Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny In this stirring novel of the Old West from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson a desperate woman s impulsive ruse brings a rough looking stranger into her lifeTo support her orphane

  • Title: Lucky Penny
  • Author: Catherine Anderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this stirring novel of the Old West from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson, a desperate woman s impulsive ruse brings a rough looking stranger into her lifeTo support her orphaned niece, impoverished Brianna O Keefe accepts work with a Colorado rancher To guard herself from unwanted attention, she resorts to a harmless little lie that she s marriIn this stirring novel of the Old West from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson, a desperate woman s impulsive ruse brings a rough looking stranger into her lifeTo support her orphaned niece, impoverished Brianna O Keefe accepts work with a Colorado rancher To guard herself from unwanted attention, she resorts to a harmless little lie that she s married to a Denver gold miner named David Paxton When her boss forces her to write her husband, hoping he ll take Brianna off his hands, she can only pray that no real David Paxton exists who can expose her.When Colorado marshal David Paxton gets a letter from a stranger claiming to be his wife, and pleading with him to come for her and his daughter, he dutifully sets out to find this woman and the child he may have sired What stuns Brianna is that David is convinced the young girl could, in fact, be his As David and Brianna s wary attraction blossoms into a deeper desire, David warms to the idea of a ready made family But can his dream survive Brianna s lingering distrustd his own heart held secrets

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    1. 5+ SHAMROCK STARSDon't judge me, lol!This book was so sweet, so cute, so heartwarming. Notice that I added "so" in front of all the adjectives. Because if you're looking for a heartwarming love story, this is it with side a of absolutely adorable.This story consumed me, I normally give stories like this wide berth because heartwarming romance isn't really my thing. But I do have a weakness for secret babies, or a couple brought together by a child. I went in completely blind with this one, all I [...]

    2. Typically beautiful storytelling by Catherine Anderson, with some nice background details and featuring a wonderful father/young daughter relationship that warmed my heart. Not much in the romance department (things didn't get going in that respect until late in the book, which was a bit of a disappointment) but the storytelling almost made up for that.This is 30 year-old rancher/US marshal David Paxton's (half brother of Ace Keegan -- Keegan's Lady; brother of Joseph Paxton--Summer Breeze; brot [...]

    3. I have not found a CA book that I haven't loved, this one was right up there. Her romance books never disappoint when you are in the need for some sweet romance and happiness. The only part that I didn't like was the Hazel got off way to easy. The witch really need to be punched or worse for what she did. I can't believe she would hit a dog and what she did to Daphne was awful.

    4. Tidak mudah bagi Brianna utk membesarkan Daphne dlm kondisi kemiskinan yg terus mendera hidupnya. Hingga hadirlah David Paxton dlm hidup mereka, bencana yg tidak diharapkan Brianna. Brianna takut David adalah seorang bandit yg akan menjual putrinya. Paranoid Brianna berhasil dituntaskan setelah David membunuh tiga bandit yg mengincar Brianna dan Daphne. Tetapi ketegangan Brianna belum pupus juga, kekhawatirannya makin menjadi-jadi seandainya David mengetahui hal sebenarnya bhw Daphne bukan anak [...]

    5. Yeah, I gave this one star. Probably gonna get some very odd looks for this, given the rave reviews I've read so far. I wanted to like this one, I really did, but the annoying behavior of the leads ruined any love I may have had for any part of this book.Brianna redefines prissy. Everything David does is somehow dirty or offensive and I quickly grew tired of her correcting his language and yelling at Daphne that she wasn't allowed to spend time with the man. Of course, David himself was no prize [...]

    6. Solid historical read. Appealing hero and heroine. Different historical period than we normally have the chance to read about. The author took a familiar type plot and made some unfamiliar choices having to do with the heroine's honesty. I enjoyed it.

