Seeking Crystal

Seeking Crystal Sparks will fly Passion will ignite Crystal Brook has always been the dud Savant in her family paranormal powers just aren t her thing Dropping out of school with a clutch of E grades and no future

  • Title: Seeking Crystal
  • Author: Joss Stirling
  • ISBN: 9780192793515
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sparks will fly Passion will ignite .Crystal Brook has always been the dud Savant in her family paranormal powers just aren t her thing Dropping out of school with a clutch of E grades and no future, she lives in the shadow of her high flying sister Diamond On a trip to Denver, a chance encounter with the dashing Benedict brothers leaves Diamond head over heSparks will fly Passion will ignite .Crystal Brook has always been the dud Savant in her family paranormal powers just aren t her thing Dropping out of school with a clutch of E grades and no future, she lives in the shadow of her high flying sister Diamond On a trip to Denver, a chance encounter with the dashing Benedict brothers leaves Diamond head over heels in love and engaged to be married Crystal, on the other hand, is unimpressed by their charms in fact no boy can annoy her as much as Xav Benedict Back in Venice, their families assemble for Diamond s wedding and a powerful enemy seizes the opportunity to attack Crystal and Xav must join forces to save their loved ones, unlocking a secret that, until now, has lain deeply buried .

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    1. Seeking Crystal is the third book in the intriguing and extremely gripping Benedict series. If your looking for a set of books to get obsessed over this year, make sure you pick up this series.Crystal Brook doesn't seem to have paranormal powers like she should have been born with. She's not clever, she's not pretty and, to rub it all in her big nose, she's always been in the shadow of her successful older sister, Diamond. On a trip to Denver, a run-in with the gorgeous Benedict brothers leaves [...]

    2. Oh now this is a really hard review to write. I really really loved the first two books in this series. I couldn't get enough of Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix they were just so good, so it pains me to have to write anything negative at all about Seeking Crystal but I have to be honest and tell you how I felt.I didn't completely hate it, not by a long shot. I think the plot for this book was utterly AMAZING; I was absorbed in it from the very beginning. The secrets we discover about Crystal we [...]

    3. CAPTURING CAPTURING CAPTURING CAPTURING CAPTURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleease let it be capturing instead of seeing. It sounds soooooooooooo much more romantic and exciting and dramatic!!!!!!!Oh oh oh I can't wait for this book! I think I'm going to faint!Uh what's that? It's going to be published in.2013?!*thud******I don't know if I'm being too strict or too lenient. But I know one thing for sure - I am just too disappointed. I mean, when you've marked the release date of the book as on your [...]


    5. You know when you read a book and think 'WHY THE HELL DOESN'T EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS BOOK?'? Well. After each book in this series I have thought exactly that. These books bring back warm memories as I first read Finding sky last August when I went on holiday with my cousins and aunt. My cousin brought Stealing phoenix at the same time, so we could swap after reading them - it was a good job as it constantly rained so we stayed in the caravan reading and talking and it turned out to be one of t [...]

    6. My favourite of the series yet! and Uriel and Victor better have different books they define holy hotness!Sky's right at the end everyone has a soft spot for Xav including me! "But thanks for worrying about me, Beauty.""Please stop calling me that." I folded my arms across my chest."Fine." Drumming the steering wheel, he glanced at me briefly before turning back to the traffic. "Hey, Beau—my respected and very equal cupcake, what’ve I done to annoy you? ":O the blurb hehe love these types of [...]

    7. Wat een geweldig boek! Dit boek zat goed in elkaar en ik vond de verhaallijn heel erg goed. Niet zo goed als deel 2, vandaar ook 4 sterren ipv 5. Het leuke aan deze boeken vind ik dat de hele familie Benedict telkens in beeld komt. Ze zijn zo leuk allemaal!

    8. SpoilersThe third book in the series, the books revolve around the seven Benedict brothers, who are all Savants - people with special powers. Each brother is desperate to find their Soulfinders. Youngest brothers Zed and Yves found their heroines in the previous installments. This time around two of the Benedict brothers get their HEA.The story kicks off when oldest brother Trace finds his soulfinder in Diamond Brooke. Seconds after meeting they're kissing each other and planning their lives tog [...]

    9. Esta saga se mantiene en su línea y la autora sabe hacer que los libros tengan el mismo nivel que el anterior. De hecho, este es el libro (de los tres que he leído) que más me ha gustado. Son historias de amor con toques paranormales. Al principio, puede parecer algo lioso, pero la autora lo explica todo con sencillez para que lo entandamos a la perfección. También me gustaría destacar que este libro se desarrolla en Venecia, que es punto a favor, ya que Italia es preciosa y me encanta muc [...]

    10. Es un libro tan perfecto. Amo todo lo que escribe Joss Stirling y mas si es sobre los hermosos Benedict ♡♥ Amo a la familia Benedict es tan perfecta y sobre todo mi Victor ♥♡ La historia esta llena accion, romance, otra obra maestra. Gracias Joss por seguir escribiendo

    11. ‘Another piggyback?’‘No, my pride can’t take it.’ He sat down on the hump of the bridge and pulled off his Timberlands. He thrust them in my arms. ‘Here, hold these. Don’t, whatever you do, drop them.’ Then before I could think what he intended, he swept me into his arms and strode into the calf-deep water.‘Xav! I’ve boots on—there’s no need.’He hugged me closer. ‘There’s every need, my lady. Have you not read the Gentleman’s Guide to Gallantry?’I shook my head, [...]

