Spy Cat

Spy Cat Pete the cat can t actually talk to his owner Alex but he s a crime solving cat and he knows when things aren t right And now Pete knows something is wrong Someone s been breaking into houses in t

  • Title: Spy Cat
  • Author: Peg Kehret Pete the Cat
  • ISBN: 9780142401514
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pete the cat can t actually talk to his owner, Alex, but he s a crime solving cat, and he knows when things aren t right And now, Pete knows something is wrong Someone s been breaking into houses in the neighborhood, and they re not just stealing people s property150they re kidnapping pets When the burglars come to Alex s house, they nab Pete Lucky for Pete, Alex Pete the cat can t actually talk to his owner, Alex, but he s a crime solving cat, and he knows when things aren t right And now, Pete knows something is wrong Someone s been breaking into houses in the neighborhood, and they re not just stealing people s property150they re kidnapping pets When the burglars come to Alex s house, they nab Pete Lucky for Pete, Alex s brother, Benjie, comes to the rescue, but gets himself kidnapped by the thieves Can Pete and Alex uncover the clues and rescue Benjie

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    1. The author should have warned anyone that was about to read this book that it's only for animal torturers or anyone who thinks that a cat bleeding to death is hilarious. This book is horrible. I'm very touchy about animals getting hurt, and I couldn't handle when a kid got kidnapped and his cat got tortured, too. I was thinking, why would they ever write such a book, for kids? Even an independent, sensitive adult wouldn't be able to handle such treachery. What really stinks is that I was enjoyin [...]

    2. Spy Cat by Peg Kehret is an adventure with the cat and the little boy being the ones to find the burglars who have been breaking into homes in the neighborhood. It has excitement, adventure and animals. Parts are funny, such as when Pete the cat eats the burglar's hamburger and fries. This is a quick fun read that shows the strong bond between kids and their pets. I liked it! (Karen's review)

    3. This is an entertaining and dramatic story in the Pete the Cat series about a family with a smart pet cat who helps to track down thieves breaking into homes in a new housing development. The book is 'coauthored' by the author's cat, Pete the Cat, and the cat's perspective is humorous and insightful. It's the sequel to the book The Stranger Next Door, but we haven't read that one yet. Our oldest borrowed this book from her elementary school library. I thought it would be a fun, fast read and it [...]

    4. Pete the cat sences that something is wrong. Pete can't talk to his owner verbally ,Alex, But he can sole crimes, and he knows when something arent right.And somethings wrong right now, someones been breaking into houses in Pete and Alex's neighborhood,and they're not just stealing people's personal property, their stealing people's peace of mind and their pets!!!!! When burglars break into Alex's house, they catnap Pete. But luckly for Pete, Alex's Brother,Benjie, rescues Pete. But Benjie gets [...]

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    6. The book was okay. A 5.7/10 on the book scale for me! I expected a good adventure from here,but all I got was a dumb cat who pretends to be a spy on a ridiculous mission!

    7. The novel, Spy Cat, by Peg Kehret, is about a series of burglaries in, a boy named Alex’s, community. The burglaries upset the people in the community very much. It was upsetting Alex’s family too since Rocky’s house got robbed and they’re neighbors. So, Alex’s little brother, Benjie, tries to go out and catch the burglars and get all their stuff back that was in there house because they got robbed. Then, he gets kidnapped! Pete tries to run after him but he get hurt trying to help him [...]

    8. Pete the cat lived with the Kendrill family. Benjie was in 1st grade, Alex who was in 6th grade and Mr. and Mrs. Kendrill. A girl named Mary and her grandma moved in next door. They had tons of animals. One night they were robbed and one of the animals was stolen. Then the Kendrill family got a new kitten that Pete wasn't too happy about. Then the robbers broke into the Kendrill's house. Pete tried to stop them. He got into their truck and started biting and scratching them. Then Benjie came to [...]

    9. this book is about 4 kids and 2 catse kids names are alex,rockey,mary, and benjie and one day rockey and his family went to a resturant and a harware store, and while they were gone alex was watching the news with his family and he heard the news lady say BREAKING NEWS THIS JUST IN ANOTHER VALLEY VEIW HOME ROBBERYd after that they broke in to mary and many more homese next night the robbers broke into alex house and just so happens benjie alex's littler brother was homete the cat was in the van [...]

    10. Spy Cat is a juvenile nonfiction book that will be welcomed by young animal lovers and mystery fans alike. Pete, the titular feline, solves a mystery involving a burglary ring, despite his humans' obliviousness.Other reviewers have commented that the Spy Cat series hearkens back to an earlier era; the children speak with much more formality and have much more freedom than most twenty-first century youngsters. Students (and their parents) may enjoy this break from the bratty banter of the Hannah [...]

    11. I thought this was a pretty good book.The book is about the Kendrill family. Alex who is in 6th grade Benjie who is in 1st grade and there mom and dad Mr and Mrs. Kendrill.The Kendrills have a cat named Pete.Well one day when no one was home but Pete but Pete noticed something wierd when he heard someone come inside the house.So Pete went to go check and guess who was thier robbers and they were robbing the kendrills stuff and put it in there van.Then Pete decided to sneak into the van and when [...]