    7. 'Lucky Penny' is really more about family than it is about the hero, David Paxon and the heroine, Brianna O'Keefe falling in love, though that is a part of the story. Ultimately 'Lucky Penny' is about finding a place to belong,regardless of blood ties and loving people for what they are inside rather than outward appearance or where they come from. All in all, It was an incredibly sweet book. It's an easy read that gives you the warm and fuzzies by the time you finish it. Definitely worth a read [...]

    8. I think I may officially be done with Catherine Anderson. Nothing about this book overly caught my interest, although it was not technically a "bad" book. I was hugely disappointed in the romance - basically not even a kiss for over 300 pages! I felt like I was just plodding through, and actually ended up skimming quite a bit.

    9. So. Disappointed.First, I knew going in that I was getting a Catherine Anderson book, but it was historical, so I thought that a) maybe it was written before she lost her ability to write or b) maybe it would be better because it wasn't about her beloved Coulters. I'd read the blurb on , and decided to try it and when I got home with the book, y'know what it said on the bottom? "A Coulter Historical Novel." Oh, gag and truss me right now.The thing about the Coulters that you have to know is that [...]

    10. So Catherine Anderson is one of two authors I will buy off the shelf (the other is Julia Quinn), with not looking at the reviews or synopsis or anything because hello, it's Catherine Anderson. I was pretty excited when I find out last year that her latest novel was going to be David's story, since Keegan's Lady and Summer's Breeze are untold favorites of mine and I love taking a step back in time to see the Coulter/Keegan family in the 1800's. That said, this book is probably my least favorite o [...]

    11. In Catherine Anderson’s new historical romance, Lucky Penny, we have a sweet and moving marriage-of-convenience with two unlikely people coming together under unusual circumstances and finding love. Ms. Anderson keeps the old west alive with the continuation of her Coulter/Keegan/Paxton family saga, this time with the story of David Paxton and Brianna O’Keefe. Both David and Brianna are exciting characters, and although they are as opposite as fire and ice, they slowly find their way to each [...]

    12. Old timey Western. Irish convent-bred orphan is raising her twin's daughter, moves west and pretends to be a widow. Her boss makes her write letters to pretend husband who is panning for gold in Denver. Letters reach marshal who owns the name of fantasy spouse. He thinks he may have fathered kid while drunk before he took up the straight and narrow. She's uppity and Eastern, he' a cleaned-up saddle-bum with trash mouth. You know where it's going. Ending is a little far-fetched (there's a questio [...]

    13. The fifth book in the Keegan-Paxton series. Catherine Anderson takes us back to the old west with this one. It wasn't a bad read and quite good in comparison to many westerns I've read but not quite up to the enjoyment level I normally expect from her. I loved David Paxton but I was less thrilled with Brianna. While I understood her motives I just thought honesty would have served her better from the start. The story ran a bit slow for me at times.

    14. Reviewed for bookchickcity It’s no secret that I’m quite an Anderson fan. LUCKY PENNY is her latest historical novel that weaves the tale of the Coulter family. In general, I think her contemporary books are better, but I can never resist picking up a new release of hers.The story is of single mother Brianna, who is raising her orphaned sister’s daughter as her own in difficult times. In order to give herself a cover story and measure of respectability, she fabricates a fake husband – Da [...]

    15. The review that follows is a partial review. To read my full review, please visit:tbqspersonalbookpalacespo~*~*~What length would you go to for the sake of family? Would you live a lie, dig out of trash cans for food, pretend to be someone you're not—all so your promise to a dying relative will be upheld? Brianna O'Keefe has done all of these things, and more, for her “daughter”. And she won't give her up, no matter what!David Paxton, a small town marshal, is surprised when he is given a b [...]

    16. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: January 31, 2013Publisher: PenguinImprint: SignetAuthor’s Website: catherineanderson/My Source for This Book: Part of a Series: Yes, Book 5, Coulter’s HistoricalSeries Best Read In Order: Works Well As A StandaloneSteam Level: SteamyPet Peeves: Overly-Sacrificing HeroineFavorite Tropes: Forced MarriageThe romance was very slow building, and was far more family-centered than many romances that [...]

