. The sometimes graphic details on what the Japanese did to some of the marchers in the book left me shaking.Lots of characters in the book and a bit confusing at times as the stories went ba [...]

    4. An amazing narrative of the horrors and hardships of the Japanese invasion of the Philippines and subsequent Bataan Death March, Prison Camps and Labor ships. Just awe-inspiring, yet sickening to read about all those Men and Women, Americans and Filipinos, young and old, went through.

    5. The amazing yet heartbreaking story of the Philippine Islands before, during and after the Japanese invasion in 1941. The book described in vivid detail the atrocities the invaders inflicted on the citizens and, American and Filipino military alike.

    6. Very good account of the trial and tribulations of the US, Philippine forces that fought the Japanese at the beginning of the Second World WarI think Sloan has a very easy reading style and this was a very engaging read.Sloan not only covers the Bataan and Corregidor battles, but follows the survivors thru the Death March and into captivity at Camp O'Donnell and their subsequent transfer on the Hell Ships to various Japanese passions throughout Asia.He also talks about the various successful esc [...]

    7. I went through a roller-coaster of emotions while reading Bill Sloan's Undefeated. Let me begin by saying that as a child growing up during WWII, the generation of men who fought that war have always been my heros. My Dad was a marine and my uncles we in the Army, Army Air Corps and Navy. I guess that the Merchant Marine and Coast Guard were about all that the family did'nt have covered. As I read I went from intense anger to overwhelming sorrow at what the incredibly brave men who were abandone [...]

    8. This book was easy to read and contained details about the Battle of Bataan and the suffering of the American and Filipino POWs that I did not know, that probably most people do not know. For one thing the American army fought very well and could have held out longer and perhaps defeated the Japanese had they been given adequate supplies of food, medicine and ammo. The Japanese conquerors were extremely cruel and inhumane as they were not bound by the Geneva convention. They murdered thousands o [...]

    9. An interesting read of the battle of Bataan and Corregidor were outnumber American and Filipino troops surrendered to Japanese forces. The Americans and Filipinos were low on supplies and ammunition and General Johnathan Wainwright, the American general surrendered. The Americans and Filipinos were taken as POW's and were force to march to POW camps, where many were shot or bayoneted as well as beaten. This was known as the Bataan Death March. In the camps, the POW's suffered brutal torture and [...]

    10. Very detailed account giving a birds-eye view of the fall of the Philippines, specifically by detailing the battles for Bataan and Corregidor. The book does not follow any one character, but rather dives in and out of different soldiers' accounts in relation to specific events. The book pays an honorable tribute to the men who fought, suffered and died defending the Philippines. It even attempts to make an unbiased understanding as to what caused the Japanese to deal so horribly with American an [...]

    11. Detailed read of the fall of Bataan and Corregidor in World War II. After the surrender, the book covers the Bataan Death March, the prison camps and the boats that carried POWs to the camps / to Japan for slave labor. Because the Geneva Convention was never ratified by the Japanese, the military didn't feel it needed to treat the POWs humanely. I knew the Bataan Death March lead to lots of deaths, but the prison camps and boat details are pretty disturbing as well. It's amazing people survived [...]

    12. My favorite way to learn of history has always been "out of the horses' mouth" so to speak. This book is primarily based on interviews and the writings of several survivors of the battle of and surrender of Bataan and Corregidor; with perspectives from POW's, nurses, guerilla fighters, and even a few who managed to escape.Written so as to be easily read and gives honor to the allies who lived, and died, without beautifying them.Highly recommended, but bring tissues.

    13. Meh. Of interest as it provides insight into how folks lived in hat was essentially an American colony in the 30s and 40s but as military history doesn't really deliver. Among other things we were in fact defeated. Disappointing because this author has a couple of very good books about e island fighting later in the war.

    14. A great collectionSloan has assembled an excellent collection of stories from those bitter days of the final struggles for Bataan and Corregidor. All have been told before but never enough. This is a good read. However, the title "Undefeated" may be a stretch.

    15. A vivid, engrossing chronicle of the valiant but doomed defense of the Phillipines from Japanese invasion. There are also detailed accounts of horrific ordeals suffered by POWs and heroic escape attempts. Powerful and gripping.

    16. Great book for history buffs and anyone interestedin the battles for the Philippines.Portion that dealswith the infamous death march,shows just how barbarican occupying army can be in wartime.

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