Twelve Days of Winter: Crime at Christmas

Twelve Days of Winter Crime at Christmas A collection of interlinked tales of crime and retribution laced with dark humour set around the festive season from the No bestseller Stuart MacBrideThieves drug dealers lap dancers gangsters a

  • Title: Twelve Days of Winter: Crime at Christmas
  • Author: Stuart MacBride
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: ebook
  • A collection of interlinked tales of crime and retribution laced with dark humour, set around the festive season from the No 1 bestseller Stuart MacBrideThieves, drug dealers, lap dancers, gangsters and even the odd good guy populate these twelve tales exploring the seedier side of life in North East Scotland.

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    1. Okay, so the premise is somewhat original: twelve short stories interwoven, all with titles based on the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song. Plus, Stuart MacBride writing. What could go wrong?The writing, as expected, is top-notch. I liked how the stories tied together. But this whole anthology left me feeling grimy. There's nothing at all redeemable or uplifting about the entire venture. There is not one single likeable character; everyone is "bad", out for their own gain at the expense of the peo [...]

    2. This one did nothing for me. Set in NE Scotland's seamier side and based on the "12 Days of Christmas" I gave it away after #4. Quirky at best. Hope his other works are better.

    3. Twelve Days of Winter: Crime at Christmas Una lettura natalizia alternativa. Una serie di brevi racconti thriller autoconclusivi ma genialmente collegati l’uno all’altro (i dodici racconti sono stati pubblicati anche singolarmente con il titolo Crimini di Natale).Il bello è che, nonostante il genere truce, c’è più atmosfera natalizia in alcuni di questi racconti, che in certi romanzi rosa specializzati nel genere. Mi è piaciuto anche perché a Natale non ci sono solo storie smielate.

    4. 12 short crime stories to the theme of the 12 Days of Christmas, all set in the seedier streets of Scotland in the lead up to Christmas. An enjoyable read listen (great narrator) & I liked how all the stories were linked somehow.

    5. I like Stuart MacBride's writing style. In my mind it is reminiscent of a slightly nasty Ian Rankin. The stories were all pretty good and one or two were a little better than that. Easy reading.

    6. Excellent! Interwoven short crime stories set at Christmas time. Almost like watching a subtle domino effect!!!

    7. * This book definitely served a purpose for me - it was good to have an audio book of short stories for me to listen to with my husband as we travelled around visiting relatives over Christmas this year.* I enjoyed the first story the most by far, finding the writing fast paced whilst successfully enabling me to picture the story developing.* As the book went on, I continued to enjoy the pace and the introduction of various characters and I found the links between the stories were fun to pick ou [...]

    8. Questa raccolta di racconti è proprio sorprendente! C'è una sottile vena di umorismo nero che a me piace molto. Ovviamente non tutte le storie sono allo stesso livello. Le mie preferite sono: i piccioncini (mi ha fatto morire dal ridere), hotline (sull'imprevedibilitá degli eventi), cucina francese (attenzione a ciò che vi mettono nel piatto!) e la banda delle cornamuse (a Natale siamo tutti più buoni). I racconti sono tutti ambientati nel periodo che precede il Natale, ma non hanno assolut [...]

    9. Not my favourite Stuart Macbride but definitely worth a read. 12 stories all linked somehow. My personal favourite was Lords a Leaping and least favourite was Partridge in a Pear Tree although I liked them all.

    10. Extremely noir and very cleverly constructed. This little collection creeped me out, but I had to finish it.

    11. Was a fun read, tried to be too much like Roald Dahls "Tales of the Unexpected" with those plot twists at the end.

    12. BuchinfoZwölf tödliche Gaben - Stuart MacBrideTaschenbuch - 160 Seiten - ISBN-13: 978-3442480470Verlag: Goldmann Verlag - Veröffentlichung: 17. Oktober 2016EUR 8,99KurzbeschreibungEiskalte Verbrechen, trockener Humor und Schottlands finsterste Gauner: Der Meister mörderischer Spannung beweist in zwölf Geschichten, dass das Verbrechen auch in den Wochen vor dem Fest der Liebe keine Pause macht. Ganz im Gegenteil Kleinganoven, eiskalte Killer und ahnungslose Opfer treffen im schottischen Old [...]

    13. Apparenti suicidi di Stuart MacBride si è rivelato un bel acquisto. È una raccolta di dodici racconti, “12 days of winter”, che mettono a dura prova lo spirito natalizio. Per chi ama come me il genere glielo consiglio vivamente. Le tematiche variano da racconto a racconto eppure l’autore è riuscito a trovare un filo conduttore che legasse i racconti ai personaggi.C’è stato un racconto che mi ha particolarmente colpita? Più di uno.MacBride ha uno stile unico, si vede che è padrone d [...]