    17. It was tough trying to decide whether to give this book 2 or 3 stars, but after the ridiculous little plot twist at the end, I decided to give it 2.The book started out okay. It wasn't great, but it kept me interested. I liked the hero for the most part. His cussing was pretty amusing (Jesus Herbert Christ) and he had a faithful dog named Sam, which was quite cute.The heroine annoyed me to death. She was whiny, she was prissy, and she kept changing her feelings about the hero every other page. M [...]

    18. By no means Catherine Anderson's best. Brianna was annoying, her pride getting in the way of what was best for her daughter, it seemed she thought being on the edge of eating from garbage better than accepting help. Then David, who I really despised who basically told Brianna she deserved to be raped by a drunk man because of attire she wore that was provocative because she didn't have the money to get anything better then mocked her about being raped when she admitted her sisters was actually r [...]

    19. Another winner by Catherine Anderson for me! ♥I really like that she took the time to develop the relationship between the two main characters. I rather enjoy that the father-daughter relationship was the highlight first then the romance between David and Brianna came after the second half of the story. It made the entire thing much sweeter and charming. And yes, there were moments that made me teared up with sadness and joy :)

    20. Delicious story from the very beginning. We have a woman, married to a "David Paxton" with a delicious daughter. When our David Paxton receives a bunch of letters, asking him for some help for "his daughter" how can he resist? Especially after looking at "her daughter" and seeing her a portrait of his mother.Now the only thing he has to resolve is when has this happened? He doesn't remember anything!A great conclusion (so far) of this great series, totally recommended!

    21. Loved it! great humor, awesome hero, a damsel in distress who really isn't a damsel (who isn't spineless) and a very cute kid, made a great read! (view spoiler)[ However, Daphne's parentage should been cleaned up before the wedding, it felt too "perfectly wrapped up". (hide spoiler)] Recommended!

    22. Loved this book It wasn't what I expected at all. The story of Brianna was sad and how she worked to take care of daphne was admirable. I didn't expect her to turn out to be a Paxton after all. Not many books bring tears to my eyes but this one did! Great read. I would recommend

    23. I've enjoyed a couple of Anderson's books, but not this one. I made it about 100 pages in, then gave up in disgust and read the end, which was also pretty lame.*SPOILERS*This book was amazingly cheesy and the characters acted pretty stupid IMO. The blurb makes it sound more interesting than it is - I don't really understand how her boss "forced" her to write all these letters (nor why he dictated the content). Also, why exactly is it that being "only" an aunt would somehow invalidate her claim t [...]

    24. Great book, great story, great characters, overall-GREAT!!!!! Loved the story line, it caught me right away. I felt as though I was living this story right along with the characters! This is really worth reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. What a wonderful, heartwarming story. This actually had me in tears at one point, which is not at all easy to do. It has been too long since I've read one of Catherine Anderson's novels. I was thrilled to see this one come along at the library, and not the least bit disappointed when I stayed up too late last night reading it. It's Colorado, 1891. Brianna Paxton is raising her twin sister's child as her own, doing the best she can for the child in a world that has no pity for unwed mothers. She [...]

    26. David Paxton’s pleasant life as a marshal in No Name, Colorado is disrupted when he receives a letter from a stranger claiming to be his wife and asking him to help her and their daughter. Brianna O’Keefe has make up a story that she is married to a gold miner named “David Paxton”. Suddenly, events spiral out of control and she agrees to live as David’s wife to keep custody of her orphaned niece Daphne.I liked the character of David form the very beginning of the book. He is loyal, bra [...]

    27. Lucky Penny by Catherine AndersonGrade: B+“You’ve got more sand than an ocean beach, and I think you’re one hell of a lady.”Brianna O’Keefe promised her dying sister that she would raise her daughter Daphne as her own and done everything in her power for the last six to do just that. To fend off unwanted advances from her former employer Brianna made up a husband, David Paxton, and spun a huge lie about him mining for gold outside of Denver. Her employer forced her to write letters to [...]

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