One thought on “Seaside Summer”

  1. The 4 friends finally get to see the inside of the lighthouse. Margaret's gallery almost goes under, but God answers prayers -- at the last moment/just in time. But what Dan, Shelley's husband is up to is not answered in this book.

  2. So many better written books out there I'll pass on other books by these authors. Lots of problems with plot, continuity, pacing and unresolved conflicts, let alone repetition of ideas.

  3. I love reading about what these 4 ladies can discover in their little town. The lighthouse is a mystery because of them seeing the light from it. When they get into the lighthouse, there is lots of dust and no way anyone could be up there because of the looks of the inside of the lighthouse.They always seem to have a mystery to them. How they can help the ships out at sea. How the light must be on all of the time, as an in caseI love lighthouses. All the different shapes, and the colors that the [...]

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