Rust Vol. 2: Secrets of the Cell

Rust Vol Secrets of the Cell Picking up where the previous volume Rust Visitor in the Field left off after a second robot attack on the Taylor farm Roman Oswald and Jet begin to seek answers to the mysteries of the past Osw

  • Title: Rust Vol. 2: Secrets of the Cell
  • Author: Royden Lepp
  • ISBN: 9781936393589
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Picking up where the previous volume, Rust Visitor in the Field, left off, after a second robot attack on the Taylor farm, Roman, Oswald, and Jet begin to seek answers to the mysteries of the past Oswald becomes and suspicious of Jet s connection to the robots, while Jet himself tries to connect with the flesh and blood family that has harbored him Roman looksPicking up where the previous volume, Rust Visitor in the Field, left off, after a second robot attack on the Taylor farm, Roman, Oswald, and Jet begin to seek answers to the mysteries of the past Oswald becomes and suspicious of Jet s connection to the robots, while Jet himself tries to connect with the flesh and blood family that has harbored him Roman looks for comfort in his friendship with girl next door Jesse, but what he doesn t know is that a new evil may be looming on the horizon for his family Will they be ready when it comes

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    1. Lepp has such a beautiful way of telling a story. You can tell he has an animation background. The panels flow together in such a way that it's almost a flipbook. These 200 pages volumes go by in the blink of an eye. They are so engrossing. Love the carpunk look of the book in the 50's era Canadian farmland setting.

    2. 3.5 rounded down. but i loved it like a 5/5.let me explainvolume 2 doesn't stand on its own. you have to read the first. between the two volumes however, when read together, is a cohesive first half of a movie, executed perfectly with minimum dialog and near flawless storyboarding knowledge. this author and Illustrator has perfect execution of his craft. his method is unique and I can see how much time was poured into the action and blocking and pacing of the images. the art style and coloring a [...]

    3. Lepp grew up on the Canadian prairie and he grounds his tale (this is the second in a series) in rural Canada. It also is sci fi, a kind of action story with plenty of beautifully done art and good relationships… I liked it a lot. Not many words, whole pages get told by the images, which I always like. Tell it with pictures as much as possible! Make use of the comic form! Lovely to look at, attractive in many ways. Kid story that adults would like for the art alone. Not juvenile or silly. Seri [...]

    4. After reading the first volume of Rust I was super excited to read this one, but very little happens in Volume 2 and I found the chronology to be a bit confusing. (I think the first part of volume 2 was a retelling of part of volume 1? But it's been long enough since I read the first volume, I'm not quite sure.) All that really happens in this volume is, well, a vaguely illuminating but also not so illuminating conversation between two people, the building of mystery around the identity of a rob [...]

    5. The art is excellent.The story, YE GODS, the story moves at the pace of an injured sloth (which is a tad ironic, considering there's a character named Jet who is equipped with rocket-feet). So slow. SO SLOW. Also, there aren't many characters but about half of them do exactly the wrong thing at exactly the right time, which makes them difficult to sympathize with. It's a plot moved forward, inch by tortuous inch, through stupidity. I'm probably going to try the third one because I can get it fro [...]

    6. Despite how handy he may be around Roman Taylor's family farm, the mysterious Jet Jones has not fooled young Oz Taylor who has discovered the truth about our jet-packed former soldier. But a new threat is rearing its head on the farm and Jet has to handle that before he can try to convince Oz that his intentions are pure. I truly love the minimalist approach to dialogue and use of strong, kinetic visuals to tell the story. And it's a beautiful tale, too, that only gets better in volume 2. Please [...]

    7. This is the second book in the Rust series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The artwork is interesting and well done and the story progresses nicely. The Taylor farm is recovering from their second robot attack. Meanwhile Oswold suspects that Jet is not as human as he seems and goes looking for answers from the past. Roman is still determined to revive the attack robots and reprogram them to work the farm, he also is comforted by the visit of his childhood girlfriend. We learn a lot more background [...]

    8. Science fiction mixed with mystery set on a farm and it's awesome! And bonus, it's a truly all ages story enjoyable for adults and kids. There's robots that are leftover from a war that current children (and the reader) only know bits and pieces about. In this second volume, we discover more of the secrets of the world of RUST - particularly as Oswald (the middle child in the Taylor family) learns more. Jet Jones continues his battles with a variety of robot foes all the action makes for a very [...]

    9. Rust: Secrets of the Cell is a graphic novel by Royden Lepp, the second in a series started by Visitor in the Field. Secrets of the Cell follows the story of a young-looking mechanical soldier powered by a fuel cell. The soldier runs away from his place of service and attempts to hide as a semi-normal boy living with a family and helping out. A young man discovers his secret and their previously cordial relationship devolves with the young man not trusting the mechanical soldier. The mechanical [...]

    10. While I thought volume 1 was slow, I enjoyed the start of the story. This volume, however, really sold me on the story and artwork. I agree with other reviewers - I wish volumes one and two were combined. I love the way that Lepp writes for his characters, giving us small clues about their personalities and history, but in such a way that I felt like I really know them. There's a sophistication to the artwork that I think really shines through in this volume. The chase scene between Jet, the mod [...]

