Showcase Presents: Rip Hunter, Time Master, Vol. 1

Showcase Presents Rip Hunter Time Master Vol Rip Hunter and his band of time travelling adventurers traverse the ages delving into the distant past and future to fight strange creatures In these stories collected here for the very first time

  • Title: Showcase Presents: Rip Hunter, Time Master, Vol. 1
  • Author: Jack Miller Alex Toth
  • ISBN: 9781401235215
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rip Hunter and his band of time travelling adventurers traverse the ages, delving into the distant past and future to fight strange creatures In these stories, collected here for the very first time, the Time Masters meet Circe, an island of dinosaurs, The Bird Men of 2,000 B.C The Menace of the Mongol Magician.

    One thought on “Showcase Presents: Rip Hunter, Time Master, Vol. 1”

    1. These are some extremely cheesy, kitschy and predictable stories, and they are fantastic. I almost felt like taking this book for a drive to some small town in Anywhere, U.S.A to locate a Dairy Queen. One of those classic tall pole with the sideways tear drop red and white singed Dairy Queens with the walk up order window. Get myself a double chocolate fudge sundae with extra chopped nuts on top. Go and sit at one of those white plastic topped tables with the red bench seats and crack this book [...]

    2. Great pulpy sci-fi with the occasional bit of history thrown in.Rip Hunter is seen as DC's 'Doctor Who', and really in these stories you can see that, as the later stories in this volume are nearly all 'aliens through history' stories.Aliens are just responsible for every historical event.Formulaic, but a lot of fun the writers mix bits of history and sci-fi and the art is great, really clean and solid.Rip and company are the classic silver age team formula: Hero, girl, young kid and second guy. [...]

    3. Again, I applaud DC for making these slightly obscure comics available to a new generation. I can only hope that we get other characters like Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Sugar n' Spike, the Television Detective and other reprinted in a similar affordable format sometime soon.

    4. These time travel stories depend a lot on coincidence, but it still enjoyed them. Solid children's entertainment from the late 50s, early 60s.

    5. After the success of Jack Kirby creations The Challengers of the Unknown in 1959, DC Comics took a chance on two other quartets of non-powered adventurers in the pages of Showcase, their try-out comic. The more successful of these was Rip Hunter’s team of time travelers. He is introduced as already having invented a Time Sphere, and with the aid of his friend Jeff Smith built two of them. The only people he’s trusted in his secret laboratory are his girlfriend Bonnie Baxter and her kid broth [...]

    6. Rip Hunter's first two adventures were just reprinting in Showcase Presents Showcase. This would be fine if that weren't the previous edition of DC's Showcase Presents series, so I could skip the first two issue reprints.That said, what can we say about Rip Hunter? He's a lot like Adam Strange, in that anywhere (anywhen?) he goes, Rip seems to be the only person capable of coming up with any sort of plans for anything. So, he goes back in time with his nondescript friend Jeff, his possible girlf [...]

    7. Good old-fashioned Silver Age comics, actually slightly less lunatic in the science division than the superhero comics were. While Rip Hunter predates the arrival of Doctor Who, and it's unlikely that Doctor Who creator Sydney Newman (who was Canadian) saw the comics, there are some fascinating parallels to the TV series and its development -- Rip starts out as a purely historical time travel book, but it isn't too long before the aliens have crept in and are behind assorted historical happening [...]

    8. Ci sono, in queste storie degli anni 50 e 60, alcuni spunti interessanti. Ma per lo più le trame sono troppo ripetitive e poco sviluppate, e la tematica dei viaggi nel tempo non è granché sfruttata: praticamente nessun paradosso, nessun enigma difficilmente spiegabile (a parte una avventura) e tutto sommato, poca fantasia. I disegni, se togliamo la coppia di storie realizzata da Joe Kubert e quelle di Alex Thot sono a livelli no particolarmente buoni.Nel complesso non credo che rileggerò mai [...]

    9. A Silver Age series that get points for being a lot weirder than many time-travel stories, as the majority of trips involve ETs or sorcerers running around in the past. That said, it's one of the weaker efforts of the era, with little characterization, so-so art and the repeated reuse of plot points.

    10. I had expected some Silver Age fun, but this was much more than that. It was genuinely exciting and much better than the usual repetitive mood these Silver Age collections often slide into. Great stuff.

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