Silver Andrew Dare is a werewolf He s the enforcer for the Roanoke pack and responsible for capturing or killing any Were intruders in Roanoke s territory But the lone Were he s tracking doesn t smell or ac

  • Title: Silver
  • Author: Rhiannon Held
  • ISBN: 9780765330376
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Andrew Dare is a werewolf He s the enforcer for the Roanoke pack, and responsible for capturing or killing any Were intruders in Roanoke s territory But the lone Were he s tracking doesn t smell or act like anyone he s ever encountered And when he catches her, it doesn t get any better She s beautiful, she s crazy, and someone has tortured her by injecting silver intoAndrew Dare is a werewolf He s the enforcer for the Roanoke pack, and responsible for capturing or killing any Were intruders in Roanoke s territory But the lone Were he s tracking doesn t smell or act like anyone he s ever encountered And when he catches her, it doesn t get any better She s beautiful, she s crazy, and someone has tortured her by injecting silver into her veins She says her name is Silver, and that she s lost her wild self and can t shift any .The packs in North America have a live and let live attitude, and try not to overlap with each other But Silver represents a terrible threat to every Were on the continent Andrew and Silver will join forces to track down this menace while discovering their own power and their passion for each other.

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    1. Rating: 3.5 Stars Silver is an adult urban fantasy novel like no other. First and foremost, it tackles one of the most unique ideas I've come across in my reading of werewolf lore and I just loved the manner in which this was executed. It was told mostly as a murder mystery, but it contained heavy character development as well, switching between the perspectives of Andrew and Silver. In all honesty, it is them who drive this novel forward, with their scarring pasts and struggles to make a better [...]

    2. I haven’t read many werewolf books, other than the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. The summary for "Silver" caught my eye, though — a werewolf who can’t shift? I wanted to find out what had happened to Silver, and how she lost her “wild self.”Silver, the main female character, has an interesting past. She was tortured with silver, which took away her ability to shift into were form. Torture with silver isn’t something North American packs do, but Andrew Dare, the main male [...]

    3. First off, I don't know why this is classified as a Fantasy. I felt it fit better in the Paranormal Romance or even Urban Fantasy, but definitely not quite as Fantasy only. What made me want to read this book was the werewolf characters. It had been awhile since I stepped into the werewolf world and decided to read about them again. When Andrew comes across Silver during a run for the pack, he is held responsible in finding out where she has come from and where she is suppose to belong. Sounds g [...]

    4. ParanormalJust some background. I received a advance uncorrected proof (ARC) of Silver from Vine. This is the first published novel by Rhiannon Held. After reading Silver I assume that it is the first in the world Rhiannon has built.My take on the novel:Worldbuilding: This is a totally different take on werewolves and how a pack functions. There was a lot to get in and it is handled beautifully. Mixed into the story line there is a hint here and a hint there. It never intrudes on the story but [...]

    5. This is the second book this year that I have felt very strongly about. I flew through it really quickly because I couldn’t put it down. The pacing was just right, character traits I was worried about at first were quickly addressed, and the story was genuinely interesting to me.The first thing I worried about was Silver – the female lead – is “crazy.” A word thrown around fairly often when describing her. Often mental illness in books isn’t portrayed well and while this isn’t nece [...]

    6. I'm sorry, I could not catch the vision of this book, despite it coming recommended from great sources. The acknowledgements, to be snobbish, reveal its greatest flaws:"to all my supportive coworkers and friends, including my fellow role-players, thank you." Nothing against role-playing, but the most indulgent elements here are fantasy-inhabiting--the girl who's got beautiful curves, but she's just malnourished, and she's crazy, but she suddenly gets sane (along with getting curvy). Her super po [...]

    7. is the debut paranormal novel by Rhiannon Held. This isn't a romance, though it is a love story. This isn't urban fantasy though it's a gritty depiction of werewolf life. The language is both sparse and lush, the ideas both lofty and grounded. There are universal truths in this book, presented in a lyrical story of light, death, madness, and redemption. Andrew Dare is enforcer for the Roanoke pack, which encompasses most of the eastern part of the US. Dare has a dark and ugly past and many other [...]

    8. Every time I read an urban fantasy, I remind myself that I am not the primary audience. After all, much of what I dislike about urban fantasy are the very things I dislike about bad books. Stereotypical characterization, repetitive narratives, and repetitive tropes (if I see one more tramp stamp cover I'm going to blow a gasket). But Rhiannon Held's Silver bucked the trend, taking what should have been yet another stupid werewolf novel and turning it into a rigorously constructed sociological fo [...]