    14. Good selection of short stories all interlinked.The theme is the Christmas song "12 Days of Christmas" - and the story titles are chosen from this - Partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves, three French hens and so on. Each story also neatly links in with the title - eg the first one has a burglar called Billy Partridge attempting to steal a famous Monet painting "The Pear Tree". There are recurring characters between the stories and some of the events in one story directly lead onto or are r [...]

    15. 2/5 stars. Pretty bad. Astonishing, though, how someone could give themselves the task of writing twelve very short stories, and end up just writing the same one twelve times. The main character kills either themselves or somebody in nearly every one, in "twists" a blind ferret could see coming from a mile away. I kept waiting for some kind of clever link when one or two characters recurred, but there was just nothing in the end but a sense of deja vu, a growing perplexity at increasingly-stretc [...]

    16. A dozen seasonal crime short stories from Stuart MacBride, cleverly woven together to form an entertaining afternoon's reading in front of a roaring fire. Funny, scary, exciting - masterfully written and worth 99p of anyone's money.

    17. 12 racconti per finire l'anno in bellezza, grosso modo tutti ambientati a ridosso del periodo natalizio, in un crescendo di situazioni.I personaggi si ripetono, incrociano le loro strade e le loro storie nere.Il terzo racconto mi ha fatto pensare al famoso Barbiere di Fleet Street: mai prendere brodo o polpettone in un ristorante! BrrrrMolto carino quello dell'agenzia di pompe funebri. Ah, cosa può fare l'adesivo!Tosto il n. 8, alla fine piuttosto crudele Tanto quanto quello successivo Posso so [...]

    18. 12 Days of Winter by Stuart MacBride is not a Logan McRae novel. This is a collection of short stories based on the 12 days of Christmas song. Each story is a dark gruesome tale- only a couple of pages long. Beware that although this book was only .99 when I purchased it, it is a VERY short book and if I had been paying closer attention I wouldn't have plunked down the money for this one.If you are a HUGE MacBride fan you may want to check this one out for the novelty value, but for the fans of [...]

    19. In Anlehnung an das alte Weihnachtslied „The Twelve Days of Christmas“ erzählt Stuart MacBride zwölf skurrile Kurzkrimis. Der Leser begleitet tollpatschige Einbrecher bei der Hausdurchsuchung, Gerichtsmediziner in die Überstunden und Köche an die Pfannen. Nie gelingt alles reibungslos und meistens ist am Schluss einer tot.Mit viel Witz präsentiert MacBride die Abgründe des Lebens, verpackt diese in unterhaltsame und kurzweilige Geschichten, die man schnell mal zwischendurch lesen und d [...]

    20. I really enjoyed Stuart MacBride's Logan McRae novels, but for these short stories to work, I think they should've been part of that series. For seven to eight page stories, there wasn't enough to pull you in, whereas if it revolved around characters you were familiar with, I might've been more invested. I did love how the stories interwove with each other. Not very festive, but a good little short book for those who enjoy Stuart MacBride's work. Definitely not the first of his novels, etc. that [...]

    21. I love the fact that Kindle has breathed life into the short story for me. How wonderful to read a selection of clever and gruesome tales by one of my favourite authors. I've been waiting all year to read these as they have a Christmas theme, although not really Christmas cheer - you have been warned!

    22. It's not often I'll write a bad review, but I was really disappointed with this and I can't actually think of much good to say!I liked the idea, with all the stories interlinking, and they were well written, but if anything I found them a bit too short, and not particularly engaging. I just couldn't make myself care about the characters, and the storylines were rather predictable. Sorry!

    23. I actually thought this was a Logan novel. However it isn't and thats okay. I didn't enjoy it at first but as each short story mixed with the next, each connecting in that little web that Macbride is known for creating I felt drawn in. Not his best work but entertaining for a buck.

    24. Each story is unique and very well done on its own. The threads that connect them to each other are minimal, but expertly woven it the fabric of the story.Most of the stories a pretty dark and gritty. Other than the setting, these are not not light Christmas fare.

    25. This is a collection of short stories set in the lead up to Christmas and are all related in some way. I found them all interesting and intriguing. I lost track of the body count in these stories but it was rather high and as usual gory.A very good read in the lead up to Christmas.

    26. Really great fun! Not as dark and macabre as soon of his books but fast paced and enjoyable to read.I liked the way they all interlinked.I was very lucky with my copy too as I came across it by accident and it is signed by Mr MacBride :)

    27. I Adored this book although I did wonder how some of the stories where crime.I got into every story though and read within a day!! I love how all the stories are interlinkedwould love to see Stuart do a few more like this.!!!

    28. This book focuses on the underside of Aberdeen society. It is violent and gruesome, and the antithesis of Christmas. Burglaries, porn, blackmail, shotguns, extortion and loads of violence.

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