The Compleat Terminal City

The Compleat Terminal City Visionary designer and comics creator Dean Motter Mister X Electropolis Batman Nine Lives returns with the purest expression to date of his patented retro futurism Terminal City is a place where tra

  • Title: The Compleat Terminal City
  • Author: Dean Motter Michael Lark Dave Marshall
  • ISBN: 9781595828774
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Visionary designer and comics creator Dean Motter Mister X, Electropolis, Batman Nine Lives returns with the purest expression to date of his patented retro futurism Terminal City is a place where transistor tube robots rub elbows with old time gangsters, where bright, shiny technologies cast deep noir shadows.Teaming Motter with celebrated artist Michael Lark DaredevVisionary designer and comics creator Dean Motter Mister X, Electropolis, Batman Nine Lives returns with the purest expression to date of his patented retro futurism Terminal City is a place where transistor tube robots rub elbows with old time gangsters, where bright, shiny technologies cast deep noir shadows.Teaming Motter with celebrated artist Michael Lark Daredevil, Gotham Central , this massive collection reprints the original series, along with its sequel, Terminal City Aerial Graffiti All fourteen issues of the classic series, collected for the first time Eisner and Harvey Award nominated series This is one of the best marriages of story and art I ve seen in years and an absolute delight to read Alex Ross, artist of Marvels and Kingdom Come

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    1. Lovely to look at, and the world building is often absorbing. But it seems like the actual plotlines were, at best, secondary concerns for Motter. All too often, the intended story gets lost behind the scenery. And yet, it's still an enjoyable book, because the scenery is just that good. The art is vibrant, detailed where it needs to be and simple where it can get away with it. And Terminal City itself is an almost endlessly fascinating place. It would have been so much better if Motter hadn't f [...]

    2. The Chicago Public Library recently established a partnership with online content sharing service Hoopla, which among other things means I suddenly have access to several thousand old comics I've never read before, including most of the back catalog of Dark Horse, Top Shelf and Boom! Studios. And among these was a title I had really been looking forward to -- the complete 15-issue run of Dean Motter's Terminal City, collected up into one oversized graphic novel, which I had spent years seeing as [...]

    3. So, I've gotten 200 pages into this beast, and just have no desire to finish it. Usually I can tell within the first chapter if something isn't going to click with me. Here, the basic idea and artwork kept me going for a while, but the story constantly feels as if nothing is happening.And things do happen, there is a lot of death and mayhem, but Michael Lark does such a good job at portraying this stagnant city of progress that the artwork outshines the obvious and flat neo-noir writing. The cha [...]

    4. The Compleat Terminal City is a collection of Dean Motter and Michael Lark’s Terminal City series of the mid 1990s. The artwork is superb and it brings to mind the work of Chester Gould. Awesome art deco retro-futurism, I really enjoyed it. Having said that, a couple of the stories were a little weak, although the artwork more than makes up for some goobered stories.All in all, I think Dark Horse Comics cranked out a nice product; and I highly recommend it for the comic book fan or the retro-f [...]

    5. A playful retro-futuristic noir that, quite refreshingly, refuses to take itself too seriously. The characters are colorful, likable and plenty; the plot is mcguffin driven and a bit ridiculous; the art is superb and evocative, and the humor involves ample sight-gags and puns.

    6. I don't feel like writing longer reviews about comic books.I like the retro-future aesthetic and the fairly relatable characters. I like the noir-style. All good choices.

    7. Maybe it's just that I've seen a lot of retro-futuristic comics over the years, but I really wasn't impressed by Terminal City. It's puns and references were partially interesting and partially distracting, and the overall story seems to place no importance on the climax. The first series is better about that, but the followup series (also contained in the book) manages to place no impact on the climactic moment of the book, and then takes five pages wrapping up plots that felt like they could h [...]