    9. See this review and others like it at BadassBookReviews!Wow! This was an outstanding debut by Rhiannon Held. The tone and subject matter reminded me of Bitten by Kelley Armstrong in the best ways possible, but Silver was a completely unique story. I really enjoyed Ms. Held's take on werewolves and I am hoping for more from the two leads, Silver and Dare.Andrew Dare is Roanoke's werewolf enforcer and he is on the trail of a stray smelling of silver. It's his job to find the stray and either escor [...]

    10. Silver is a well-written, engaging urban fantasy that features werewolves and a romance-tinged main plot. But Silver has other ambitions besides "extremely competent genre tale." Silver is concerned with culture. Silver is concerned with how werewolves act and love and worship. What are their taboos? How might one pack act differently than another? Who leads and who doesn't? What's strength and what's weakness? Many of these questions are addressed contextually, through character behavior more t [...]

    11. Loved this werewolf book. It was very well written and pretty well plotted. Its strength though was in the werewolf world building and the development of the characters. There was a mystery of what had happened to Silver and how to catch the bad guy. There was a lot of in depth character building especially of the main character, Andrew Dare. No info dumping in this book. All the info was working seamlessly into the words and actions of the characters. There was a love story that developed throu [...]

    12. What would you say to Death if you could walk with him? Silver, is about a couple. Not just a girl. We start of with Andrew Dare. Enforcer to the to Ronoak pack. Dare is chasing the scent of loan. Someone with the scent of Silver. He believes it to be the Europeans because they are known to fight with silver. What he finds is disturbing This is where we introduce Silver. She is underweight, holding her injured arm to her chest. Watching Dare with wide eyes from madness, and speaking to thin air. [...]

    13. I saw this book through the Vine program and thought it sounded really interesting. It had the hint of a romance, werewolves and a fantasy feel to it so I thought it would be a book I could enjoy.When I received Silver, I was not sure if this book fit into the adult or young adult category and could not find out that information online. After reading it though, I would put it in the adult category. As for the genre, it could fit into a couple of them. It has elements of an urban fantasy, a para [...]

    14. This was an okay book but you know, and this, I'm sure, is just me, I am sick and tired of atheist characters. I don't know if it's because it's the hip, in thing, or if the author is one and therefore writes one. I just know it's a trend I'm tired of. And it really makes no sense here. Andrew is a freaking WEREWOLF! He's a supernatural being, beyond the explanation of science. An atheist werewolf makes as much sense as an atheist ghost. You know for a fact that there's strange things out there. [...]

    15. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsI’m always on the look-out for new spins on werewolves so I decided to give Rhiannon Held’s a try by reading her debut novel, SILVER. My feelings on this book are pretty much split right down the middle; I loved the heroine and her mad ravings, and the mythology drew me in, but the story lacked in intensity and the romance just didn’t jive. I enjoyed the author’s lyrical writing style, and there are definitely more than a few howl worthy quotes however, the ending [...]

    16. Pros: great characterizations, tackles tricky POV Cons: pack politics seem insaneWhen the Roanoke wolf pack’s enforcer, Andrew Dare, finds the lone wolf he’s been tracking in their territory, he’s horrified to discover the woman’s been tortured into madness. He vows to help her find a home and take down whoever did this to her before they can strike again.There are a lot of characters in the book, as several packs of werewolves are mentioned, though the author focuses of a few select peo [...]

    17. RATING - 3.5QUICK SUMMARY - This urban fantasy centers on a young werewolf who has been tortured with what else, silver, to the point that it has affected her mind and her ability to shift into a werewolf. Andrew, an enforcer for one of the largest North American packs, finds her and feels very protective of her. He makes it his top priority to take care of her and to find out who has tortured her in such an unbelievable way.WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS UF AND EVERY OTHER UF OUT THERE? - This boo [...]

    18. Andrew Dare has a dark past that has left the werewolves of North America despising him and the European werewolves wanting him dead. Because of that dark, questionable past Dare has taken the lonely position as the Enforcer for the Roanoke pack, which is made up of werewolf sub-packs on the East coast. Being an Enforcer means Andrew doesn't truly belong to a pack but is a neutral lone wolf who does the Roanoke pack's alpha's bidding when a werewolf gets out of line. While tracking down a female [...]

    19. The damaged beauty of both the hero and heroine is just one piece of what makes SILVER such an entrancing book. Haunting and romantic, SILVER delivers all of the satisfaction of SHIVER with a more adult tone, a combination that had me riveted from the first chapter. There is just titillation to fire the imagination without ever diluting the importance of Dare and Silver's other concerns, and though the action lagged a bit for me in the middle, the strong characters and well drawn world more than [...]

