In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy

In the Reign of Terror The Adventures of a Westminster Boy Harry Sandwith a Westminster boy becomes a resident at the chateau of a French marquis After various adventures he accompanies the family to Paris at the height of the French Revolution Imprisonmen

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  • Title: In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy
  • Author: G.A. Henty
  • ISBN: 9781576468814
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harry Sandwith, a Westminster boy, becomes a resident at the chateau of a French marquis After various adventures, he accompanies the family to Paris at the height of the French Revolution Imprisonment and death reduce their number, and Harry finds himself beset by perils with the three young daughters of the house in his charge.

    One thought on “In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy”

    1. The bloody guillotineThe slaughter of fatted noblesThe bloodlust massacre of innocents. G.A. Henty gives us the sour taste of these images from the French Revolution in his adventure story, In the Reign of Terror.The tale follows Harry Sandwith, an English youth on the cusp of adulthood, as he tries to find a place in life for himself in France in the late 18th century. While there, the rumors of populous unrest explodes into the most unimaginable of horrors. Henty places his hero in the very ce [...]

    2. The best Henty I've every read (even better than 'The Young Carthaginian)!!!! I've read other historical fiction books set during the time of the French Revolution, but this one didn't just skirt around the events, it was part of them. The bravery of the English boy Henry who does all he can to save the children of a French Marquis is heart-warming and ennobling.

    3. It is around 1792 or 1793, and seventeen-year-old Harry Sandwith lives in Chelsea, England, having been a student at Westminster School for several years. His father is a doctor, and Harry has three younger brothers and four sisters. Dr. Sandwith receives a letter from a young French nobleman formerly attached to the French embassy in London whom he had previously treated asking if the doctor knows of a young man who could be sent to work for his brother, the Marquis de St. Caux, in France as a [...]

    4. This was my first Henty book, and I really enjoyed it. This guy really is a master of historical fiction! I wasn't impressed by the beginning, but the more I got into the book, the more I liked it. There was never a dull moment (except for the beginning, when the story was beginning, of course). I liked the little touch of romance near the end - it was very sweet. :)

    5. I'd probably give this 4.5, if I could. It's a riveting and frightening story, with lots of suspense, feeling, and history. My only complaint is the brevity of the writing--it seems overly terse in parts and I often longed for a little more detail and description. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this book!

    6. Great as an audiobook. Moves along at a great clip. Holy smokes, didn't realize that this was first published in 1888 until I went to add this review. The book ages incredibly well, I really couldn't tell when listening that it was 126 years old!!

    7. I liked this book better than most of Henty's books. The hero gets discouraged. He has to work with the heroine and be encouraged by her and not just save her when she faints.

    8. This book started wonderfully then some of the stuff got really odd at the end. Great history of the Terror though.

    9. Nicholas K. 10-1-14Review of “In the Reign of Terror: A Story of the French Revolution” by G.A. HentyIf you like action, suspense, and romance (kind of) then “In the Reign of Terror: A Story of the French Revolution” by G.A. Henty is the book for you! The story takes place in France during the French Revolution, a civil war between the peasants and the aristocrats (rich citizens). Harry Sandwith has left England for France to work for the Marquis De St. Caux , a French nobel. When the F [...]

    10. **My reviews are for my purposes and probably not of benefit to anyone else**Love me some Henty, and this may be my fave so far (& that's saying something!). The characters are always similar, the plot likewise. That's why I space the reading of my Henty - the repetition doesn't wear on the reader quite as much that way.That's it for the negative, though. We could use some people who think like this late 19th-century man today. I love 2 significant things about his thinking: 1) clarity - his [...]

    11. This is our first Henty book and it has the kids begging for more. We listened to the audio version read by Jim Weiss and it was absolutely gripping. It was intense enough that I wouldn't let the kids listen before bed (for the sake of the 5 year olds), but during the day, and with time for discussing the events in the book, the kids handle the intense situations well. There is some gore and descriptive elements about the heart breaking blood bath during the French Revolution. The main character [...]

    12. G. A. Henty was called the boy's historian because he wrote about 100 historical fiction books in a style that was very entertaining to boys. My boys love his writings (as do my husband and myself). His heroes are boys that any mama would be proud of. They face difficult situations with honesty, integrity, loyalty, bravery and ingenuity. Heny's heroes are never-say-die. If that is the type of values you are looking to install in your little men then these books would make excellent role models.

    13. Henty brings history to life and down to a personal level in this story of a young teen who gets placed in France at a memorable time in human history. Henty has a great way of writing on how a person's character can prepare them for the journey ahead of them. He also writes that a person is not all good or bad but make choices that can shorten their lives.

    14. It is as story of a boy sent to france to live with this man and get an education.The boy ends up falling in love with one of the daughter of the man. In the meen time, the poor are takig revege on the richThe french revalutin. He must save the three daughters of this man and lead them to safety.

    15. This was my 2nd book to read by G. A. Henty. I read this book, which is about the French Revolution, as I prepared for our trip to France. Wonderful book! Often advertised for boys, this is a great read for anyone!

    16. Loved this great adventure!Never a dull moment in this story, placed during the reign of terror in France. We read it together, as a family, and the kids always begged to read on further.

    17. I like Henty, and have read quite a few. The French revolution is one of my favorite periods, and it is presented well. It was surprising gruesome for a Henty book, though considering the subject it's mild. The overall quality of story is what I expect from him, good, but juvenile.

    18. It is my eldest daughters favorite Henty book. There is more of a love story than most of his books and death comes often to friends and family of the hero Harry.

    19. In the Reign of Terror surprised me in the way that I thought it wasn't going to be good read but in the end it really was and I learned a lot about French Revolution.

    20. This book was really good!(aren't all Henty's?!?!?!) Jackson didn't like it as that time period was obviously pretty terrifying!

    21. I remember reading all of Henty's novels in my early teens, the beginning of my love of well-written historical fiction, and this was my absolute favorite.

    22. This was an exciting, informative glimpse into life during the French Revolution and the reign of terror. There was never a dull moment. I loved it!

    23. Not so great as I had expected. Sometimes the conversation could be repetitive. Other times the plot could jump days, weeks or months in time, where maybe a new chapter might have been appropriate.

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