    8. Retro-futurist noir pastiche following high crime and low life in the city from every grand old imagining of the gleaming world of the year 2000. Terminal City has transport links to Metropolis, Alphaville and Opal City, but has fallen on hard times - the old daredevil Human Fly is washing windows, and litter blows between those sleek towers. There are people here, most with terrible puns for names, and robots too (the most significant of whom is essentially Basil Fawlty reimagined as the menaci [...]

    9. A victim of its own cleverness. While I found the world and the design intriguing, the stories themselves left me unimpressed. I had to reread the endings of both of the included stories and I'm still not entirely clear as to what happened. There were many seemingly extraneous characters and tangents that took 'screen time' away from the central stories. But in the end I don't think that mattered. I'm not sure the stories were as important as the general atmosphere and the kinetic feeling of lif [...]

    10. When I picked this up from the library, I was hoping for a rich, inventive story that took advantage of the original and compelling world. Instead, I found a graphic novel overflowing with half-characters, none of whom I cared even the tiniest bit for, tied up in plots that were nearly impossible to follow.There were some redeeming factors, such as a handful of clever puns (both verbal and visual), but on the whole, it was an entirely unenjoyable read. I'm honestly surprised that I bothered to f [...]

    11. This graphic novel comprises two parts--"Terminal City" and "Aerial Graffiti". Together, they are art deco noir with its tongue firmly in its cheek. The art is exquisite--I'll never tire of looking at it. Cosmo and B.B. and Jezebel are characters to cheer for.That said, "Terminal City" is significantly better than "Aerial Graffiti", the former being a stronger, more complete story. The latter, suffers from an insufficient plot with barely fleshed out characters. It ended abruptly, with an out-of [...]

    12. Alguses tahtis sisseelamist ja tegelastega tutvumist saada ja kui siis vedama hakkas ning huvitavaks läks tõmmati otsad jällegi kähku kinni. Esimene run oli 9 nummert. Teine run oli 6 numbrine ja seal tõmmati otsad veel kiiremini kokku. Iseenesest kunst päästis palju, juhtusin olema art-deco lainel ja retrofuturism sobis. Lugu jooskis kohati lamedalt a siis jälle mingi liin läks mõnusalt pulp-ilikuks ära ( 30ndate poksimathid ntx ). Oligi selline 30ndate ajastu miksitud 80ndatega vaib [...]

    13. Tyylikäs noir-sarjakuva tulevaisuudesta jota ei koskaan tullut. Hienovaraisia viittauksia ja hauskoja hahmoja. Hyvää aineistoa cyberpunk-kampanjaan: ihminen vs. robotti -nyrkkeilymatsi, pneumaattisia matkustusputkia, entisiä daredevileja ikkunanpesijöinä, kesken jääneitä jättiläispilvenpiirtäjiä/arkologioita, samaa miehen ranteeseen kahlittua salkkua jahtaavia rikollisjengejä, isottelevia/pomottavia robotteja/AI:ta jne.

    14. A sprawling epic of a retro, sci-fi comic, following the lives of several unique characters as they navigate the ups and downs of Terminal City. Daredevils, sentient robots, pale mobsters, a lady in red drama and humor abound as murder and intrigue befall the city.

    15. As histórias de Terminal City remete-se para divertidas referências à ficção pulp e cinematografia dos anos 40, misturando escroques elegantes que raramente acertam nas fraudes, criminosos violentos e os seus capangas musculados, políticos corruptos em que Motter homenageia as visões distópicas de Welles, Huxley e Orwell, manipuladores compulsivos que secretamente dominam os destinos da cidade, jovens raparigas a viver um misto de aventuras e agruras de uma vida on the town ex-ditadores [...]

    16. An interesting universe full of fun characters with art by Michael Lark, whom I enjoy very much. Unfortunately, I spent a good portion of the first arc (it's two limited pieces collected into a single volume) wondering if I was missing references because there were a lot of allusions to literary works I haven't read, so I was wondering if the whole thing was a take off on all those pieces. All I can say for sure is that there's clearly not a 1984 or Animal Farm allegory, but I still feel like I [...]