    20. Silver is a werewolf that can no longer change into a wolf because she has been tortured and solver injected into her veins. Andrew Dare is an enforcer for a werewolf pack. When Andrew catches the scent of Silver, who is on the run, he becomes determined to return her where she belongs. This quickly turns into a “I must be your hero and protect you” and “I fell in love with you in 1 week flat.” Basically, the regular YA must-fall-in-love-quickly stories. The book was just boring and the [...]

    21. Silver by Rhiannon HeldSilver, one of our protagonists, is actually named Selene but she has no ties to who she used to be before the attack. Silver/Selene had been injected with liquid silver. She sees a wolven image of death and talks to him and she can no longer call her ‘wild side’ or her wolf. Therefore, she can no longer change. Andrew Dare is the Enforcer for the Roanoke pack and he is on the hunt for someone who stinks of silver. He is disliked by all the wolves since he is an enforc [...]

    22. Werewolf/Urban Fantasy books are usually not the genre I lean towards, but this one blew my mind away. The mature style of writing and compelling characters were not only what made me love this book so much, it was also the captivating plot that kept me up during the late hours of the night. I could hardly put it down, and if it wasn't for 'real life' that kept pulling me away from the pages, I probably would have read it in just one sitting!What really peeked my attention was the unique personi [...]

    23. Silver is my girl. She owns the crazy. Bent, not broken, and she knows the difference.This book had everything I could ask for in an Urban Fantasy (not typically my genre of choice). I know a lot of reviews have debated what genre this actually is but to me it seemed like classic Urban Fantasy – present day, part city, part rural, paranormal element, light on the naughty fun. You get the typical werewolf games and pack dynamic but there is also something really compelling about the ways in whi [...]

    24. This book was really good. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline a lot but thought the story a little predictable. I liked the character of Silver. I liked that her character had a lot of depth. The character of Dare was good but as I said predictable he is the typical were with a bad past that he is running from with a strong need to protect Silver no matter the cost to him.The story centers around Silver running from someone she calls her "Monster" who has injected her with liquid silver. [...]

    25. Rating: 3.5 Stars(view spoiler)[I mostly enjoyed this book the only real thing I didn't like was the whole silver causing wolves to lose their 'wild self'. It just didn't set well with me for some reason. I mean don't get me wrong it was definitely and interesting take on things and not something I have ever seen in a werewolf book, which could partly be why I didn't like it, but it just wasn't for me. I did like the characters, Andrew and Silver were both well written, well developed characters [...]

    26. Andrew Dare, Werewolf and enforcer, is on the trail of a lone Were, but when he finds her, she is not at all what he expected. Discovering that she has been tortured and experiences periods of mental breakdowns, his natural protecting instincts surface, and he discovers that rather than confining her, he wants to find the person responsible for hurting her. The storyline is an interesting one and the main characters are well developed. But the secondary characters are less well developed, and it [...]

    27. Found in the stacks and it looked less bad than some of the others. I am getting so disheartened by fiction written for women and I have never been a huge fan of urban fantasy. But this was pretty good. The writing was better than I anticipated and the story/magic was well thought out. It wasn't a teen romance and I appreciated that. Mature people learning to put their lives back together after experiencing real life and real loss. Mid stars simply for genre and preference, not glaring inadequac [...]

    28. Andrew Dare is the enforcer of the Roanoke pack. When he finds a lone, damaged werewolf, the two begin the search for Silver's attacker.Rhiannon Held has crafted a quiet, elegant, and refined novel that mostly avoids the annoying "mine's bigger than yours" alpha-douchebag dramas that plague paranormal fiction. Andrew is quite likable, as is Silver, and romance fans will be pleased with the happy ending. Urban fantasy fans will appreciate the back-to-basics story. But really, the characters need [...]

    29. I've ordered this bookWhile hunting down (or as Julie Bell called it, doing detective work) the book that a particular piece of art was used for I discovered that TOR in its infinite wisdom, commissioned a cover for this novel from Julie Bell (of Julie Bell/Boris Vallejo fame) and ** gasp *** didn't use it! WTF is wrong with them? the artwork is gorgeous!I'm gonna print Julie's cover art and sticker it to the cover of my copy of this book when it gets here :D

    30. I changed my rating of Silver to 5 stars after reading the book again before Tarnished. Silver is a hauntingly different look at werewolves. The relationship between Silver and Dare is memorable.I believe this is my fourth reading of Silver, and the story does not get old, which means my 5 star rating was the correct one. Silver is a very different, and slightly insane, heroine. Held's world is unique enough to make her books stand out.

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