One thought on “Saxon Math 7/6: Homeschool Edition”

  1. Middle school math. Saxon math works exceptionally well for some people. Some of the popular features: mental math sections with each chapter, very reader-oriented lessons and explanations, very structured, "spiral" approach where each lesson has problems covering that lesson followed by problems covering that lesson and previous lessons.Saxon can be very dry, it is not a colorful text and there isn't much for visual learners, it is very text heavy. Parents need to keep on top of regular grading [...]

  2. Brandon just finished this. He really liked it. We purchased another book after this, but he does not like it, so now having to go purchase the next Saxon instead. Oh well, live and learn.

  3. I used this textbook when I was homeschooling in 5th grade, and I liked it! It reviews subjects so you don't forget them and most lessons aren't boring but fun.

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