    17. The Good: clever, tongue-in-cheek writing with quick characters, a sprawling city, and a dense roster of conflict, it's the best of all light-hearted-turned-noirish graphic novels.The Bad: the density takes a bit to get used to.The Ugly: by the time you get used to it, the ride's over.A fun read with a lot of humor as well as intrigue, it's truly a set of stories that unsettles and provides mystery. Each of the characters is more like a caricature, obsequious and tumultuous in their deliveries. [...]

    18. Recommendation from a co-worker while discussing graphic novels.The two comic book series are set in an impressively realized retro-future vision of a large city extrapolated from a World's Fair vision for America. This sets a nice tone with the juxtaposition of how messed up things are now with how optimistic and naive the world was back then. It's a bit heavy handed, but it works.There is also a Watchmen-like vibe, following the exploits of some extraordinary gentlemen types who are way past t [...]

    19. Very fun graphic novel with noir qualities intermixed with science fiction. It is well thought out and has an engaging plot with beautiful illustrations. I have only recently discovered the joys of graphic novels so I am not aware of the author’s or illustrator’s previous work but I very much enjoyed reading this one. The illustrations themselves were quite ‘cartoonish’ and very colourful.My only concern was that it was quite difficult to read the text on the galley I downloaded as the p [...]

    20. This book is fun, but kind of all over the place. Some plot threads get resolved for too easily, while others don't get resolved at all. Characters come and go seemingly at random, sometimes disappearing entirely, despite the fact that they are seemingly important to the central narrative. In other words, the story is a bit of a mess. However, the book manages to get by on a healthy dose of charm. The world Motter has created is detailed and fun, and the book is filled with great word play (part [...]

    21. Terrible beautiful book. Exquisite art, but no real storyline nor clear characterizations. Nothing but in the art deco/noir style drawings and vacuous characters and recurrent ecological/depression era memes. In the end you don't really give a shit about the plot, the story, the events, the timeframe, nothing. A bitter disappointment, I was expecting a lot more. The author would've been better suited in making a book with nothing but sketches versus trying to wrap a story around his work

    22. A very messy story about some alternate reality cluttered with a ton or random, strange ideas. I don't even know what to think of this, but I know I didn't enjoy it. The characters range from being flat and boring to over-the-top and cartoony (Especially Big Lil). The only character I appreciated was The Human Fly and his boxing friend. No one else was really that well-written. A very disappointing comic book- I thought it would be far more interesting or at least more humorous.

    23. Terminal City is a futuristic place similar to Gotham City. I enjoyed the variety of entertainers, some doing good for the city and some doing not so good. The lady in red was the most mysterious character. I wish I could have learned more about her. Seeing the story through The Fly, one of the entertainers, gives an perspective of events through an entertainers point of view.

    24. This was suprisingly great! I loved the art and story telling. The setting was of the time of the World Fair back in the early 1900's and seemed to stay that way. I loved all the little pop references of literature, movies, and art. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a stand alone graphic novel.

    25. I own and have read the original comic books, and it's one of my favourite mini-series. Bought this because, for one, I like it so much, and two, I want to be able to re-read it and not have to go digging through my collection to go find it. The artwork is what originally drew me to it, but the characters and stories are lots of fun, too.

    26. Good stuff, and a much more fun hard-boiled story than I'm used to. The characters are interesting, and the plot engrossing (though the ending to Aerial Graffiti is a bit obtuse). Lark's art is great, too.

    27. This book was pretty awesome. The characters were good and the story was very entertaining. I'm not sure if I liked this as much as I liked Top 10, but it was great regardless. This book is definitely worth a look.

    28. Great writing and art that came with a little bit too much hype. That, combined with the (lazy?, primitive?) "old school" style of coloring did not help this age well, but it was an enjoyable read none-the-less.

    29. 3 1/2 stars. Pretty good, liked the movement from character to character, and watching things unfold in the background. Thought the first story was better than the second, the writer had more time to flesh things out. The second section felt more rushed.

    30. Good retro futuristic artwork. Has a Watchmen like vibe. Characters and dialogue aren't really compelling. Plot is boring.

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