    11. Lepp, Royden. Secrets of the Cell. Archaia Entertainment, 2012.Jet is pretty clearly some sort of robot, but he's a hard worker and the other people on the farm like having him around. This book continues where volume 1 left off, describing the dystopian world left over after a war involving robot soldiers.I probably would have enjoyed this book even more if I had read the first one beforehand. Nonetheless, the art work was beautiful and appropriate and I did enjoy the story, even though there w [...]

    12. A good continuation of the story. I like how we see character relationships develop further, and the action scene is even more dynamic and interesting than the first. It is unfortunate that it ends on a cliffhanger since my library system doesn't have the third volume. And looking ahead, I'm sure even if I read it, it will also have a cliffhanger and I have no idea when or if the fourth and final volume will be published.Though we don't actually learn any real "secrets of the cell" in this volum [...]

    13. A beautifully showcased graphic novel and an intriguing, if not drawn out, story, Rust is the story of a family trying to keep their family farm going after their father fails to return from a way in which it was man vs machine.I love how we're filled in a bit more on the back-story in Secrets of the Cell but I'm a little concerned about how little is actually happening in the two volumes that are currently out.I'm hoping volume three moves things along somewhat because I also love how this grap [...]

    14. Rust is a great graphic novel for all ages. The art is a fantastic blend of Steampunk and a folksy golden era Americana. Definitely worth checking out if you get a chance!Volume II continues the strong precedent set in the first book. Though a few answers of questions born from the first book are teased, there isn't a great deal of satisfactory resolutions at this point in the series. This obviously wants you to continue reading when the next book releases, but also poses a problem if this is th [...]

    15. Strong story, beautifully told. But the series must be read as a whole to get the impact. Volume 2 doesn't stand on its own, and needs to be read as soon in sequence as possible. The gorgeous storyboarding and artwork means more pages to tell the story and results in individual volumes that feel like too small pieces of the story. Get the whole series and read it as one book to love it. Break it up very long and the story suffers.

    16. More of the same from Lepp. Beautiful art, nice character interaction, butThe pace of this story is dragging - it feels like we're getting about one day/book. Considering how long these books are, the plotting has me chomping at the bit a little. It's not a big problem, and I'll certainly reserve judgment for another book or three (or however many are left), but this is starting to feel vaguely Robert-Jordan-ish.

    17. Continuing on from the first book, the story follows the Taylor farm as they struggle to make ends meet after a strange war meant many men have never come home and the responsibilities have fallen on those left behind. Jet Jones is a young lad, a drifter, who has stopped at the farm to help out a while but their is something mysterious about him and he knows more about the war and the robots then he is letting on. An intriguing read with awesome artwork.

    18. Some secrets are revealed. Even more are hinted at. I find myself wondering just how long this series is going to be anyway? I'm liking it a lot. Yes, the pacing is very deliberate, but there's a lot to take in, and the flow feels very natural. There's a beautiful, mostly wordless, action sequence towards the end of the book that's just marvelous to behold. Can't wait for the next volume!

    19. Having started this heartwarming tale with book two, I do feel like the book stands well on its own. It tells the tale of Jet, a possible half mechanical half organic boy, hiding from his creator and of the family he's chosen to be apart of and protect at all costs. The tale was brief and simple but the illustrations were profound and flawless. I will definitely be reading the next volume.

    20. Maybe it's because I read it in as an egalley, instead of a book, but I didn't care for this as much as the first one. It seemed more confusing, and didn't advance the storyybe I forgot most of volume 1

    21. Tough to evaluate the Rust books on a volume by volume basis. Lepp is telling a long story with the series and each volume is dissatisfying on its own. But the characters are great, the setting is unique and exciting, and the story is intriguing.

    22. The continuation of book one did not disappoint! Still gorgeous artwork and the story developed the characters a little more. The worst thing about it is that book three isn't out yet and I have to wait!

    23. It might be best to wait for a compilation of the entire series. Beautifully illustrated and an interesting plot but not much happens in either of the two books so far. On the other hand they only take about half an hour to read!

    24. This was another great addition to the story. I love the art, I love the characters. My major complaint was that much of it seemed to be a recap of the first book and there is only a little forward motion in the plot. At this rate, it could take a LONG time to finish the story.

    25. this is an amazing new, on-going series with a great story line. the new and old are blended in a delightful way that keeps one reading, anxious to see what becomes of Jet and how Roman works everything outi am anxious to keep reading when volume 3 comes out.

    26. Art and narrative consistent with the first volume. It seems like they are establishing and backstorying more than progressing plot though, which may make readers lose interest. If it had a faster pace I would have rated it highr.

    27. Second volume in the series. Beautiful art and an engrossing original story make this series completely addictive. Can't wait for volume three!

    28. These are very quick and easy to read. Gives a little more information, but continues to keep some mystery about the world-building and the characters. I love the art and enjoy the quick story.

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