Tales of Ancient Rome (Vol #1)

Tales of Ancient Rome Vol A collection of bite size stories of varying styles all based in the world of ancient Rome tales of the ancient world plus a bonus tale to finish The second edition contains two new tales not told

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  • Title: Tales of Ancient Rome (Vol #1)
  • Author: S.J.A. Turney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A collection of bite size stories of varying styles all based in the world of ancient Rome 12 tales of the ancient world, plus a bonus tale to finish.The second edition contains two new tales not told in the 1st Laugh, cry and shudder at Hold The Wall Hadrian s wall in the last days of the western empireVigil A comedic tale of firefighting in Rome NEW Rudis A chamA collection of bite size stories of varying styles all based in the world of ancient Rome 12 tales of the ancient world, plus a bonus tale to finish.The second edition contains two new tales not told in the 1st Laugh, cry and shudder at Hold The Wall Hadrian s wall in the last days of the western empireVigil A comedic tale of firefighting in Rome NEW Rudis A champion gladiator fights his last fight NEW The Discovery A Roman trader makes a surprising find in distant ChinaThe man who bought an Empire The lowest point of Imperial successionTrackside seats A slave helps his blind master at the circusHow to run a latifundium A cautionary tale of estate managementA Reading What does the future hold in Judea Exploratores Trajan s scouts on the trail of Dacian warriorsWith a pinch of salt A comedic tale of food in Claudius RomeThe Palmyrene Prince Rome s eastern border tells grim talesTemple Trouble A tale of the early days of Fronto of the Marius Mules series Bonus tale Aftermath in the Ludus A fun finish.

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    1. I met Simon Turney on a writing site a number of years ago, and have since been impressed not only with his writing style, but his knowledge of everything Roman. As a fan of historical fiction, I have since read and enjoyed a number of his books. When I discovered he'd released a book of short stories, I knew I had to buy it.Short stories have been a favourite read of mine for a number of years now, you only have to check out my other reviews to know that this is true. Most of Simon's novels are [...]

    2. I started out liking this book. Great writing and great stories by an author who knows that stories about ancient Rome don't necessarily have to take place in the city of Rome during the reign of Nero. Then I noticed that every story ended with a twist. Each twist lost most of its effect because I knew something was coming. Also, I don't know if the author is a bad ghost story writer, I'm I bad ghost story reader, or both, but for both of his ghost stories I found myself going "huh?". That might [...]

    3. It's been a long time since I've been this impressed with a collection of short stories, since - let's see - ever. Wonderfully written, exciting, and often humorous. S.J.A. Turney has a new loyal reader.

    4. This is a collection of short stories set in Ancient Rome, well-written, stories that put you in a time machine back 2000 years ago. As my recently published book, "The Eagle and the Dragon' a Novel of Rome and China" dealt in part with travel along the Silk Road between Rome and China, I was particularly taken with "The Discovery," an hilariously funny story about a trip that could have changed the world but didn't. No spoilers here. You don't need to know history here, just people.

    5. As you guys probably know from my reviews I don’t actually read all that many anthologies. They’re just usually not my thing unless they’re from a writer I really love. Still, I decided to download Tales of Ancient Rome for free on one day because I figured I had nothing to lose and at least something to gain. I mean, I love ancient Rome.So overall, how was the anthology? Pretty good, actually. Turney managed to span quite a few different periods of time in the Roman Empire, from the reig [...]

    6. Unconnected Short Stories Set In Ancient Rome . . .This a compilations of various short stories from individuals in different countries, cities, and diverse social standings. Beginning from the far reaches of wars and forts in Britannia to the Persian empire and deserts where politics involve the Palmyrene Empire from ancient Syria. Each story reveals pieces of ancient life during the Roman Empire.Stories I found lacking were "Lucilla" and "Aftermath in the Ludus" both ended on strange notes tha [...]

    7. Yes I’m late to the party on this one I know…As a reader I promise myself to go back and read all the books an author has wrote if I enjoy their work. It’s not always easy to fit all these wonderful tales in thoughThis however was perfect. I’ve been meaning to read more of Simon’s work and this was a easy read to stick in between other readsIt’s a collect of short stories which show off the author's skills. It’s perfect if like me you want a quick read or this would also suit anyon [...]

    8. This collection of 12 short stories is a quick and entertaining read. The main characters are all very different and their situations run the gamut of the uniquely Roman human experience. The tales range in time frame from the early Principate to the last days of the Roman presence in Britain. Some are laugh-out-loud hilarious, while others are hauntingly tragic. All of them take unexpected turns and none ends up quite where one thinks they are headed. I would love for a few of these to be expan [...]

    9. This is an excellent book of short stories based on ancient rome, and is a must read to enjoy a glimpse into the daily life of the romans, both the elite and the commoners.Best thing, it is available for free download as an e-book both on and also on FlipkartGGESTION: If you are planning to download this book to read, I'd suggest doing it from Flipkart rather than from , as the FlipKart Version has two extra stories, namely "Ridus" and "Discovery".

    10. DNF. I think I'll give this book a second chance by putting it on my phone where my reading style might better match the short "twisty" tales. Not what I was looking for when I DNF so no rating until then.

    11. A nice collection of short stories, mostly about small aspects of famous people in Roman history. It helps if you are more than a little familiar with Roman history. A glossary at the end would have helped with some of the more obscure terms used, but it wasn't too much of an impediment.

    12. Roman short stories with quirky endings. Not something that readers see a lot of in today's book market. But an ideal format for those odd moments when you want something to read and love ancient Rome but can't commit to a 600 page novel!

    13. A quick read but with no particular wow factor. The author is obviously au fait with the Roman era but perhaps too eager to show it in the tales. Unfortunately, unable to recommend to the normal crew.

    14. This is a book of short stories based in Roman times and some of them are VERY short, perhaps only 1 or 2 pages. I like short stories but some of these were a bit too short for me. And I really had difficulty with the ghost and zombie stories that were in there. Not one that I will be keeping.

    15. Nice collection of short stories by Simon Turney about the 'supporting' characters in key historical events in Roman times - each of them including a twist in the story

    16. Great collection of short stories, I enjoyed the first two books of Marius's Mules but liked these short stories even better, good narrative, characterisation and plots.

    17. I imagine these make more sense within the wider context of the universe Mr Turney has created but they have little stand-alone value.

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