    12. Best one yet - love itPlease bear in mind that this is the third book in the series and the review may contain spoilers for the previous books.I adore this series so so so much, I was querying whether this was the last book in the series earlier today and Joss very kindly posted THIS on her blog. So fingers crossed we will be seeing more of the Benedicts in the future.Seeking Crystal manages to tie together outstanding elements of the plot from the previous 2 books. It never ceases to amaze me h [...]

    13. De schrijfstijlNet als de andere twee delen in deze serie lezen de boeken makkelijk en vlot. Dit heeft tot gevolg dat je er zo doorheen vliegt en het een prima boek is om te lezen als je wat minder tijd hebt. Daarnaast schrijft Joss Stirling ook op een manier dat je alles duidelijk voor je ziet en dat is prettig.Het verhaalHet verhaal is uiteraard wat voorspelbaar, maar het verveelt eigenlijk niet. Ik vond het leuk om weer in de wereld van de Savants te komen en Crystal heeft een hele andere ach [...]

    14. Cuando pensé no podría superar a Phoenix, apareció este libro. Wow, que final mas hermoso de esta gran trilogía. Sinceramente me gustaría que hubiera un libro por cada hermano porque cada uno es increíble! Lo que me encanta de la autora es que profundiza en los personajes, no deja ninguno de lado. En cuanto al libro, odie bastante cuando todos "rechazaban" a Crystal, porque eso parecía aunque no lo dijeran, solo porque no tenia grandes poderes. Después los dejo con la boca cerrada a todo [...]

    15. Debo confesar el poco interés que me despertaba (y puede que así sea un poco todavía), pero con el pasar de los libros, poco a poco, me estoy encariñando con la flia Benedict y sus parejas.En esta historia tenemos a uno d mis hermanos favoritos, el infaltable payaso de la familia. Y que decir, los chicos del tipo bobo son mi debilidad, Xav no iba a ser la excepción.Amé mucho como se va formando esta pareja, amé que estos chicos se tomasen su tiempo para conocerse y enamorarse, todo sin te [...]

    16. This and my other reviews can be found at amethystbookwyrm/Crystal has always been the failure in her family with no Savant power and disappointing grades, especially compared to her sister who has just found her Soulfinder Trace Benedict, but when disaster hits both Crystal and Xav, the annoying Benedict, have to join together to save their loved ones and maybe discover how they feel about each other. While Seeking Crystal is just as good as the others the romance in this book is not as captiva [...]

    17. Nota: 2.5/5Lo que me encanta de la autora es que, de momento, los libros de esta saga, a pesar de seguir una linealidad en la historia, cuenta en cada uno de ellos con unos personajes totalmente distinto a los anteriores y te aporta una historia romántica diferente -porque el resto de la trama sigue la misma estela-. Eso hace que a veces me gusten su historias y otras no, en este caso me ha tocado lo segundo porque el romance no me ha convencido y no me ha hecho engancharme, a pesar de que no p [...]

    18. Seeking Crystal has been my favourite story from the Savant world.The story was kind of grabbing me and I really liked Crystal and her sister. This book had the same flaws as the other 2 books of the trilogy. There is no chemistry and the soulfinder thing just doesn't feel like as special as it is supposed to be. The problems are solved way too easily.I will finish this series at this point and will probably won't read any further books in this series.

    19. 4,5 me lo terminé en un día y no pude parar de leer. Yo lo había dejado (porque el principio no me había convencido) y le pasó lo mismo a mi hermana, que le estoy diciendo que merece una oportunidad. Me encantó dónde está ambientada la historia (Italia) y ver a los personajes de los anteriores libros.LOS HERMANOS BENEDICT ENAMORAN MÁS Y MÁS.

    20. Поредицата ще ми липсва :) Светът на савантите е изключително магичен :)

    21. Никога не съм предполагала, че романтична книга може да бъде толкова вълнуваща. От една страна главните герои имат супер сили като телекинеза, да спират времето, да виждат в бъдещето, да усещат опасности, а телепатията за тях е нещо напълно нормално. Все пак в доста от книгит [...]

    22. Crystal comes from a large family of Savants but she has always felt like a failure compared to her brothers and sisters, she is the only one who isn't able to communicate telepathically and she has the most useless Savant ability ever. The only thing she is any good at is finding things that people have lost - so she's the person who her family turn to when they lose their car keys but not for much else. Crystal has travelled to Denver with her sister Diamond for a conference arranged by the Be [...]

    23. Uiteindelijk is dit het boek waar ik het kortste over gedaan heb. Uiteraard, na twee eerdere delen werd het derde deel wat voorspelbaar, maar niet minder interessant en boeiend. Wat mij blijft boeien is dat alledrie de relaties, hoewel ze allemaal op hetzelfde gebaseerd zijn, toch heel anders zijn en anders tot stand komen. Het is ongelooflijk interessant hoe je vanaf hetzelfde uitgangspunt toch drie hele verschillende wegen kunt bewandelen. De karakters vertonen uiteraard wel verwantschappen (o [...]

    24. This review was originally published at Fluttering ButterfliesOh lordy, do I absolutely LOVE the Benedict brothers. Really and truly, I love them. And I loved this latest installment, which pairs up two of the Benedict brothers with sisters Diamond and Crystal.I really felt for Crystal, the main character of this story. She's always been treated a bit badly by her family for being a dud savant. She has no powers, she's not great with schooling. She really figures herself to have no real future, [...]

    25. This book was amazing. It was slow at first but then i really got into it. I liked Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix but love Seeking Crystal. Revealing Crystals power as the SoulSeeker is a major twist. When reading the blurb you think the story will be about Xavier and Crystal finding each other but having Trace and Diamond find each other first makes you think otherwise. When I got the book I was afraid that if I opened it then once I had read it then it would disappear. In Seeking Crystal "Sp [...]

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