    12. Peg Kehret is one of my favorite children's mystery authors, though they are never usually 'scary', more what I call 'spooky', but I like the spooky atmosphere. They usually all teach a moral lesson, which I do like about them, and they sometimes show what to do in a dangerous situation and what not to do. The books by her and 'Pete the Cat' are some of my favorites by her, but I like the 'Ellen and Corey' series a little better. I also like some of the single books like 'Stolen Children'. I've [...]

    13. Thieves have been robbing houses in Alex's neighborhood! One day, Alex and his brother Benjie were at school, and their parents were out. When Benjie came home, the thieves were at his house! Benjie and Alex owned a cat called Pete, and he was worried that the thieves would take him. Pete was in the thieves' van when they came back into it. Benjie thought the thieves had took him, so he confronted the thieves, but they captured him! Will Benjie get saved? Will the thieves get captured? Read this [...]

    14. There have been a bunch of burglaries in the area where Alex lives, and Pete the spy cat is determined to protect his humans - and wishes that they could understand him. But when burglars do come and Alex's younger brother Benjie and Pete the cat are the only witnesses, what will happen? A quick read, this book is not remarkable, but not bad. I thought the parts written by the cat were not so original, but otherwise the book was good. Kids who like animals and mystery books will enjoy it. Recomm [...]

    15. Spy cat is unusually interesting in that the story is told from the point of view of both Alex and his cat Pete who understands what humans say and reads what they write. Along with the help of his younger brother Benji, Alex and Pete manage to solve the mysterious burglaries that plague the surrounding neighborhood. The twists and turns they take leading up to the burglars capture are well worth reading.

    16. This is the first chapter book I remember reading. I did a book report on it in about the second grade and since reread it a few times. Maybe it's the nostalgia I'e associated with it, as the earliest-read book I can remember reading, but there's something about the witty and thrilling writing I remember it for, especially, but not just, in a book meant for kids that drives me to suspect my last rereading of it may not be the one from a few years ago.

    17. I have to say this is one of my favorite books. I gave it a five star because you never know what will happen next. It is also really neat because the cat has parts in the book where he is talking. How would you feel if burgalaries happened all over your neighborhood week after week? Well, that's how the Kendrill's feel. Alex and Benjie feel, they don't know when their house is coming next.

    18. I gave this book 5 stars because this book is all about adventure and it is very exciting. What I really loved is it gives people who read this book an idea of what goes through a cats mind on a average day and this cat thinks he can be a spy and to help his owners brother bengie from the kidnappers .Does Pete save him or do they never see him again.

    19. I thought that this was a great book. It was confusing because of the characters changing and the point of view that changed. If you really understand it, it’s a great book. I would have to give this book 4 stars because it had great action and lots of great details. There are many different things that happen in this book; things that will have you keep turning the pages.

    20. This book was the best book I read in 2nd grade. I even re-read it in 5th grade too. This book is about a boy and his brother. Soon one finds a cat in a box to go along with there other cat. One day when they are coming home from school something happens to one of the boys. There older cat has to figure out how to communicate with the humans to save the boy.

    21. This is a wonderful book for any age group to read. If you love animals and love a good mystery, this is the book for you. one of my students now has book his mother, grandmother, and now me hooked on this series. I can't wait to read more of the series. Kudos!Thank you for the loan Franklin Public Library.

    22. My nine year old, reluctant reader CHOSE to spend his free time reading this book - that alone is worth five stars! He loves the mix of tension and humor in the Pete the Cat books and we're quite sure that our own chunky, sassy calico cat is related to Pete. Kudos to Peg Kehret for getting kids excited about reading!

    23. After reading this book, I know I'm a fan of this author, and would like to read more of her writing. The story is a neat and fun one, and with just mystery and intrigue to keep one going through the book to see what happens. Mind you, this book is geared for the younger age (Juvenile/YA), as obvious by the "talking cat", but it's one you and the kids can enjoy, maybe even together. :)

    24. There is these people that are moving in next door. and benjie came into the house and said that there was people moving in. But then he kept on going in and out of the house. Then finally came back in and bothered pete there cat while he was eating breakfast. I didn't like this book because the book was to complicated to read for me. I recommend this book to people who like to read mysteries.

    25. this is a cool one when i saw the cover i fell in love with it. it is about these robberys that keeping happening on a street the robbers eventually rob the main charecters house and grab there cat. Read it for yourself to see what happens.

    26. I like this book because it's mystery and adventure and i love those kinda of books. Mary is in a adventure and so is benji and alex .I can realat to mary because she likes to take care of injured animals and I do to.

    27. It was humorous relief to have the cat's narration interspersed, but was quite an intense story when it came down to what was actually going on. It was one of those nightly read-alouds with Miles where I actually was worried if Harry was listening.

    28. I enjoyed this book a lot because their was lots of action, and kind of mysterious. I find books like these interesting because the answers to these mysteries are always left unknown (except when you read to the end of the book) which makes it even more exciting!

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